“Ballistic Test Basics

There are many different variables to take into account when testing self defense ammunition.

Ammo that performs well out of one pistol may function poorly when fired from a handgun of a different size or make. Finding the ammo that works best with your handgun and meets your personal needs is what matters most. That’s why it’s important you get real trigger time with the ammo you’re potentially going to trust your life to.

For this project we followed many of the guidelines the FBI uses as testing requirements for their own duty ammunition. This helped us measure performance standards such as penetration depth, retained weight, and the expansion capabilities for each hollow point projectile.

By analyzing the extensive data from our test you will be able to clearly see how each round performed under our test conditions. Whether you’re just getting into shooting or if you’ve been around firearms your entire life, we think everyone will be able take away some new and useful information from the test result.”

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Forced Urbanization & You

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

From a reader:

Forced Urbanization: How Socialists Can Defeat Insurgencies

One of the main reasons why the Communists won the Russian Civil War was because they controlled Leningrad and Moscow, the two centers of political and industrial power in Russia. Within these cities, political workers’ unions could maintain control over the crowds, while the NKVD could make midnight arrests. When the Communists took over parts of the Russian countryside, they would often empty the villages and send anyone who wasn’t scheduled for execution to be resettled the cities. Thus, the possibility of a rural insurgency rapidly disappeared.

In contrast, this process never took place in Afghanistan. The Soviets made large sweeps through the countryside, but did not forcibly separate the civilian population from the guerrillas. The Mujahedeen were mountain-fighters, rather than urban specialists, and so long as they could hide among civilians, they could escape surveillance. The civilians also remained…

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The globalists not only want to impose one-world government, they want us to love it, or at least say we love it. From Brandon Smith at alt-market.com:

When discussing the fact that globalists often deliberately engineer economic crisis events, certain questions inevitably arise. The primary question being “Why would the elites ruin a system that is already working in their favor…?” The answer is in some ways complicated because there are multiple factors that motivate the globalists to do the things they do. However, before we get into explanations we have to understand that this kind of question is rooted in false assumptions, not logic.

The first assumption people make is that that current system is the ideal globalist system – it’s not even close.

When studying globalist literature and white papers, from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, to H.G. Wells’ book The New World Order and his little…

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The Assange indictment may have opened the floodgates for persecution of journalists. From Joe Lauria at consortiumnews.com:

Less than two months after the arrest of journalist Julian Assange, and two weeks after his indictment under the Espionage Act, emboldened governments have sent the police after journalists who’ve challenged the state.  Joe Lauria reports.

Following the arrest and Espionage Act indictment of Julian Assange a number of police actions against journalists for publishing classified information and other journalistic activity  has heightened fears among mainstream journalists  that they could be next.

Police in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday raided the offices of the taxpayer-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation, copying thousands of files related to a 2017 ABC broadcast that revealedallegations of war crimes by Australian special forces in Afghanistan.

Three Australian Federal Police officers and three police technicians entered ABC’s Sydney headquarters with a search warrant that named two ABC investigative…

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A book review by Al Benson Jr.

Shotwell Publishing in Columbia, South Carolina continues to publish books that all of us need to read and be aware of. One of the latest, just published this year is the book by Garry Bowers that is the title of this review.

Mr. Bowers states in his introduction: “Those who have rewritten our history, often by omission, and those who perpetuate such revision are legion. And they are powerful. They thrive in academia, Hollywood, the national electronic and print media and the halls of legislatures. They demonize entire groups of people to substantiate their elitism. They use the politics of victimization for their own selfish ends. They are the racists who use that very term to slander those with whom they disagree. They are the ‘progressives’ who preserve myths in order to protect their pretensions and self-righteous indignation..365,000 Union soldiers did not die…

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The War On Truth, by Paul Craig Roberts

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Somebody has to fight the police state, and Paul Craig Roberts has tirelessly done so. From Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

“The ability of the owners of the political/media class to discredit and neutralize anyone who poses a threat to their interests simply by rearranging the narratives about them is one of the most destructive psychological weapons in their arsenal. The main reason it’s so hard to convince the public that they have been taken in by propaganda and smear campaigns is because for some stupid reason, one of the most shameful things anyone can do in our society is be fooled. If we are to overcome the narrative dominance of the powerful, it is essential that we find a way to shift that shame from those who have been fooled onto those who have been fooling them.”  — Caitlin Johnstone

Dear Readers:

This is my quarterly call for your…

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Deborah Lee Jarrett

mike brown america GIF

It’s real easy being a tough guy when you are all vested up and dealing with an unarmed person. As long as you have forty others to get your back, being the big dog is fun.    Old ladies, teenage girls, speeders and the occasional shop lifter give cops plenty of room to feel empowered without back up (And their spouses on Saturday night).       But let’s make it Mano E Mano and see what happens.In the normal Cop world they always win because they can call in 800 reserve cops, snipers, APC’s and SWAT teams. Barring that working they can have the Governor call in national guard troops.     But when the chips are down, what will those hired to protect and serve do?  Without back up who are they?  If they don’t have muscle memory to be the better shooter, what will they do?       …

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Raconteur Report: GMTA

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We’ve seen how communist moonbats roll from Russia 1917 to Venezuela yesterday, and we won’t be waiting for our boarding passes for the boxcars. Folks are more than likely going to simply go hunting for the would-be conductors of those trains, and punch their tickets before they even get up a head of steam.


Welcome to the American police state

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Deborah Lee Jarrett

Thomas Jefferson quote: Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted...

Definition of tyranny

1. Oppressive power exerted by government : The tyranny of a police state

When did it become the normal American state to exist in a state of “Diminished liberty” when in public?

When did our liberty fade so far that we cannot drive down the street or walk down the sidewalk without fear of being pulled over, stopped, frisked or searched?

We now live in a virtual police state with heavily armed domestic warriors ruling the public spaces that we occupy

Whether on land, sand or sea, you, and I, are subject at any time to inspection, search questioning or arrest

At any given time, with the amount of laws and regulations on the books, you are most likely in violation of some law

Even worse, with “Proactive policing” you are subject to questioning and a body search simply because an enforcer of the law…

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“Come and hike with me, Grandpa and Grandma!”

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The Defensive Training Group

Updated from June 18.

Can you get up and hike with your grandchildren?  Does your lifestyle demonstrate that you would most likely resemble these grandparents?

Or these?

Both sets of grandparents pictured above will have an influence on their grandchildren.  Based solely on their images, which generation will most likely grow to be active & healthy, all things being equal?  Following that, which generation has a better chance of positively influencing the future and conserving Western Civilization?

Many readers here are grandparents, and those grandchildren are the future of Western Civilization.  Without the rudder of western values, they will founder in the stream of the world.  As grandparents, we can, and should, cultivate our grandchildren by mentoring them in traditional customs, beliefs, and values.  To ignore this wonderful duty is to abandon the future.  Therefore, set the example for them.  Turn off the tube, get out into the air, do physical…

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