Liberty’s Teeth: Arms and Freedom by Bill Buppert

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“Over 98% of all mass shootings in the USSA since 1950 have occurred in gun free zones where the government mandated private disarmament or corporate entities that licked the foul taint of the government to mimic compliance. For the shooters, guaranteed a rather hazard free opportunity to maim and kill as many disarmed humans as they wished or found the time for.

The FBI apparatchiks define a mass shooting as four or more people killed and/or injured during a single shooting incident, and that definition typically is widely accepted by law enforcement agencies, criminal justice experts and the media. One can see the NYPD providing a demonstration here when they shot nine bystanders while trying to apprehend a shooter. Please note that the geniuses in the thick black and blue line charged the man they were shooting at with the casualties.”

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Just going by NICS background checks from 1998-2018,there were 280,482,910 background checks performed.

Not every check was for just one firearm,as you can buy multiple firearms using a single background check.

NICS checks-19998-2018

How many millions of guns were sold prior to NICS being implemented?

Just using modern firearms -(after metallic cartridges replaced black powder muzzleloaders)-as a guess,starting in late 1800’s with guns like say the Winchester ’92 and ’94,and Colt revolvers,there were likely at least another roughly 300 million firearms-or more- manufactured and sold in the approximately 100 years between modern firearms being mass produced and the NICS check being implemented.

The late WeaponsMan did a post on this topic here

From that post-

“We now have 329 million firearms, with fairly trustworthy data and estimates in which all the most conservative assumptions were used, introduced to the US on-the-books market from 1999-2016.”

“Absent a better idea, we can say that the US inventory of firearms is almost certainly between 412 and 660 million, not the lower numbers recently trumpeted in the media.”

Another blogger-

Extrano’s Alley

addressed the topic here

“Between the number of surving guns from the 19th century, production and d survival numbers from the 20th Century, and manufacturing and import numbers for the 21st Century we should have between 710 and 770 million guns that are either serviceable, or easily restored to service. That is, guns that have no broken parts or serious internal rust problems, needing only a clean and lube to restore to working order.”

“On that basis, we ESTIMATE there are 740 million firearms that are A.) Serviceable as is: B.) or easily restored to service. This does not include firearms in caliber such as .41 Rimfire for which ammunition is essentially unavailable.”

Another thing to consider is that there has been an increase in home manufacturing using 80% lowers for A-R’s,and 80% receivers for handguns like the 1911,plus you can now 3D print a functional firearm.

Then there’s the modern blackpowder firearms which are not included in BATFEIEIO data,as they do not require a NICS background check.

As machine shops upgraded/upgrade to CNC machines,there have been hundreds of thousands if not millions of used,fully functional lathes and milling machines sold to individuals. Many of the guys-and ladies- who bought those machines are gun owners.

Not much you can’t make when you own a lathe and milling machine,if you own those,you likely have the rest of the tools to make pretty much anything you want or need.


Taking all the methods of home manufacture mentioned above,along with the plethora of ways to make your own functional single shot firearm with basic hand tools,my own scientific wild assed guess is there are somewhere north of 100 million firearms owned by citizens in the U.S.





FDA Continuing It’s War on Chronic Pain Patients

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Between the FDA and DEA there has been zero effort to address the actual problems in the so-called “opioid epidemic”.

Prescriptions for opiate pain meds have been declining since at least 2010.

Overdose rates/overdose deaths have been increasing during the same time period.

Yes-there are some shady doctors and “pill mills”,and they are a part of the problem-a small part of the problem.

The biggest part of the problem is heroin and fentanyl.

Another problem is the way the CDC counts “opioid deaths”.

People often overdose with multiple prescription drugs and/or alcohol in their systems.

Others overdose from heroin and/or fentanyl.

All of these deaths are counted together-which creates very misleading stats.

Which the political hacks at the CDC,FDA,and DEA then use to create new prescribing rules that punish chronic pain patients.

Doctors are threatened with loss of license for treating chronic pain patients who have medically documented conditions that require around the clock pain relief.

The U.S. Attorney general is a completely clueless moron as far as treating people in pain goes-the idiot claims aspirin is strong enough.

Wonder how he would feel if he had this device attached to his leg from 2/2009 until 8/2011?

That was 2/2009,at beginning of the long process,more pins/wires/struts were added at various times.

The “device” is called a Taylor Spatial Frame


My doctor actually used two-that’s why 4 rings instead of two.

The doc cutout over 6″ of infected bone from my tibia.

Plus additional cuts just above ankle and just below knee.

There were pins and wires through the bone in multiple locations.

The process was invented in the USSR by a DR named Ilizarov,who perfected the technique by experimenting on prisoners-nice guy huh?

The link for the Taylor Spatial Frame above explains the procedure.

I believe AG Sessions would be screaming for something stronger than aspirin had he gone through that.


The FDA’s proposed new opioid prescribing rules can be found here

Anyone can comment on these changes at the link above.

I was as reasonable as possible in my comment to these morons…

“This is a load of garbage.
Most chronic pain patients take one ER med,and one IR med.
This proposal will leave hundreds of thousands of chronic pain patients in excruciating pain.
These changes will lead to increased suicides,and increased use of street drugs as people seek relief from their chronic pain.
Chronic pain patients are not abusing our meds,and we are not injecting heroin and/or fentanyl into our veins.
Heroin and fentanyl are the problem.
Prescriptions for opioid pain meds have been decreasing since at least 2010-yet the overhyped by .gov agencies and media opioid hysteria continues to focus on prescription pain meds and punish chronic pain patients.
These changes will harm chronic pan patients-they are inhumane,they are barbaric,and they will do nothing to solve the “opioid crises”/”opioid epidemic”.
Our doctors know what works for us-every patient is different,and requires different dosages of meds-the absurdly low 90 MME per day limit will leave people suffering in pain.
These changes will actually increase use of heroin and other “street drugs”,and will lead to even more overdoses,overdose deaths,and suicides.
These changes punish chronic pain patients,who have zero input in these changes,our doctors have zero input in these changes. Political hacks at the FDA,CDC,DEA have no right to dictate what meds can and can not be prescribed to chronic pain patients-that decision should be up to the doctor treating us.
Pain management doctors,and family physicians should not have to fear loss of license from DEA during the course of treating legitimate chronic pain patients with documented medical reasons for around the clock pain management with opiate pain meds because of this opioid hysteria.
This must stop,and it must stop now.
The FDA and CDC are harming chronic pain patients by making it impossible for our doctors to adequately treat our pain.”

Sharyl Attkisson – Intel Agency 702 Abuses

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Via Twitter

Here are references to some of the government intel agency surveillance “702” abuses that FBI Director Christopher Wray testified under oath never happened, in case you’re interested.

“Over the last few years, another herb, kratom, has come on the horizon and now thousands of people across the country are finding it helpful to deal with pain. It calms withdrawal symptoms, it elevates mood, and promotes sleep.  Most people who use it are over 40, and now that you have systematically made it more and more difficult for people to manage pain, more people are using kratom safely and effectively.  The drug companies don’t like kratom any more than cannabis, and the FDA is passing out lies about kratom, sharing misinformation that no one who actually uses kratom believes.  Of course, there are those who will believe anything the government says, and all I can do is hope and pray our leaders will actually look over the evidence, and leave the kratom alone.”

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The Brutal Truth About Violence When The SHTF

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“It was wartime and chaos, from all conflicts in those years in the Balkan region Bosnian conflict was most brutal because of multiple reasons, historical, political and other.

To simplify the explanation why violence was common and very brutal, you need to picture a situation where you are “bombarded” with huge amount of information (propaganda) which instills in you very strong feelings of fear and hate.

Out of fear and hate, violence grows easy and fast, and over the very short period of time you see how people around you (including you) do things that you could not imagine before.

I can say that violence was almost an everyday thing in the whole spectrum of different activities because it was a fight for survival.

Again, whenever (and wherever) you put people in a region without enough resources, you can expect violence.

We were living a normal life, and then suddenly we were thrown in a way of living where if you could not “negotiate” something with someone, you solve the problem by launching a rocket from an RPG through the window of his living room.

Hate stripped down the layers of humanity and suddenly it was “normal” to level an apartment building with people inside with shells from a tank or form private prisons with imprisoned civilians for slave work or sex slaves.

Nothing that I saw or read before could have prepared me for the level of violence and blindness to it, for the lives of kids, elders, civilians, and the innocent.

Again, the thing that is important for readers is that we were a modern society one day, and then in few weeks it turned into carnage.

Do not make the mistake of saying “it cannot happen here” because I made that mistake too.

Do not underestimate power of propaganda, fear, hate, and the lowest human instincts, no matter how modern and good your society is right now and how deeply you believe that “it can not happen here”.

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Pain can drive you crazy

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By Dr. Femi Ogunyemi

“There are more chronic pain sufferers than diabetics, stroke and cancer patients added together. In 2012, the American Academy of Pain Medicine published figures that showed 27 percent of reported pain was backache, 15 percent was neck pain, 15 percent was for severe headaches and 4 percent for facial pain. The same publication stated that among chronic pain sufferers, 86 percent report poor sleep, 75 percent report depression, 74 percent complain of low energy, 70 percent report poor concentration and 59 percent complain of decreased enjoyment of life.

A complaint of pain in itself may bring friends and sympathizers. We have all experienced the bumped knee or twisted ankle, the bad headache or toothache. The pain of labour is history once the cry of the baby is heard. The jaw will feel better once that rotten tooth is pulled. Imagine those pains continuing for weeks, months…… years. Scientific research and clinical studies have shown that pain can drive you crazy. And pain can kill! How? You may ask.”

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Dealing With Lefty

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“Most of us have a Progressive or two in our lives that we have to deal with on a regular basis. No matter how hard you try to avoid talking politics or current events with them, it always happens and you come away frustrated by the experience. The reason for this is Lefty is nothing but political, so even discussing the weather can lead to them veering the conversation into something like global warming. Progressives have politicized every nook and cranny of life, so dealing with a liberal means wrangling over Progressivism.

What makes it doubly frustrating is that normal people tend to treat people as if they are normal, rather than members of a bizarre religious cult. You forget yourself and make a reference to current events and all of a sudden you’re wrangling with Lefty over some topic in a way you find deeply frustrating. Usually they take something you have said and twist it around so that you find yourself trying to defend something you never thought much about or you never intended to discuss. It’s as if they exist to be a social irritant.

That’s the first rule when dealing with Lefty. As soon as you realize you are dealing with one of these people, accept that everything they say is somehow the opposite of reality. The Progressive mind is a lot like the mind of a criminal, in that it assumes its own guilt and acts accordingly. The criminal says things to lead prying eyes away from their own culpability. The Progressive will accuse others of things he or his cult is mostly like doing at the moment. When they accuse X of something, it means Lefty is probably doing it.”

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Irish youngster?

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