This is for family friends mom who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

They are almost at their goal- even 5 bucks would help them out a lot.

Funerals are freakin expensive even if you choose cremation and don’t have to buy coffin.

We had to scrape up the $$ for my mom’s funeral a couple years ago. We were able to come up with the $$ mainly due to one of my sisters not having kids- so she was able to put a big part of costs on her credit cards.

Do your kids a favor- either pre-pay for your burial/funeral expenses or buy a rider for your insurance policy to cover the costs.

That way they won’t have to worry about scraping up cash to bury you.

Vox Popoli: Beating up Black Bloc

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The Civil War is Here | Frontpage Mag

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Monday Mornin’ Motivational Music

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It’ll at least get the guys motivated-sorry ladies,don’t know of a ladies song that’s similar…

I went home with the waitress the way I always do,

but how was I to know,she was with the Russians too…

send lawyers guns and money-the shit has hit the fan…

send lawyers guns and money,dad get me outta this…

Integration’s Who and Whom

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The Kakistocracy

Integration. That’s become one of the most common euphemisms of the contemporary vernacular. Nearly all print appearances of this term are identical in narrative, varying only by venue. Each somber iteration of the same story exists to describe the arduous, but utterly necessary, task of Western nations to absorb a ceaseless tide of itinerant aliens. Given the assignment’s admitted difficulty, and no version goes to print without this concession, one would imagine we’d at least be advised of the source of this mandate. We must integrate hostile foreigners into our society why?

Though whatever the genesis of our mystical obligation, practically every article simply commences with endless integration as an indisputable requirement. Thus the faculties and free will of men are left only to consider how. And that’s a thorny question, as men have come to painfully conclude through many ages before ours. I suppose we could ask Cherokees…

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The Virtue Inferno

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The Kakistocracy

As everyone knows, Londoners suffered another alt-right worldview validation event yesterday in the now familiar form of a Koranic Karmageddon. Five people are confirmed dead. Some 40 others were horrifically injured, though still insufficiently dead to have been completely exonerated of their white privilege.

The (naturally) muslim assailant was apparently well known to authorities as both a conventional criminal and aspiring jihadi. Neither condition seen by authorities as remotely viable reasons to escort him back to his ancestral homeland. Westerners have a mortal obligation to accommodate social justice sensibilities, after all. And if a God sits in heaven, righteousness surely compels him to overweight liberals among those mangled beneath bus wheels. I know each must have perished smiling beatifically at their noble sacrifice.

Though such events have by this point almost become unworthy of the 12 hours media organs now allocate to them. The blood of invasion victims striking the…

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