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Political Correctness–the enemy of humanity

Posted: November 17, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Recently financial and investment advisor Doug Casey was interviewed and the article dealing with that interview was posted on for November 16th of this year.

Mr. Casey dealt mostly with the subject of political correctness and noted, quite accurately, that those who consciously promote that plague are “enemies of humanity.” I couldn’t agree more. Mr. Casey observed how, over the centuries, language changes, which is something we all have noted in passing. But, regarding the language of political correctness, he says: “This is different. It’s not an organic change. It’s an attempt by people who see themselves as the ruling class to not just influence the way the proletariat speaks, but the way they think. Or perhaps I should say the way they feel. Thinking is hard work, but even an imbecile can feel.” He makes a…

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Cash-strapped Oakland County, Michigan is resorting to legalized larceny. From Simon Black at

Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, your finances, and your prosperity.

County government seizes home over $8.41 in unpaid tax

When an 83-year old retiree paid his property taxes late, he miscalculated the interest owed to the county government.

All told, he was $8.41 short. Yes you read that correctly, i.e. less than nine dollars.

So the county seized the home over that trivial amount.

Then they sold the man’s home at auction for $24,500, even though the house was worth about $128,000.

But the county didn’t just keep the $8.41 they were owed. They kept the entire $24,500.

Although this was the most egregious case, the man found out he was far from alone.

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Deft Systems: How to Make Your Own MGRS / USNG Maps

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

For educational purposes only.

Your electronics will fail, or worse yet, serve as a beacon to the antiterrorist forces hunting you.

Got old-school land nav?

Tempus fugit.

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Truckers, Beware – CA Wants You Gone, by Kelli Ballard

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California makes it still harder to business in a state that already has a horrible business climate. From Kelli Ballard at

California used to be the dream place to live and work. With its range of landscapes, beaches, mountains, pleasant weather, and fertile soil, people flocked to the Golden State to make a better, more enjoyable life for themselves and their families. In days past, “California or bust!” could be seen on the sides of wagons as people rushed West to seek their fortune in gold. Now, however, it seems more accurate to say “Leave California or bust!” as many independent contractors find out that new Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5) could put thousands of owner-operated truckers and other drivers, such as those for Uber and Lyft, out of business.

Another one of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s schemes to come under fire, AB 5 makes it hard for companies…

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“Ruger has offered good-quality firearms to working people for more than 70 years. The Ruger 10/22 is among the most famous and widely used .22 caliber rimfire rifles of all time. “Value” and “reliability” are catchwords of this rifle.

In modern times, the price point is important, and Ruger has made several introductions that offer excellent value for the money. (The recently introduced Ruger Wrangler is among these.)

Ruger has introduced a new and more affordable version of the Ruger 10/22 that offers a good value. The new rifle (SKU 31139) is intended to retail for less than $200.

This is the same reliable 18.5″ barrel, 4.5-pound rifle as before, but without sights and with a plain vanilla plastic stock. This Ruger 10/22 falls into the sporting rifle, rather than target rifle, category.

The rifle fires the affordable and useful .22 Long Rifle cartridge. For small game and informal target practice, as well as training, this is a good choice. It may be the best base for customizing the 10/22, as the MSRP is about what good used Ruger rifles go for.”

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Clearing up the confusion about Marbury v. Madison

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Publius-Huldah's Blog

By Publius Huldah

It is true that the Constitution does not expressly say that the federal courts have the power to strike down acts of Congress which are unconstitutional.

What Article VI of the Constitution does say, however, is that (a) the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and (b) judicial officers (among others) are under Oath to support the Constitution.

So what are the logical implications of the foregoing? That when an act of Congress violates the Constitution, and the issue is brought before a court in a lawsuit, it is the sworn duty of the Court to side with the Constitution and against Congress.

Let me give an illustration: Say Congress passes a law requiring all Jews to wear yellow armbands with the Star of David in black, and requiring all Christians to wear white armbands with the cross in black. And Congress makes it a…

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Publius-Huldah's Blog

By Publius Huldah

The ostensible purpose of Wolf PAC’s proposed amendment to the US Constitution is to circumvent or repeal the US Supreme Court’s opinion in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010). The proposed amendment would permit the federal government to restrict political speech and campaign contributions by corporations. Such a proposed amendment would be a major step in eliminating free speech and the private use of money in this country.

1. The federal government does not now have the constitutional authority over the country at large to restrict any form of speech, to restrict campaign contributions, or to limit the spending of money. These are not enumerated powers delegated to the federal government. Furthermore, the exercise of such powers is expressly forbidden by the First Amendment. 1

2. The effect of the Wolf PAC amendment would be to increase the powers of the…

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US Has Officially Gone Insane, by Finian Cunningham

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Saying the US has officially gone insane leaves no room for even more insanity, like Trump being forced from office, because “insaner” is not a word. However, what we have now surely looks like we’re on the verge of insanity. From Finian Cunningham at

The low-ball mudslinging and pantomime palaver among America’s political class is like a theater of absurd. Any form of vilification is now acceptable. President Trump and his Twitter rants may have helped set the bar of indecency to an all-time low, but Democrats and Republicans have quickly joined the descent into madness.

The sanity test was spectacularly failed recently when former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lashed out at her party member Tulsi Gabbard, inferring she was a “Russian asset”. The Hawaii congresswoman, who is vying for a run at the presidency in next year’s elections, was defended by some fellow Democratic politicians. But many…

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They Got Sabo Today

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

Via Gab.

One of the great agitprop artists of the era.

Help if you can.

His website:

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ADAM FISCH HAS TO DIE | American Partisan

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“Stephen Kroszt arrived near the meeting place first, more than an hour early, but Paige Lissat didn’t know that. It was exactly quarter past nine in the morning when, as arranged, she first jogged past the isolated picnic table located in a remote corner of Washington DC’s 2,000-acre Rock Creek Park. She jogged hundreds of yards up and down the trail past the designated meeting point several times in both directions before Kroszt emerged from the woods. She nearly broke out laughing when she realized that the elderly man shuffling through the fallen leaves toward the table was indeed her former lover.

Kroszt looked nothing like the dashing head of counterintelligence (and one of the youngest members of the elite Special Executive Service) whom she had fallen in love with. Instead, unkempt tufts of gray hair matching a gray beard protruded from beneath his battered fedora. He was wearing a shabby oatmeal-colored tweed jacket, khaki pants, and scuffed walking shoes. Binoculars hung from a strap around his neck, and an olive-green messenger bag was slung over his shoulder. Wire-rimmed glasses and a puffy fake nose completed his camouflage.”