Stuff You Should be Able to Make Yourself

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The picture shows the flywheel off an old 8hp Briggs and Stratton engine.

The piece of steel with the big bolt in center and two smaller long bolts is the flywheel puller I made in about a half hour- 45 minutes.

I originally made the puller for pulling a hub and bearing off an old tractor.

I just took the piece of steel and drilled and tapped center hole for big bolt- that’s what applies force to shaft. The original outer two holes were for pulling hub and bearing off tractor axle shaft.

To make it into flywheel puller I only had to drill two new holes and use two long 1/4-20 bolts with stop nuts. The bolts threaded into the two holes in flywheel.
Used a ratchet with correct socket for bolt and after threading two long bolts into tapped holes in flywheel, kept tightening bolt until flywheel popped loose.

This is the kind of stuff you need to be able to figure out and make in your garage/ shop.

If you ain’t mechanically inclined- get someone in your group who is.

This puller was easy to make and the only specialized tool was the tap.

I have thousands of nuts, bolts, washers and lots of pieces of angle iron, round stock steel, sheet steel and bar stock steel.

I save stuff like that for times like when I needed to make pullers for various reasons, and for when I need to make repairs on equipment or vehicles.

Helps to have a welder and cutting torches.

For this little project I only needed a cut off wheel on angle grinder to cut thick chunk of steel, drill press with right sized bits, and I used bench grinder to round off sharp edges, plus the tap and oil for drill bits and tap.

Battlefield America - A Government of Wolves

“The means of defense against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.” ― James Madison

Who designed the malware worm that is now wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of computers internationally by hackers demanding a king’s ransom? The U.S. government.

Who is the biggest black market buyer and stockpiler of cyberweapons (weaponized malware that can be used to hack into computer systems, spy on citizens, and destabilize vast computer networks)? The U.S. government.

What country has one the deadliest arsenals of weapons of mass destruction? The U.S. government.

Who is the largest weapons manufacturer and exporter in the world, such that they are literally arming the world? The U.S. government.

Which is the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon in wartime? The United States.

How did Saddam Hussein build Iraq’s massive arsenal of tanks, planes, missiles, and chemical weapons during the…

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I think the million dollars worth is an exaggeration, but damn the car had to reek of weed and hash- why would they even need a dog?

Then there’s the fact that a recent SCOTUS case held that police can not detain you while they wait for drug dogs to get to location.

This guy might beat the charges.

My guess is he’s got a good lawyer on retainer.

The Best Laid Plans

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The Virginia Freeman's Society

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agleyRobert Burns

UPDATE 5/15/17 1924 EDT: New variant of virus has emerged, the fix discovered by registering the domain has been bypassed. Estimated infection rate is roughly 3,600 computers/hour. Symantec and Kaspersky Labs appear to think that it is connected to PRNK. More details here.

The most recent and rather eye-opening news this weekend was the cyber attack by an unknown entity on the majority of the developed world. From ZeroHedge “questions are mounting why code created by the NSA. has i) fallen in the wrong hands and ii) is being used to hold the world hostage. As the NYT notes, the ability of the cyberattack to spread so quickly was partly because of its high level of sophistication.” The laundry list of disabled organizations includes Nissan plants, the UK’s NHS, Deutsche Bahn, Telefonica (Spain…

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Social Justice is Word Salad | Declination

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RIP Ray-

Ray was a neighbor kid when we were all growing up,he was my younger brother’s age.

He ran an excavating business,then got into high performance 4WD trucks,and opened up an off road 4WD shop.

Way too young to go-got an infection after a surgery and never recovered-shitty way to go.

Since he was friends with my younger brother,he was around us older guys a lot,kid learned to wrench on cars,build shit,drink lots of beer way before he was old enough-because we were a “bad influence”.

Still see his brother and sisters around once in a while.

Like the obit says-Ray will be missed.

Seems like a lot of us from “back in the day” only see each other at funerals lately,which sucks because way too many are dying way too young.


How Rednecks Hide From the Cops

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