gdhs_2267_19060569Starvinlarry from prohillbilly.com here,I’m going to continue writing about hunting,fishing,archery,survival,the ever more militarized police,and the police state we are living in, how to get ready for the coming economic collapse and whatever other disasters may befall us.

I’ve been hunting and fishing my entire life,I’ve held a variety of jobs over the years,and learned a lot from most of them.

I worked in the restaurant business for 20 years,was executive chef at mostly hotels and private country clubs-hey somone’s gotta feed the yuppie scum-have worked commercial fishing boats,and on the docks,worked for an outfitter in Montana for a couple seasons,worked in the building trades since I was fresh out of high school,did that part time when I ran hotel and country club kitchens,did it full time for years,lately doing maintenance and repair work for a couple of condo complexes.

There are subjects that others know far more about than I do,when I write about those subjects,I will post links to those who I think write the most well informed posts on those subjects.

I grow a large vegetable garden every year,can a lot of the stuff,sell a little,give some of it away,I process all my own game animals,including deer and elk,can fillet fish faster than most-as I did that for a living when between trips on fishing boats in N.C.

I just want to share the knowledge I have so that others can learn,as more people are waking up to just how completely screwed up our government is,and to the ever growing police state we are living in.

First pic below is of a 51  1/2″ muskie from West Branch reservoir near Ravenna,Ohio

Second pic is of a decent sized pike from the Cuyahoga river near Kent,Ohio


Rocky the Rottweiler guarding a brick-the dog just ain’t right in the head sometimes…


My e-mail is gamegetterII@yahoo.com

Or starvinlarry@gmail.com

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    Playing without me, I see……


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