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The usual way.

Never give up your guns.

Kill everyone who tries to take them.

Hard truths.

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The Ocasio-Cortez Amnesia Effect

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The Other Side of Opioids – YouTube

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EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

The Other Side of Opioids – YouTube

Here is a mainstream media outlet that’s bucking the opioid BS trend and reporting the truth about our desperate situation – which has nothing to do with the rising rates of overdose deaths from opioids or anything else people can get their hands on.

LAS VEGAS – Nightly newscasts across the country are filled with stories about the opioid epidemic — the opioid crisis. Tens of thousands of Americans who die each year are found with opioids in …

This 45 minute video is a year old and has received 175,000 downloads. It is still current and very pertinent, as the HHS Task Force on Best Practices in Pain Management draws together its recommendations to Congress.

It’s wonderful to see that our story is reaching so many people. I just hope they’re not all other pain patients, but perhaps people that might…

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ISIS on the attack in Syria | American Partisan

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As Rod Dreher observed just a few days ago, “liberalism…does not intend to tolerate [conservative, orthodox Christians] for one more minute than it has to.” Anyone who doesn’t agree with the progressives’ increasingly radical beliefs concerning sex, race, and gender belongs on the ash heap of history, and the sooner those backward hicks can be banished there, the better. Conservatives’ continued existence in the public square is not just an annoyance, but an ongoing act of violence against women, minorities, and the queer community.



The Vulgar Curmudgeon

First off, allow me to congratulate you people on what I consider to be an epic example of a disastrous business decision.

Let me guess, there are a bunch of testosterone challenged individuals in upper management who thought it would be a great idea to politically alienate a large portion of their customer base?

How awesome is that?

Because, you know, making a business decision to put out a social justice warrior message decrying masculinity when the product you produce and sell to has been historically purchased by men strikes me as being self defeating right out the door.

But what do I know, I am one of those toxic males you seem to think that young boys and young men should avoid turning out to be.

Being such, I laugh and spit in your general direction for being so stupid.

Mark my words you pansy motherfuckers, there is going…

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Covert Geopolitics

Put now in the larger context of British information warfare and regime change operations directed at Russia and independent thinkers in the United States, Britain, and Western Europe—operations which were put on steroids as of 2014 (operations which we covered in Part II of this Report)—what are we to make of the Christopher Steele dossier on Donald Trump and its use to impact the 2016 elections and the Trump Presidency?

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#DroneStrikeRendezvousWest2019: Johnny Paratrooper Sends

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

A good reminder about lodging in the area:

I called my Family in Wyoming. I gave “LineMan” the information he needs for an RV site. If anyone wants to be right on the Shoshone, 40 minutes from Cody, and 40 Minutes from Yellowstone, they need to start booking now. Cabins and Space is already filling up. Some people book cabins and RV space for weeks to explore the west.

In a few months I bet half of Wyoming is booked for the week before and after the 4th.

If anyone is bringing their wife and kids, my family is huge. I have a dozen little cousins ages 5-14 they can hang out with while the adults do adult things.

Current proposal:

Cody, Wyoming
Weekend after Independence Day 2019
July 12-14, 2019






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Hope to see you there!

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