Now’s the Time to Hunt Every Day

Posted: October 18, 2014 by gamegetterII in Archery, hunting
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Where I live in NE Ohio,the rut is fast approaching,and generally peaks somewhere around the first full week of November.

Bucks are all done sparring,they are no longer in bachelor groups,they are by themselves,seeking the first hot does.

Rattling is effective now,as are doe bleats. I do not start using grunt tubes a lot until the last week of Oct.

Pay attention to the rutting activity in your area,because the peak will repeat in 28 days,then again in 28 more days. The first rut peak is the most intense,the second rut peak still has a lot of activity,and is well worth your time to hunt,the third rut peak is even less intense,and may not even be noticeable in your area.

Most does are bred during the peak of the first,main rut. Those that are not bred go into estrous again 28 days later-if your wife or girlfriend happen to have their “estrous” around the same time-it’s a great time to be in the woods-then you miss most of the fun of her unstable behavior at that time of the month.

The few does that are not bred by the second rut-usually young does born in early spring-usually come into estrous end of Dec,first week of Jan. (in NE Ohio anyhow).

The two secondary rut peaks are well worth your time to hunt,doe bleats and grunt tubes work during these secondary ruts,rattling is not very effective during these periods,as the bucks are tired,run down from chasing does during the peak,when they did not eat enough food for the energy they expended,so they are usually not interested in running to the sound of antlers crashing.

I have had bucks come to grunt tubes in early Jan. that’s when Ohio has the muzzleoader season,there are fewer hunters in the woods than during the deer gun season,and the early part of archery season.

I’ve noticed the past few years that there are very few bowhunters in the woods after gun season ends-at least on public lands.

So,if you have to hunt public lands,the weeks after shotgun or rifle season ends is a god time to bowhunt,one the season ends and there are not so many people in the woods,the deer go back to their normal patterns.

It’s the same as early season and rut hunting then-find the food source,water source,and bedding areas,place your stand on a trail near one of the three,and you should be able to take a deer.

I would be out with my bow today,but the wind is from the wrong direction-no way I can get to any of my local stands. Seems to be calming down a bit-I may head out in a half hour or so,and see what happens. Cold (for Oct) and rainy today,so the deer should be up and moving long before dark.

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