Shooting notes, Distance.

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Thoughtfully Prepping

Distance by eye i.e. no scope.
A man, but not his limbs, is recognizable at a mile
A man’s legs can be seen at 400 yards
Faces are distinguishable at 250 yards.

Average size across the shoulders for a man is 18 inches.

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GP’s “90 Days” Scenario-Food Storage

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Mason Dixon Tactical

George Patton once again nails it! Follow the advice given, it is the voice of experience.

Food post1


Surviving for 90 Days Part 2 – Food Storage

There are many different kinds of foods that you can stock up on.

There are five major categories of commercial food storage:

  • Freeze Dried
  • Dehydrated
  • Frozen (home freezer)
  • Canned Food  (commercial and home)
  • Plastic Retort Packages (AND Military Meals)

Deciding which is the best food for you to store depends on a lot of factors.  Cost is important of course, but so is shelf life, tastiness, ease of preparation and use, and ease of actually getting the stuff in your home.

Freeze Dried versus Dehydrated Food

How Do They Work And What Are The Differences

Moisture Content. The main objective with food preservation is to remove the moisture so that the food doesn’t decompose, grow mold, etc. Dehydration removes about 90-95…

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One of my favorite videos

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Makes me feel all tingly

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Western Rifle Shooters Association


Zombie ee cummings sends:

sorry to keep pestering you old man, but i forgot to mention the impetus for my printed newsletter is that if the country turns over control of icann to the u.n. (more or less), then it’s not that we’ll have to circumvent censorship on the web like a lot of countries are doing right now, but there are websites that will simply go away.

we will be de-listed from dns and filtered by ip address till no one can be reached. might even have to put up with a permit and license system. i could even see state sponsored cyber warfare organizations spending their time backtracking tor traffic to clobber as many entry/exit nodes as they can each day.

how many times have you preached “alternative routes of communications” in the past two years?

ergo: the printed newsletter. appalachian messenger got the jump start on that…

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Sparks31: What The Dark Future Holds

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Western Rifle Shooters Association



Our problems will not go away on November 9th.

If Clinton gets elected, expect things to get much worse, quickly.

If Trump gets elected, expect the establishment, including the establishment Republicans who fought his nomination to the bitter end, to fight him on every little thing. That will cause things to get much worse, quickly. The other possibility here is that Trump has been part of the great scam since the beginning, and then you can still expect things to get much worse, quickly.

The Libertarian party candidate, who only gets fringe and protest votes and who will never get elected in our present society, can not even be considered to be a true libertarian in my opinion. It seems like the national LP has been co-opted or taken over.

None of it matters, and here is why.

You still have some time to get things in order…

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A Failure of Vision

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The Virginia Freeman's Society

“Restoring the Constitution” and “resisting collectivist tyranny” is not an ideology. If that is your starting point you’re doomed, and if that is you’re end point (i.e., your final cause) you’ve accomplished nothing.”SFC Steven M Barry USA RET


On my bookshelves there sits a section that would be more at home in Hillary Clinton’s library than the person that authors this blog. Among others, Richard Posner, Dawkins, Marx and Mein Kampf sit in that section. People seem to be intimidated by books that challenge the echo chamber they grow up, and live in. With the advent of the internet, rather than promoting discussion and the ultimate free market of ideas, we have self-segregated into tiny little groups where others like us are the majority and we can sagely nod at each other over our collective navel-gazing. It has created a sort of incestuous breed of ideas, simply because…

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Firelapping Muzzleloaders Results

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Saturday pretty much sucked to be shooting-torrential rains on and off all morning,into the afternoon.

I followed the directions,and fired 20 shots through my inline,and 20 through my sidelock,I had some of the “grit” left,so I shot an additional 5 rounds through the sidelock.

A lead sled would have been a good idea,but I didn’t bring one,I did add a sweatshirt to what I was wearing to help absorb recoil though. My shoulder just quit hurting today.

Almost 100 rounds out of .50 caliber muzzleloaders is a lot-45 out of the inline,and 50 out of the sidelock.

The inline shot approximately 3″ groups at 100 yds prior to firelapping,I got 2-2 1/2″ groups after the firelapping-so some improvement,but not the 50% improvement that others have seen after using the firelapping process.

The sidelock shot at best 6″ groups at 100 yds-many were 8″ groups.

After the 25 rounds fired for the firelapping-holy shit-the sidelock was shooting 3″ groups!

I shot groups of 5 rounds-5 groups-after the firelapping,a couple of them were 2″ groups,the others were 3-3 1/2 inches.

That’s one hell of an improvement in accuracy for a made in the mid 1980’s CVA Woodsman!

Extra bonus is the thing is much easier to load now too.

My original post on firelapping/improving your muzzleoader’s accuracy is here

The source for the firelapping kits is Beartooth bullets-their  site is here

I believe the process makes a heck of an improvement for the $50.00 or so it costs.

Due to the rain-I couldn’t take pics-I’m not trashing my phone or my digital camera to take a pic of a falling apart, soaking wet target with a few bullet holes in it.

The process works,at least with older muzzleloaders.

I wholeheartedly endorse firelapping for older muzzleloaders-the difference in my CVA Woodsman was amazing. The thing was never as accurate as it is now,and I’ve shot it a lot over the years.

My brother in law swears it worked wonders for a couple of his centerfire rifles-so if you have an older rifle that’s not shooting as god as you would like it to-spend the fifty bucks,and firelap the thing-you just may turn it into a super accurate rifle.



Do More PT !






The Day Zero Hedge Goes Dark, by Robert Gore

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The mainstream media’s (MSM) coverage of Hillary Clinton’s medical travails offers yet another instance of its blatant bias, and its distortion and outright suppression of the news. The roots of the captive MSM stretch back to the 1940s, which helps explain the waning prospects for dissemination of the truth in 2016.

Veracity is the first casualty of war. During World War II, the government openly co-opted the media, including Hollywood, as propaganda organs. Radio and television stations and networks had to obtain permission from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate. They toed the government’s World War II line. A few newspapers and individual journalists, notably H.L. Mencken and John T. Flynn, challenged it, but Roosevelt pretense of being against US involvement in the war, Pearl Harbor’s vulnerability, the alliance with Joseph Stalin, who was at least as bloodthirsty and tyrannical as Hitler, massive fire bombing of civilian populations…

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Pipeline Break Fuel Disrupted Updates

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The recent fuel pipeline break in Alabama didn’t affect us much at our house.  We really mean it when we talk about being prepared for 90 days.

In the case of the pipeline break, price increases happened almost everywhere on the east coast, and there have been some places where there have been outright shortages.

Fuel shortages are often about a lot more than you running out of fuel or adjusting your lifestyle because you can’t drive around.  In this case, it was problems with gas.  The next time, it could be diesel.  Most of the 18 wheelers you see running up and down the highway run on diesel.  Those same 18 wheelers deliver groceries daily to your grocery store and fuel to your gas stations.

The impact of this pipeline break is expected to be over in a week, when everything is expected to be back to normal.  Of…

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