Carlos Hathcock Method of Sighting in a Rifle

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From A Reader

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

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The fastest way that I know of to obtain or verify zeros is in a NRA mid-range prone match. 2 sighters and 20 shots slowfire for record in 22 minutes at 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards. Iron sights or scopes. Slings or on bags. Who cares about the winner. A few hours on a Saturday and you got your dope. Maybe learned something about the wind too. BTW, long range starts at 800 yards. It always has. And that 16 year old junior shooting next to you with the iron sighted 20 inch AR will marvel how easy it is…

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

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It sure is a good thing the useful idiot Reds (as opposed to the smart ones, who will use the useful idiots as cannon fodder) don’t think about things such as this article:

Scoped Hunting Rifles as Long-Range Rifles

Whatever you do, don’t shitpost this link on your socials, especially if your addressees includes snowflakes and other pinkthinkers.

They will obsess over anti-Communist deer hunters shooting them in the belly with a .30-06 as they come out of Ye Olde Shoppe Of Dogge Hayr And Herbs.

And we don’t want that.

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Totally Legit

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

Government accidentally sends file on “remote mind control” methods to journalist

Government is just a word for the things we do together.

At gunpoint.

Held by perverted psychopaths.

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Old But Good Bar Song

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Maybe the Russians Did It, by Robert Gore

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Con artists are the most easily conned.

If ever a military incident seemed to scream “false flag,” it’s the alleged chemical weapons attack on Douma. The Chief of Russia’s General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, predicted a staged chemical attack almost a month prior. If Syria launched such an attack, it did so a week after President Trump spoke of bringing American troops home, when Syria was clearly winning its war against myriad rebel groups, and knowing the attack would bring global condemnation and possible military action by the US and its allies.

The losing rebel groups have chemical weapons (chlorine gas can be produced by mixing ammonia and bleach). If Syria’s government was blamed, any retaliation by the US and its allies would aid the rebel cause and further the interests of Saudi Arabia and Israel, America’s putative allies who would dearly love to see Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad deposed.


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Panama Red

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Hold Your Horses! Critical THinking is HARD!

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In both The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two (in the chapter on Intelligence Analysis), and in Forging the Hero(in the chapters on building good “fortune”—hamingja—through good decision-making), I made the point that, one of the most important tools we have available is the ability to “wargame” our own positions on things. It is hard, especially with our most cherished beliefs, but we CAN play “Devil’s Advocate,” and find the chinks in our own philosophical armor, in order to figure out where we are making poor choices. That’s what I am going to do for a moment…

I was having a conversation with John Meyers (who I shall herein refer to as Meyers, because if I say “John,” or “JM,” it will get confusing as shit, really quick, even for me), who writes for ZeroGov occasionally, the other day. We were discussing an article at Patrick Henry Society website, by the…

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Read it all-think,apply.

Nah-haircut just ain’t gonna happen