Balls, by Robert Gore

Posted: February 7, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


It all comes down to balls.

Courage is abhorred more than admired, because cowardice is far more prevalent. Physical and moral courage require commitment to an objective or principle. Cowards abandon their objectives or principles at the first sign of pressure, resistance, or opprobrium and hate the steadfast, even if they’re ostensibly allied in the same cause.

Political venues are nowhere to look for courage. Politics is a popularity contest and its winners lie, flatter, and pander. They don’t generally stand for anything grander than their own advancement. The venal pursuits of politicians and bureaucrats—power, money, sex, intoxication—don’t lend themselves to stirring moral defenses. Power ebbs and flows, but there’s a community of interest—perpetuation of a corrupt system. They’re all “part of the same hypocrisy,” and revelation of it serves no one’s interest.

Truth is the enemy of hypocritical regimes, which makes telling it, as George Orwell noted, a “revolutionary…

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