“Hamland” Security: Amateur Radio’s Place in Securing the Homeland

Posted: November 3, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Tactical Hermit


During times of disaster, homeland security resources at all levels of government are often stretched to capacity. The whole-of-government approach involving local, county, state and federal agencies is sometimes not enough, especially in the realm of communications. That is where a dedicated group of private hobbyists, known as amateur radio operators, or “hams” as they call themselves, come into play. This community of tinkerers, experimentalists and lovers of all things radio, operate their own licensed radio stations on which they communicate with other enthusiasts around the globe.

Having family members in the ham community, I can attest firsthand to the allure this hobby has over people. As a young boy, I saw my Dad feverishly tapping out Morse code to amateurs around the world. I watched in amazement as he communicated from his basement “shop” with my brother stationed in the Philippines during the Viet Nam war.

“Hams” use a…

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  1. Only what if it’s the government who are the enemy?

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