The Consequences of Weaponized Empathy

Posted: November 17, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

By Distopic at Declination

Normally, you’ll find that I don’t care much for France, or the French. The fact remains that in recent years they have always been one of the weaker links in the chain of Western civilization. It’s a case of too much Nicholas Sarkozy and too little Charles Martel. Prior to World War II, they were waffling on fascism themselves. They did little to prevent their neighbors, Spain and Italy, from falling into the same. During the war, the conflict between the French Resistance and the Vichy France regime took on the character of a Civil War. Where Britain, at the last possible moment, discovered competence and national resolve, the French failed to do so.

France was perfectly happy to hide behind NATO and the United States during the Cold War and, in the World War that rages today, between the West and Islam, France has waffled, leading the charge to let in as many Muslims as possible. Angela Merkel may have resolved to catch up to France, but so far, France leads the charge, as they have in the past, to civilizational surrender.

All that being said, the attack upon Paris is nonetheless a great tragedy. It was avoidable, to be sure, as one of the attackers was found with a Syrian passport. He had, apparently, passed through Greece in the recent tidal wave of immigration.

I’ve spoken at length about this. Officials from Jordan even took it upon themselves to warn us of this possibility. Nobody was listening, it seems. ISIS told us, point-blank, that they were seeding the refugees with fighters. 70% of the immigrants were military-age men. There were red flags and warnings all over, and they were ignored.

And so, here we are.

Photographs of children dying, drowned on the beach, were used to move us. Weaponized Empathy was deployed in the service of bringing as many Muslims as possible to the West.

Why are we so vulnerable to this tactic? Having empathy for fellow human beings is good and well, and a part of being civilized. At the same time, understanding that it is not carte blanche is important here.

I’ve been accused of being racist against Middle Eastern peoples. This is lunacy. I am of Middle Eastern descent myself. I am not self-loathing, as many of my SJW enemies appear to be. I’ve been accused of hating Islam. That’s closer to the truth, but even then, I loathe the ideology not the common people, which is a distinction that must be made.

But even if I do not hate the common Muslim man, neither do I wish to allow him into my country. Why? Because a significant fraction of his compatriots are threats, and there is no way short of mind-reading to determine who is good and righteous, and who is evil. The proportion of Muslims who support terrorism and wish to force the rest of the world to convert to Islam or die is too great.

I was reading the other day that 45% of American Muslims desire Sharia Law, and prefer it to Constitutional Law. You might say “but Dystopic, what about the 55% majority who don’t?” Well, good for them. Is the advantage of having that 55% worth the cost of having 45% who are actively disloyal to the Constitution of the United States? I do not view diversity as a good. At best, it is neutral, neither here nor there, as they’d say. At worst, it is as Vox Day is fond of saying: Diversity + Proximity = War.

So diversity alone is not justification for importing Muslims, and it certainly does not justify the risk to the people already here.

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