U.S. regulators’ biofuels plan to cost at the pump: industry study

Posted: September 9, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

(Reuters) – The U.S. government’s proposal for biofuels use will hit consumers at the pump, according a study prepared for an oil group, just months after regulators refuted similar claims and as pressure mounts ahead of a deadline to finalize the plan.

The targeted volumes of ethanol use for 2015 and 2016 are impossible to achieve and will cause “severe economic harm,” said National Economic Research Associates (NERA) in a study commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute on the potential costs of the Environmental Protection Agency proposal due to be finalized by November 30.

The study echoes a 2012 report from the same consultancy examining the impacts of the controversial Renewable Fuel Standard program and comes just months after EPA dealt a blow to the oil lobby by saying the program does not increase consumer costs or net costs to refiners.

EPA in late May disappointed both the corn and oil industries with targets for biofuels use through 2016. Producers of corn-based ethanol criticized the proposal for falling short of a 2007 law and oil companies said the volumes pushed into the “blend wall” – the saturation point at which biofuels cannot be blended into the fuel stream without major infrastructure change.

Lobbying pressure is mounting ahead of a November deadline after years of delays that both industries have criticized for causing uncertainty.

For a link to the full study, click here: http://www.api.org/~/media/Files/Policy/Fuels-and-Renewables/NERA_FINAL_API_RFS2_July27.pdf

This ethanol from corn “biofuel” bullshit needs to end.

Using corn to make ethanol is an extremely wasteful process.

It  takes more energy to produce a gallon of ethanol,than the energy that gallon of ethanol produces.

The process uses a lot of water,a lot of electricity,and a food crop.

All that is needed to make ethanol is water,yeast and sugar,sugar is plentiful and inexpensive,production can be increased with no effect on crops grown for food.

The “renewable fuel” bullshit is nothing more than a payoff to the farmers and big ag companies,a payoff to the refiners of ethanol,and a huge pain in the ass for the petroleum industry.

Ethanol is harmful to the internal combustion engine,especially to plastic parts.

The ethanol in fuel attracts water-which is also bad for engines.

The ethanol added fuels are especially harmful to outdoor power equipment,chainsaws,weedwhackers,blowers,lawn mowers.

There is zero benefit to ethanol blended into fuels-except for the distillers and farmers.

The whole ethanol from corn scam was designed to create the mythical “green jobs”.

There are zero “green jobs” created by ethanol if we use facts,rather than EPA and enviro-nazi propaganda.

The farmers were going to plant a crop in their fields whether or not there was a need for dent corn to be made into ethanol.

The ethanol distilleries theoretically create “green jobs”-until you look at the amount of water and electricity used to make ethanol,and the diesel burned to haul away the waste to hog farms.

Since it takes more energy to distill a gallon of ethanol than the gallon of ethanol produces as fuel-it is actually a net loss of “green jobs”,as coal and/or natural gas is burned to generate the power to pump water,ferment and strain the mash, heat and distill the ethanol,and pump the finished product into fuel trucks and/or pipelines.

On what planet does it make any sense at all to use a food crop to distill a product that damages the engines that run on the fuel,lowers fuel economy,and  uses more energy to distill the product than the distilled product produces?

That’s the same “logic” the climate change cult uses to promote their models based on falsified data as the truth.

The EPA needs to be reduced in size by at least 50%,the regulations created by the EPA need to be repealed,with the exception of the few that actually make sense-things like don’t pollute the air,ground, or water.

The environmental zealots in the EPA,and every other .gov agency need to be removed from their positions ASAP.

Environmental regulation must be based on science-as in scientific fact,not hype, speculation,and computer generated models based on data that is questionable at best. Increasing the cost per gallon of gasoline when the economy is the in the toilet is also pure idiocy-and it’s idiocy that needs to be stopped.Just think what a dollar per gallon drop in the price of gasoline would do for us poor folk who live paycheck to paycheck. For one-we could afford to buy more ammo.


The ethanol distilleries can just convert to making grain alcohol for use in manufacturing whiskey,bourbon,gin,vodka,scotch and liqueurs-problem solved,as an added benefit,the surge in grain alcohol would drop liquor and liqueur prices.

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