Ebola is Here,Now what?

Posted: October 1, 2014 by gamegetterII in preparedness, survival

There is now a confirmed case of ebola in a Dallas hospital.

The person with ebola arrived here on a flight from Liberia.

Apparently it just makes too much sense to ban all flights from West Africa,and deny entry to any person that was recently in W. Africa.

Since TPTB are such obvious morons,and/or have another reason for allowing a passenger from an ebola infested country to enter the U.S. it’s only a mater of time until ebola arrives in a city near you.

The CDC is supposedly tracking down all the people patient zero had contact with,since they can’t even keep track of viruses in their own labs-I wouldn’t put much faith in their success at finding everyone that is likely infected.

Ever read Stephen King’s book the Stand? See the movie? (movie sucked ass-book was much better)

That’s the type of infection rate and spread we are lookin at here. Since it takes up to 21 days for symptoms to appear,if the CDC misses just one or two people-all bets are off,and there will be no way of containing the outbreak-period-no matter what. Even if the .gov agencies all get together and use all of their people,plus the national guard,they will simply not be able to contain the spread of the disease-someone will get outside of their quarantine area,that someone will infect 10 people,those ten will infect 100,those 100 will infect 1,000,the 1,000 will infect 100,000,the 100,000 will infect a million-then it’s over. If half of the population gets infected,70% plus will die-at least 100 million people will die if ebola spreads outside of the original small number of people patient zero infected.

U.S. hospitals are not equipped to handle an ebola outbreak-period.

Surgical masks will not protect you,the only thing that can protect you is a full hazmat suit with a closed system respirator-and getting far away from any city. Isolating yourself from people is the only way to protect yourself 100%.

Since not all that many of us can do that-things ain’t looking too good for the home team here.

If,by some miracle,the CDC does track down every single person patient zero had contact with,and quarantines all of them-then the ebola virus can be contained.

The CDC has already admitted that there are likely more infected people here-they also admit that they can only hope that they can contain the spread of the virus-not like that’s exactly a news flash to most of us.

Should this happen-there needs to be a ban on anyone entering the U.S. from west Africa,north Africa, and the middle east,since this shit ain’t gonna stay in west Africa,it’s gonna spread to the rest of Africa first,then the Middle East,then Asia and Europe…

Unless…no one is allowed to leave Africa-no one,not by air,not by ship or boat,and the same rules apply across the M.E. as there’s all kinds of people making it into the M.E. from north Africa that are not using commercial transportation.

This is another good reason to seal our southern border-100% -shut it down-no one in until this ebola bullshit has run it’s course.

Since the chances that our border is gonna be sealed are zero to none-and the chances that the CDC tracks down everyone this idiot from Liberia had contact with are about the same-if you have not done so already…now would be a good time to stock up on extra food and water-in case you have to remain in your home for an extended period of time.

Figure at least a gallon per person,per day for drinking water,another gallon per person,per day for cooking, hygiene,and washing pots and pans. Hopefully you have at least 6 months worth of food stocked up-if not,now would be a really good time to do so-before more people wake up to the fact that this shit could be very,very,serious,and have a very,very bad outcome.

Get plenty of fuel for your campstove,unless you have another means of cooking,we have 2 woodburners,one of them is also a cookstove,and enough wood for this winter ready to go-so we have the cooking and heating covered,we have a 1,000 gallon cistern that collects all the rainwater from our gutters,so as long as it rains occasionally,we have a back-up water source.

It would be a good idea to have plenty of candles,and some oil lamps for light,along with a couple camping lanterns,and flashlights. We have hand crank flashlights made by Lifegear,no batteries needed.

Be sure you have extra prescription meds if you must take them,and a well-stocked first aid kit.

Don’t forget your pets-get extra dog food,cat food,whatever.

We can all hope and pray that this shit does not turn into a pandemic,however,I would prefer to be prepared to live in isolation for a few months if need be,than to take my chances going out to get food,water,and medical supplies.

  1. It’s simple what happens next, lots of people die.


    • gamegetterII says:

      Yes sir,lot’s of people are going to die if this gets out of control.
      It doesn’t appear that our government is trying all that hard to stop the spread of ebola.
      If they were serious,there would be zero flights from West Africa,and no one who had traveled to West Africa recently would be allowed to enter the U.S.
      That,and shut down our border with Mexico,as people from multiple countries have been just walking across the border in recent years,so we get the risk of ISIS and ebola from the south,combined with our idiotic government allowing people from Liberia to fly here,enter the country,and just go on their merry way.
      I do not have much faith in our government’s ability to contain the spread of ebola.
      Not going to be a pleasant experience that’s for sure.

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