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Outlander Systems


A friend and I were recently discussing the transformative nature of the State-Run Media (ABCNNBCBS) meltdown over so-called, “Fake News.”

Folks, it’s easy to get spun up about it all.

Yes, it’s ridiculous.

Yes, it’s infantile.

Yes, it’s indicative of a sea-change in the contemporary milieu.

Most of all?

It’s entertaining as hell.

Watching the newsfakers, talking-point-takers, and corporate/media machine implode on themselves is one of the highlights of being alive at this time. I can honestly say, I’ve never been so entertained with their programming. As someone who doesn’t have cable television, or even over-the-air TV, watching this as an outside observer is downright hilarious.

The bed-wetting. The pant-defecating. The tooth-gnashing. The garment-rending. All of it is sweet, sweet music.

The irony of the State-Run Media “conspiracy theorizing” about objective reporting, aka, “Fake News” has been raucously gratifying yet I am almost embarrassed for them…

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Sweden Burning

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Thoughtfully Prepping

Stockholm is toasty warm this winter as a car fire arson epidemic continues to rage in some of their 55 no-g0 areas. Stockholm, where there is reported to be 20 no-g0 areas with 75,000 persons within.

Even worse, and to cap it all, on average three police officers a day are quitting.
Wouldn’t you?
Why fight for law and order when the government hinders your every effort?
In a no win situation where limp government has lost control of the country and values.
Best they go home and protect their loved ones.

Sweden. Listed in 2005 as the number two rape capital of the WORLD behind Lesotho in Southern Africa. Not a reputation any Western Country would want I should think.

BUT THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when you let immigrants in with their ‘values’, religion, ‘culture’ and lack of respect for their host nation. To live unfettered and without control…

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Battlefield America - A Government of Wolves

We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth.”—Former New York Times reporter Sydney Schanberg

Let’s talk about fake news stories, shall we?

There’s the garden variety fake news that is not really “news” so much as it is titillating, tabloid-worthy material peddled by anyone with a Twitter account, a Facebook page and an active imagination. These stories run the gamut from the ridiculous and the obviously click-baity to the satirical and politically manipulative.

Anyone with an ounce of sense and access to the Internet should be able to ferret out the truth and lies in these stories with some basic research. That these stories flourish is largely owing to the general gullibility, laziness and media illiteracy of the general public, which through its learned compliance rarely questions, challenges or confronts.

Then there’s the more devious…

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Survival Hax Survival Shovel

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survival_shovel_1_1024x1024One of the fun things about doing a survival blog is that manufacturers and dealers will often send you one of their items to test. I have some definite policies on this. I do not accept money for the review. I get to keep the item. And I will only write an honest evaluation. When Sara of SurvivalHax offered to send me one of their survival shovels I was glad to test it.

Before I discuss the shovel, let’s define what a survival shovel is. For my purposes, it should be lightweight and small enough to fit in a bug out bag. It should be sturdy enough to perform some basic functions. These would include digging a cat hole, digging a fire pit, digging a water run off trench around your shelter, driving tent stakes, and shoveling snow or sand from around a stuck vehicle tires. If you are planning…

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Background Checks and NFA Wait Times

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Outlander Systems

You’ve saved your pennies.

You’ve been eating Ramen.

You submitted your Form 4/Form 1.

You got fingerprinted at the local CLEO’s office.

You waited 8 months for your stamp to come back.

You filled out your 4473.

You’ve been deemed safe enough to exercise your Constitutional Rights.


Societal Dregs determined all that shit was, like, for squares, man:

I get this sinking, suspicious feeling that the rapid background check circumvention, illustrated above, is not going to contribute to the local IPSC-scene, nor produce any IDPA champs. Nor will the acquired goods be used in furtherance of communal defense, or for “sporting purposes” such as hunting whitetail.

“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are offering a combined reward of $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. To report a tip, call the ATF at (800) 283-4867, the…

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And so it begins: California regulates cow farts

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GALT, Calif. (AP) — California is taking its fight against global warming to the farm.

The nation’s leading agricultural state is now targeting greenhouse gases produced by dairy cows and other livestock.

Despite strong opposition from farmers, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation in September that for the first time regulates heat-trapping gases from livestock operations and landfills.

Cattle and other farm animals are major sources of methane, a greenhouse gas many times more potent than carbon dioxide as a heat-trapping gas. Methane is released when they belch, pass gas and make manure.

“If we can reduce emissions of methane, we can really help to slow global warming,” said Ryan McCarthy, a science adviser for the California Air Resources Board, which is drawing up rules to implement the new law.

Livestock are responsible for…

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The Defensive Training Group


First, before we get into the post as written by ‘Marc MacYoung’, which I very much agree with on the whole; the man makes a lot of sense, I am admitted ‘student of the knife’ when it comes to capabilities and techniques.  Out of all the years I’ve studied one system or another, technique upon technique, I’ve learned a few good things:  A:  Knife duels (what most consider a ‘knife fight’) are rarer than hen’s teeth.  B:  People who say they prefer to get into a fight with a knife wielding opponent are either 1 – consummate bullshiters or 2 – in possession of a ‘less than sane’ death wish.  C:  All the knives in the world and all the ‘knife training’ in the world will not prepare you for a knife attack.  Read the article.  Knife attacks are more precisely defined as ‘assassination attempts’.  Also, pay particular attention to…

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Mogadishu on Campus

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The Kakistocracy

I am certain there were such oxymorons as “Somali-Americans” in 1993. But none of which I had ever heard. As far as most people I knew were concerned that cultural eon ago, a little bit of Africans went a long way. The tacit agreement being that our own black native stock was quite sufficient to provide the country’s welfare workers and prison guards with ample employment security without need of additional stimulus.

And so whatever it is Africans did was best done there.

Unfortunately, that’s the sort of quixotic reasoning that doesn’t long survive the pen of neocon presidencies. And Bush 1 had a lot of ink to spill. Of course there was the Immigration Act of 1990 signed by GHWB after being sponsored in congress by Edward Kennedy (naturally). But laws like that take time to season into civil war, and George’s clock was ticking. So the first Iraq-attaq…

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