Attn: Former Chronic Pain Patients of Dr. Jerome Yokiel/Centers for Comprehensive Pain Care in Beachwood Ohio

Posted: November 28, 2017 by gamegetterII in .gov bullshit, war on drugs
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Update on lawsuit  Here


***I wrote this post a few weeks ago.

Just want to note a couple things here-

Yes- I know what the Ohio state medical board has posted on their website concerning Dr. Yokiel.

I also know for a fact that the DEA regularly cuts deals with doctors which sends them to diversion programs for doctors. It happened to a friend I went to college with a few years ago.

She was not a drug user or alcoholic, but the DEA gave her no choice. It was you go to this program or you lose your license to practice medicine.

I believe the same thing happened with Dr Yokiel.***

I was one of Dr. Yokiel’s chronic pain patients,who was forced to undergo opiate withdrawls after being on the meds for 11 1/2 years.

I am trying to get a class action lawsuit going,and need some more former patients willing to be part of the suit.

I received,and saw a lot of others receive horrible care from Cleveland Clinic hospitals and Cleveland Clinic pain mgt programs. I was told I didn’t need any pain meds of any kind by the asshole at Euclid hospital pain mgt. Despite a record of serious injuries dating to 1978,over 60 ortho surgeries,and more broken bones than 90% of the population-(according to a few Dr’s and radiologists)

This is way beyond unethical,and violates every known medical standard for weaning a patient off of opiates.


Let’s sue the sonsofbitches who did this,including Dr Yokiel,Clevleand Clinic,the Ohio State Medical Board,and if I’m right about why Dr. Yokiel was shut down-the DEA.

This was done to chronic pain patients by our NE Ohio medical community,and state and likely fed agencies.

Our government and their fake ass “fighting  the opioid epidemic” did this to us.

This was not right,and should never happen to anyone who is a chronic pain patient again.

If a Dr decides that a chronic pain patient doesn’t need to be on pain meds-there is an established process for weaning people off of opiate pain meds-

and it sure as hell ain’t the Cleveland Clinic’s f*ck you-no one dies from opiate withdrawls.

If you’re a freakin heroin addict-they’ll admit you and wean you off opiates,and put you in a treatment program-if you’re a chronic pain patient…

The DEA is more interested in shutting down legit pain mgt docs who they feel write too many scripts than they are shutting down heroin and fentanyl dealers.

Think about that for a minute.

Lets sue these sonsabitches so they don’t keep doing this to chronic pain patients.

Contact me @





  1. I also was a patient of Dr Yokiels, he was a very caring Dr. They set me up with his replacement Dr. Barrett, who is a complete idiot and very rude. I was hit by a drunk driver had 58 injuries and my right leg amputated and this Dr. dealt i needed to withdraw. I wouldnt send a dog to Union Hospital now that Dr. Holism is gone. I went thru hell waiting to be seen by Mercy Pain Management, where i was treated as a decent human being. I am or never abused my meds or failed a screaming or pill count. I would be glad to join your case.

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  2. Amanda says:

    Thank you Marla. I did that about 15 years ago and learned breathing techniques, but it’s worth a try to look into again. I hope it does well for you.

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  3. Amanda says:

    Thanks for your comment Marla. I have tried physical therapy and been worse every time, once even forcing a back surgery immediately. 2 different chiropractors refuse to touch my back because it is too bad. I tried neurontin and tramadol with no difference and am allergic to lyrical. I wasn’t even on strong meds from Dr Yokiel from what docs say but it doesn’t matter because it was Norco. I was never in a fog on this and could function. Now I feel I can’t think straight from the pain. They are more ignoring my blood pressure which is too high from the pain. 160 /110. They are afraid I will have a stroke but won’t do anything. I am glad that you are doing so well.


    • Marla says:

      This sounds crazy but have you tried bio feedback? I’m trying it starting on monday. My daughter is in med school and they were just talking about it. Research says it is really helping out. I figured it can’t hurt to try. My daughter is going with me she wants to see how it works. Just a thought. Hope you find relief soon

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  4. Amanda says:

    I was a patient of Dr Yokiel for 11 years. I have rsd, herniated and degenerative disks and severe arthritis. I also just had surgery for a brain tumor and now have a painful titanium plate in my head. I have tried a couple pain mgmt docs who don’t want to do anything to help me. Trying alternatives such as kratom, but it is making me very tired. I am in severe pain every day and I need to try and go back to work soon from my tumor Surgery. All doctors want me on meds except for pain mgmt. Don’t know what to do.


    • Marla says:

      I don’t know where you live but I found a pain Dr. By me who has saved my life. He took me off all opiods but put me on other meds that are working. He has sent me to physical therapy (water), a bio feedback dr. (Haven’t seen yet) and a chiropractor before you say yokiel said never go to one, he doesn’t crack anything. He explained it to me by saying my muscles for 22 yrs are in a knot and I’m hunched over. So he stretches my muscles and is reprograming them. Muscles have a memory and he needs to retrain them. So it’s kinda like a massage but hurts alittle. When he is done I stand straight and the pain is so much less. I see him once a week.I hope you find someone to help you out.

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  5. AoD23x says:

    I got into a car accident 5 years ago in Beachwood. Got 2 herniated discs from the car accident and was in icu for 5 days from bleeding on the brain. My life was ruined from that moment on and for most of you thinking it wasn’t the car accident. I had to go on a journey of prescriptions… had to do many trials and errors and be a sheep for big pharm. It Ruined my pschy completely. No one really seems to understand what all these pills do to your brain and how it completely rewires it.

    Like all of you I got abandon by a doctor and had to go off everything that I had been on for 2-3 years cold turkey with nothing. I had Medicaid at the time and my choices of seeing doctors was very limited. But when I lost my doctor I was in such a hurry to find someone else who could replace my problem, which at that time was pills… This is the problem I started having… that instead of searching for solutions to my back pain and problems I was searching for pills… pills to make me feel like superman when I was on them. Made me forget that I had problems for a slight moment in time, as soon as I would take this magic little pill.

    Soon all that started to fade real fast. In the beginning it was for serious problems and the pain was unbearable. But after awhile a couple of years of being on them I started to realize that my pain was just being masked and nothing was being fixed. These magic little pills started making me lose focus on everything in life that was important.

    You all need to come to a basic understanding that opiates are an extract from the opium poppy plant. Meaning that the pills you are doing are a form of synthetic heroin. The road I went down I tried heroin one time and it was no different from an oxy contin…

    The point im trying to get across to all of you is that it’s time for self reflection. Time to see what your pain is really at instead of masking it and fogging your brain. Time to start thinking clearly and return to who you were. Your roots…


    • gamegetterII says:

      I feel better in general and think more clearly now that I don’t take any opiate pain meds- but I hurt like hell and can’t do half of what I could when taking pain meds.
      Nothing is going to “fix” the problems causing my chronic pain.
      There are established medical guidelines and standards of care for getting people off of pain meds.
      Those were not followed.
      There are a lot of people with severe chronic pain that can not be treated by anything other than opiates.
      Even the new pain doc I go to admits that in the future I will have to go back to pain meds.
      I refuse to take any opiates now, I use every alternate remedy that I know works for me.
      This will work for a couple years maybe longer, then I won’t be able to take the pain any longer.
      My right lower leg was crushed in a car accident that also broke both femurs and both arms.
      16 years after that car accident I was in a second car accident that broke right lower leg again, right femur again, right arm again, and tore rotater cuff completely in right shoulder.
      C-7 disc fracture, L-3,L-4, and L-5 discs are pretty much destroyed plus a lot of arthritis in lower back, knees,ankles, and hands.
      3 long screws hold my right knee together, plates and screws hold my forearm together, tibial nail holds leg together from knee to ankle.


  6. gamegetterII says:

    I agree on the foggy part.
    I still hurt like hell, but no opiates since 10/31/17 when morhpine ran out.
    I’m going to new pain mgt Dr as well. He’s trying different things- no opiates- I take flexaril and lyrica now.
    I don’t take either one every day.
    Other than pain- I feel better, think more clearly, sleep better,and get more done each day.
    That could have been accomplished without forcing me through withdrawls though.
    That’s what was unethical and immoral about the way the practice was closed and patients were treated. It violates every established standard of care.


  7. Xxxxxx says:

    The facility is a joke they’re crooked and don’t pay their bills. The good employees are treated like dogs and there is no equal rules or treatment. The Department of Health should shut them down. There is a great deal of verbal abuse and harassment. The old bats rule the dump.


    • gamegetterII says:

      It is shut down and has been since Oct.


      • Marla says:

        I am a 22 year patient of Dr. Yokiels. After he closed I was lucky enough to find a pain Dr. who is willing to work with me. In the 6 weeks I’ve been with him he has fotten me off 3 of my 5 meds including all opiates. He did put me on something for pain and is working to figure out exactly whats going on. He told me it could take up to 1 yr to get me off everything. My 24 y/o daughter asked my husband what was wrong with me and he said meet the woman I fell in love with and married. That’s how foggy I was all the time. So in a way I need to thank Dr. Yokiel for giving me my life back!

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    • gamegetterII says:

      ” the old bats rule the dump”
      Yeah I gotta agree with you on that.
      All the good nurses were gone in a fairly short time.
      My scripts got screwed up multiple times,causing me to run out of one or more meds before they fixed the problem and wrote new scripts.


  8. Marla says:

    Can you please send me the PDF you were talking about. Would apreciate greatly. Thank You


  9. Joe Charles says:

    I agree with you I was shocked when I called for my refill

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