Sure to Improve Public Opinion of Police…Autopsy shows three L.A. police bullets hit unarmed black man

Posted: December 30, 2014 by gamegetterII in Police state USSA
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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – An unarmed 25-year-old black man slain by Los Angeles police officers in August suffered three gunshot wounds, including one to his back, a long-awaited autopsy report showed on Monday.

Police have said two officers shot and killed Ezell Ford, described by a family lawyer as mentally challenged, after he struggled with one of them and tried to grab the officer’s gun during an Aug. 11 scuffle in a poor neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The autopsy conducted by medical examiners for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office showed that Ford suffered gunshot wounds to the arm, back and right flank. The wounds to his back and flank were fatal, it said.

Toxicology tests showed Ford had marijuana in his system at the time of his death.

Because everyone deserves to be executed on the spot  by police death squads,we don’t needs judges and juries any more,right?

Places such as a courtroom,which is the proper venue to introduce the man’s state of mental health into evidence for a jury to consider.

Nah,the stormtroopers are all powerful,mere citizens must bow down to their superior force.

And people wonder why cops are gettin shot?!

  1. Not often I disagree yet if the report was right i.e. ” he struggled with one of them and tried to grab the officer’s gun”, my reaction would have been to neutralize the threat too.

    I also wouldn’t have cared what gender or race he was either.
    As for a round in the back and flank?
    Pop anyone and they sometimes recoil, turn, twist, spin, back flip, or whatever, almost instantly.
    Once the double tap leaves the barrel where it lands is sometimes purely down to what the target does.


    • gamegetterII says:

      The if the report is right is a big part of my problem with this one-as it’s the police version,and I believe the family has already won part of a lawsuit against the police for excessive use force.
      I agree about the rounds in the back and side-could have been after the first of the three shots hit the guy.
      Our police have had a string of shootings in which there was no clear danger to them,yet they all fired until the slide locked back-8 of them in one case.
      Huge difference between neutralizing the threat and excessive force.
      If the guy actually grabbed one of the officers guns-sure,shoot him-if,and only if he had any real chance to take the gun from the cop.
      There have just been far too many cases of out of control cops here,one of them in the city our little township is a suburb of,and in which a friend is a cop-they fired over 130 rounds into a car because the people led the cops on a short highway car chase.

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