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Resistance Matters – TOWR Moves To The Dark Web

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Lebanon Predicts the Future USA

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Stolen from WRSA


It will prove difficult for the US to Balkanize, even if it wanted to because every group is represented in every city and state.  Furthermore, the typical suburban American moves every 5 years or so to wherever their next job is.

If we want to simulate a mercantile society where many disparate groups are crammed together in the same territory some of which might be semi-nomadic, we need only look to the Levant where tribes have competed for a very long time over a narrow neck of valuable sea-side real estate with a Mediterannean climate that lies on top of a natural chokepoint of world trade routes.

In recent history, Lebanon provides us with the best example because it experienced a bloody civil war in that confined space after a multi-cultural democracy broke down over the issue of mass immigration.

We can roughly divide Lebanon into 3 major factions, Christians…

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Dixie Drove Down

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The Kakistocracy

Those of you fearing a grim reanimation of Lee’s formidable Army of Northern Virginia will find comfort and respite in this report. Winthrop University recently released an illuminating survey of opinions in Dixie. To the acclaim of their perpetually considerate countrymen, the sons of Jackson and Forrest are now certain to cross the Potomac bearing more mulattos than cannons.

The survey was fairly extensive, though only a few nibbles are needed to give one ample taste of the carcass. Here’s some of the gristle:

Wrong Track
Like practically every other man, woman, and BLT, southerners see America on the wrong track. Though it’s interesting to note the divergence of intensity between blacks and whites on the topic. Only 55% of whites said wrong track, compared to a remarkable 88% of blacks. Both figures are ludicrous.

That barely a majority of whites see their intensifying dispossession and demonization as something other…

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Low Delusion is the Highest IQ

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The Kakistocracy

I’ve mentioned before that from an evolutionary perspective it is not the most intelligent who survive, but the least deluded. Intelligence and a deficit of delusion are not entirely exclusive concepts, as without an advanced capability to learn we might still be wallowing in our own filth while succumbing to antique plague pathogens like other typical Germans.

Though intelligence and non-delusion trend toward conflict nearly as much as correlation. For instance, dullards frequently lack the faculties to form clever rationales for why their senses and intuition must be ignored. Thus they don’t place their heads in the mouths of crocodiles because intersectional decolonization theory demands accommodation of marginalized reptiles.

An item germane to this topic is the fact that not all delusions are created equal. Africans are as primitive and superstitious as back in the days when they couldn’t even feed themselves. That is to say, last week. Yet…

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Quote of the Week – effects of “The Science Police”

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Watts Up With That?

From Keith Kloor’s excellent article this past summer “The Science Police” which in my opinion is well worth a read.

In an ideal world, it shouldn’t matter. But in the zero-sum world that governs the climate debate, every blog post, every op-ed, every tweet, and every study tends to be viewed through an us against them lens.

As I was writing this article, one fresh illustration of this mindset jumped out at me. Clifford Mass, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington, recently posted an entry on his personal blog that was critical of a recent Seattle Times front-page article that attributed the death of a 72-year-old pine tree in the region to climate change. Mass methodically laid out why he believed this was incorrect. The article, he said, was another “unfortunate example” of the media “exaggerating the impacts of global warming.” (In case you’re wondering, Mass…

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Your Fellow Americans

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

ZH: Why People Will Line Up To Be Microchipped Like Dogs

As if that’s necessary, given the 1+ 4G LTE surveillance devices carried everywhere by virtually all FUSAns over the age of eight.

Orwell would puke.

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