Thoughts on Sustainment Training

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Among the recurring questions I get is, “John, how do we work out a training program to keep improving in our various skills, with limited time?” As a SF buddy pointed out to someone we were talking to the other day, there’s a vast difference between training a Special Forces candidate and training a member of a local prepper group or community defense group. Among these is the simple fact that the member of the local group simply doesn’t need to be expected to perform at the level of a SF soldier, nor should we expect them to.

The SF pipeline is anywhere from 6 months to two years, depending on MOS and previous career progression. That is a long time, especially when all of the support infrastructure is taken care of, and there are few or no challenges to time management in the way of competing demands for attention…

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Tasks for the ‘Designated Commo’ Guy

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The reality for a lot of groups out there is that they have the one designate guy for everything. The medical guy, the mechanic guy, the construction guy, the gunsmith guy, the computer/tech guy, the jack-of-all-trades kinda guy, etc. Its no different when it comes to communications for the bulk of the people I’ve worked with- even those who’ve come to me individually in the RTO course have done so because they are that ‘designated commo guy’ that the others in their group turn to. Its a natural thing. We appeal to our strengths and look for others that fill the gaps. The reality is that nobody can be a 100% know-all, be-all paragon of ability. A well rounded group or team is always made of people who bring a wide variety of skills to the table. You can’t have all trigger pullers just like…

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Getting Started In Morse Code

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One of the groups I’ve had the pleasure of working with in a few classes sent along their Morse Code training program. I think its a great resource and a heck of an enabler to have on your team. Getting started can be a pain, but these classes are well done and easy to follow.

Morse Code Class (links to youtube)

Here’s the companion handout and training guide: Learning Morse Code

And if you’re looking for training, make sure to check out the training calendar.

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Artificial intelligence has been way overhyped. From David Robertson at

It’s hard to go anywhere these days without coming across some mention of artificial intelligence (AI). You hear about it, you read about it and it’s hard to find a presentation deck (on any subject) that doesn’t mention it. There is no doubt there is a lot of hype around the subject.

While the hype does increase awareness of AI, it also facilitates some pretty silly activities and can distract people from much of the real progress being made. Disentangling the reality from the more dramatic headlines promises to provide significant advantages for investors, business people and consumers alike.

Artificial intelligence has gained its recent notoriety in large part due to high profile successes such as IBM’s Watson winning at Jeopardy and Google’s AlphaGo beating the world champion at the game “Go”. Waymo, Tesla and others…

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Gongs: Ringing the Steel

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“I have never hammered a steel plate with a hammer, but I have hammered steel targets for more than 20 years. The sound is loud and rewarding. Steel targets are an aid in gaining proficiency with firearms, particularly handguns. We use paper targets for sighting in, ensuring our sights are properly zeroed. We also use paper targets when stressing decision making. But on my own time and my own dime, I would rather shoot steel than anything.

metal gong targets with one swinging after a solid hit

This target just took a hard smack from a 9mm +P.

Paper targets are time consuming. You have to change the paper once the bullseye is obliterated. Even if you use target pasters, there is a walk to the target stand. I don’t mind a good walk but I walk and run at night when it is cool—and keep shooting for sport separate from running!

When you are doing a 300-yard shoot with the .308, well, it is a 600-yard round trip to set the targets up. Once you have zeroed the particular firearm, the rest of your shooting is simply practice and practice makes perfect. A quality steel target just may be the answer to many of your shooting needs. Maintenance is low and the targets will withstand thousands of rounds of ammunition hitting them foursquare in the center.

There is any number of steel targets. Fixed, reaction, and moving targets are available. Fixed targets are fine for longer range, but reaction or resetting targets are best. Remember, your firearm is sighted in so you are practicing marksmanship. Firing at known and unknown ranges is a better test of marksmanship than firing at paper at a set distance.

Among the simplest targets are the manual reset designs. The target is struck and toppled over. There are also plate rack designs with several eight-inch diameter plates that may be shot and tipped over. They are reset all at once, typically by yanking a lever or rope.”

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5 Reasons We’re In This Mess

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h/t SLL

Great post by Hardscrabble Farmer at The Burning Platform


“We are in the midst of a very, very dangerous time. Anyone who still believes in the power of the vote to reconcile our differences has not been paying attention. The time for campaigning things away has come and gone and there will never- until this conflict settles matters in flesh and blood- be a coming together of one side with the other. It is purposeless at this point to reason with one another, sides have been clearly drawn and like a family dispute, everyone knows where everyone else stands on the matter.

The premise is simple; there are those who want the heritage America of the past and those who want another country altogether. Those aren’t views that can be reconciled and both sides are convinced that they hold the moral high ground. The conflict has a neo-theological feel to it. It has become a religion to many, the righting of historical wrongs on people living in the present and the only solution is final. There is no compromise with someone who wants you gone.”

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Hard truths.




A couple random excerpts…

The tactical oriented type of people will bicker endlessly about gear, yet never even use the gear enough to realize that they cannot buy skill. You have to put in the time. The same people who claim they cannot afford 1 or 2 decent top shelf rifles that are reliable every time, usually have 10 times their cost tied up in 12 Budget Builds that will break on the first real training session. But they never realize this, because they don’t actually train in ways that some of us do.

What happened to the last 20 years of the patriot moving telling everyone about the demopublicans and republicrats being 2 wings of the same predator?)

The Future is Now | American Partisan

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Read this – he’s spot on…

“Whether red vs. blue or city vs. country, political tensions are best addressed by letting people run their own lives.”

There’s a spreading revolt against city-spawned restrictions on self-defense rights by the residents of sparsely settled counties and the officials who represent them. The issue “has largely underscored the rift between rural and urban areas,” the Wall Street Journalnoted over the weekend. It’s a rift that’s widening as the political divide in the United States takes on a strongly geographical character—less along state or regional lines than at the borders between dense populations and open country.

With hostile people from divergent cultures and political affiliations glaring at each other across the nation’s city limits, it’s time to reconsider the tendency towards centralization of power in our country that leaves so many people groaning under laws and policies they find abhorrent. If we really want to defuse tensions, we should devolve decision-making as far down the political food chain as possible—preferably all the way to individuals.

“Virtually every major city (100,000-plus population) in the United States of America has a different outlook from the less populous areas that are closest to it,” Josh Kron marveled in The Atlanticafter the 2012 election demonstrated divisions that have only deepened since”

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Schlichter: On The Second American Civil War

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

He says the Reds lose.

His lips to God’s ears.

Meanwhile, how are those local accountability folders coming?

And by the way, smashing the spear’s shaft keeps you from being easily stabbed by the spearpoint.

Understand the local politico/force structures that threaten you.

Focus on the political command hierarchy – both overt and covert.

Don’t be stupid and lose.

Losing is bad.

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