Aesop – Common Sense Resistance

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“Since imagination, let alone common sense and initiative seems to be lacking, let’s imagine for a minute that lightning struck, the clouds parted, and the Angel of the Lord (or the Flying Spaghetti Monster) finally headslaps the morons in charge of the upcoming goatrope, and rather pointedly makes it clear they should re-think that, and then, mirabile dictu!, they actually realize they were about to step all over their dicks with golf cleats, suddenly desist, and then turn the mob around short of the cliff.

Now what?!?
Let’s take a stab at something a tad brighter than setting oneself on fire on national TV, just because we can, shall we?

Well, instead of being the bait in the next Opposition Media Event, suppose the good folks who showed up to sway their counties into declaring themselves a 2A sanctuary started taking the next logical steps, instead of storming the castle with squirt guns and airsoft armor. Because hope ain’t a plan.”

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“Our forefathers just codified this right as an amendment to the Constitution to clarify that its purpose was to keep the federal government in check by the people. So let me return to the above question that started this post: If you have to beg for your rights, you really don’t have them. If you believe that the passage of 2A sanctuary status in Virginia counties will make a difference, then you have to ask how? If the multitude of soldiers and people who have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution have not stood up to the tyranny in Washington, D.C., why do you think the people in Virginia will stand up when it gets real? Remember Randy Weaver, WACO and LaVoy Finicum?”

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Red Ralph? And Then There Are The “Gun Nuts”

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by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of  Directors, Confederate Society of America

The article for November 8, 2017 by Joe Schoffstall on started out with the headline Northam Win Fueled By Money From Obama-Backed Group, Steyer, Bloomberg.

And the writer noted: “A group backed by former President Barack Obama and headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder poured $1 million into the Virginia gubernatorial race in support of Democrat Ralph Northam, who on Tuesday defeated Republican  Ed Gillespie. Other prominent liberals, including progressive mega-donor Tom Steyer and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, also devoted large sums of money and resources into the effort to elect Northam.”

Let’s cut to the chase here and do away with all the pettifogging terminology that is thrown at us to confuse the issue.  These people mentioned here are all radical socialists. The difference between them and outright communists is merely a…

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Apparently the poster did not know who’s blog he was commenting on. Don’t be fooled by all the ha Ha funny shit that I post. I am a 100% hardcore, 3% patriot to the core. Try to enslave me or strip me of my rights at your own peril. This blog was started in 2013 in response to the previous Democratic gun grab. I started voicing my thoughts because I was pretty sure that my life was going to end shortly at the barrel of gun.   Good day! …..

“Set gun rights back to 1970? Sure why not?. And BTW I was at 912DC the largest mass rally ever in the belly of the beast. I stood in Nancy Pelosi’s office with with Capitol cops flanking my sides and informed her aides that when/if we returned that there was going to be bloodshed. I informed them that not only was…

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I’ve been following this mess in Virginia since my last blog wondering which story I should choose to write about. Which eye roll inducing maneuver I should weed out to pick apart, which mind boggling lack of intelligent thought I should shred. In the end, I really couldn’t decide. There are so many to choose from you see.

So I narrowed it down to 2 topics. The first I will tackle in this blog which is the oh so generous ‘Grandfather Clause’ that Northam and his fellow cronies have deigned to include in their gun control bill. (Snort.) Please. If that isn’t a bunch of patronizing grand-standing. He’s ALLOWING those who already own ‘assault weapons’ to keep them as long they register them within a specified grace period. (Arguably to many a setup for the next round of confiscations. Possible subject for a later blog) The second will the legality of 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries to be written in a couple days.

For reference (since states define assault weapons differently, even though most gun owners define them as fully automatic military weapons): Virginia defines “Assault weapons” as “a semi-automatic, center fire, firearm equipped with a folding/adjustable stock, or equipped at the time with a magazine capable of holding 20+ rounds, or capable of accommodating a silencer/suppressor. “

This Grandfather Clause is meaningless. It means bupkis. Guns won’t be handed over. Period. Here’s what’s going to happen. 1 of 3 possible scenarios:

  1. Somehow Northam removes his head and sees the light. This scenario seems the least likely so far. I keep picturing him in his office like Mr. Burns tapping his fingers together in sadistic glee.
  2. The gun control laws get pushed through but Sheriffs and National Guard refuse to comply with Northam’s orders. This seems to be the most likely. Or maybe this is the one that I hope will happen out of these last 2.
  3. The Sheriffs and National Guard are forced to comply with Northam’s orders. Citizens however will not. There may very well end up being individuals or groups that fight back. IF this happens, how bloody things get will depend on how organized these individuals/groups are, and how far they are willing to go.

According to the Virginia Citizens Defense League website there are now 125 cities, counties and towns that have declared themselves as 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. 125. And yet Governor Northam and his cronies in the capital have yet to figure out that the majority of the people he is supposed to be representing DO NOT WANT their 2nd Amendment trampled on.

Governor Northam has forgotten the very tenet of his position. He is supposed to be representing the citizens of HIS STATE. He is NOT supposed to be representing his own philosophies. He is NOT supposed to be pushing his own beliefs on the citizens of his state. He was elected to represent the citizens of his state and he has turned his back on them to push his own sadistic agenda. Governor Northam ought to be hanging his head in shame instead of channeling Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.




Thoughts On Richmond From A Reader

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Western Rifle Shooters Association


Here are some links so that you and your viewers can keep tabs on how this is going:

Lee County group to take part in Richmond gun rights rally

Second Amendment rally at State Capitol

Now… something totally different to consider: every person showing up to any of these things is going to be known no matter what due to extensive use of IMSI Catchers. Just google ‘IMSI catcher”, “DRT Box” & “STINGRAY.” Understand, even grok that electronic warfare is largely about listening to signals, and that device in your pocket is a tracking and locating beacon that creates a trail wherever you are. As well as all the other guys. Of whom you know precious little. Some of whom will be agents provocateurs.

And no, that coffee vac pac bag will not prevent it from getting interrogated by IMSI or regular cell towers. From this data…

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We have arrived

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Deborah Lee Jarrett

Just a few bad apples right? Of course it is and that would explain why I have hundreds of pages and thousands of stories posted here. These cops lying, stealing and worse are not anomalies, but rather the norm.    Why tell the truth when you can lie and it will believed because of your blue privilege? Why not swagger and throw your ass around when you are backed up by all of your cohorts who do the same?   It is not a far jump from that starting point to theft, cover up and civil rights violations.     Any time you are in contact with LEO, both your life and freedom are in danger.You never know the true face that hides behind that badge and gun….. Until you see it.

“A Paterson police sergeant was arrested Tuesday as part of an internal affairs and FBI investigation into corruption within the city’s…

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What we have now is the exact opposite of what the founders had in mind. From Jacob G. Hornberger at

The worst mistake that the American people have made in the entire history of the United States was to permit the conversion of the federal government to a national-security state. That conversion has played a major role in the destruction of our liberty, privacy, and economic well-being.

What is a national-security state? It is a totalitarian-like governmental structure that consists of an enormous military-intelligence establishment with extraordinary powers, such as indefinite detention, torture, secret surveillance, and even assassination of both citizens and foreigners.

To put the matter into a larger context, North Korea is a national-security state. So are Egypt, China, Cuba, and Russia. And the United States. All of the regimes in those countries wield totalitarian-like powers.

It wasn’t always that way in the United States. Our…

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Virginia just went full blown communist.
If it wasn’t bad enough watching the action unfold surrounding unconstitutional gun laws and the militias being formed to fight against them, now it seems like Virginia is trying to pull yet another move.
They want to shut down every gun range in the state that isn’t owned by the government. 
According to House Bill 567, any indoor shooting range would be prohibited by law – UNLESS it was inside of a building owned by the state. 
And any business owners who decided to defy the law could be facing up to a $100,000 fine and potential civil penalties.

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