Sleeping System Selection For Preppers

Posted: December 23, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


Merlin 2In a SHTF situation, sleep is going to be a critical component of your survival. Especially if you have to bug out, proper sleeping gear can be of paramount importance. So how do you go about selecting proper sleeping gear, especially a sleeping bag?

There are some basic considerations you need to think about first. The climate of the area you will be operating in (especially winter, which will determine the temperature rating your bag needs to be), the type of filling the bag will have, and the weight of the bag.

Climate: I live in the Arizona desert. Summers are brutally hot, but winters can get a bit cold as well as wet during our monsoon season. I can probably get by year round with a G.I. poncho and a G.I. poncho liner.61ZNrdxuQFL__SL1024_ (both of which are in my bug out bag), but I also carry my two season…

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