Open-Source Drone Warfare

Posted: August 10, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


russian drones.jpgThere’s no doubt about it in my mind and the minds of many- Drones on the modern battlefield are having the same impact as the advent of the motorcar and the machine gun. It is becoming exponentially easier for small groups to take off-the-shelf equipment and modify it closing the gap between non-state actors and government forces in terms of capability.

The idea of remote aircraft themselves is nothing new; we’ve been figuring out how to remotely fly nearly since Wilbur and Orville first took off at Kitty Hawk. But the technology over the past decade has experienced a renaissance. Rightly so. It has a number of significant advantages- namely, the eye in the sky provides a large force multiplier eliminating dead space (what groups on the ground can’t see), can in some cases provide a communications relay platform, and most significant, provides a weapons delivery system that…

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