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The Defensive Training Group

From WRSA, here.  Original, here.

Some very good links on food storage in the post; make sure you read them, especially if you like fresh eggs in a non-refrigerator environment.

The View From Here

May 07, 2020

Today is 7 May 2020.

As supply chain shocks continue to cause disruptions across our modern economy, many people are left wondering when all of this will go back to the way it was.

After months of trying to stay ahead of the curve, I have come to the saddening conclusion the instant just-in-time economy we knew six months ago is unlikely to return to its former state.

This is not some apocalyptic scenario from a movie.  The next few years will be more like my Grandparents and Great Grandparents lives than what we have known in the last 30 years.  I may finally understand why my Grandmother Nina would dry out and…

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The Defensive Training Group

She is so confident that she’s warning us herself about the kind of ‘public servant’ she happens to be.

From Breitbart, here.   Do read the whole thing; it’s not long at all.  She’s commenting about former Vice President Joe Biden.

Key quotes, emphasis mine:

“He came and helped me a bit when I was running for governor. We’re cut from a similar cloth,” she said.

Heh….’a similar cloth’?  The cloth the embattled projected Democratic nominee is cut from?  The candidate dodging sexual assault claims/charges and calls to step down from members of his own party?  THAT cloth??

“He’s regularly checking in with me about what’s going on here in Michigan, and what do we need. I’ve gotten some counsel from him in terms of, you know, just trying to communicate to people what we’re confronting, the seriousness of it,” Whitmer said.

I’m thinking he wants a hug and…

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The Defensive Training Group

After our governor’s expected extension of  the ‘Stay at Home’ decree while simultaneously allowing motorized watercraft back on the water, garden stores sell gardening supplies, and paint stores sell paint, and golf courses can let folks golf – only if they walk (apparently, using a cart is WAY too chancy for picking up COVID-19 – the logic, again, is really ‘iffy’).   However, you can’t sell or buy a house, condo, or rent an apartment quite yet.  Construction is also on the ‘bad’ list.

We also learned that today the Michigan House and Senate were voting on bills to oversee and evaluate the Michigan government response and add transparency to the process while the Michigan Senate will debate repealing her unilateral power under a 1945 law providing the Michigan governor powers that we’ve seen make her, in fact, a tyrannical dictator.   The senate passed the bill 22 to 15 along party…

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Reflections From the Hospital

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by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have just arrived home this afternoon from 42 days in the hospital and have no idea at this point how long I will be able to remain out as all the medical problems are yet to be resolved. The price of old age I guess..

While in there  I watched lots of news, some  of  it  pretty grim. These next few articles  will be brief until I get my legs under me again.

The United Nations  World  Health Organization is both a farce and a fraud. At this  point it is little more than the globalist mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party.

Communist China unleashed the current pandemic on the rest of the world and  you could say in many ways it benefits them in their assault on the free world. The fact that thousands of ordinary…

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The numbers on total number of Covid-19 cases are guesstimates. The actual numbers are likely multiples of the reported numbers. From Ryan McMaken at

n the early days of the COVID-19 panic—about three weeks ago—it was common to hear both of these phrases often repeated:

  • “The fatality rate of this virus is very high!”
  • “There are far more cases of this out there than we know about!”

The strategy of insisting that both these statements are true at the same time has been used by politicians to implement “lockdowns” that have forced business to close and millions to lose their jobs. For instance, on March 12, Ohio Department of Health director Amy Acton insisted that “over 100,000” people are “carrying this virus in Ohio today.” The state began to implement “stay-at-home” lockdown orders that day.

At the time, the World Health Organization (WHO), the media, and others were…

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John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

“They were monsters with human faces, in crisp uniforms, marching in lockstep, so banal you don’t recognize them for what they are until it’s too late.” — Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I have never known any government to put the best interests of its people first, and this COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.

Now this isn’t intended to be a debate over whether COVID-19 is a legitimate health crisis or a manufactured threat. Such crises can—and are—manipulated by governments in order to expand their powers. As such, it is possible for the virus to be both a genuine menace to public health and a menace to freedom.

Yet we can’t afford to overlook the fact that governments the world over, including the U.S. government, have unleashed untold horrors upon the world in the name of global conquest, the acquisition of greater wealth, scientific experimentation, and technological…

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The Defensive Training Group

If you have it, and you’ve read it, maybe now is a good time to re-read it.  I am.

The author, now deceased, provides all the facts to demonstrate why our temporarily defunct school system does, in fact, aid and abet the destruction of the family, the individual, the Constitution, and wonderful creativity of Western mankind.

He shows, factually, how our school system came to be, modeled after the Prussian system, with the goal of producing a manageable workforce that would be able to follow simple instructions, receive a livable wage, and be content while anchored to debts from things like mortgages and distracted by the ‘new religion’ of sports.

The old religion, protestant denominations, were promised full pews and coffers if they backed up the plan.  They did.

Don’t take my word for it; read it for yourself.  You can get it on Amazon, at least the ‘new’ version. …

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Lessons From The Irish Nationalists

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“So let them eat cake”

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Pelosi Shows Off Her Kitchen And Gourmet Ice Cream ...

I have been shopping a number of times this week at the local Winn Dixie

The registers are staffed almost exclusively by fresh  faced kids, hard at work at their low paying part time jobs without benefits

Some of them wear masks and some don’t, but they are all still polite and professional behind the newly installed sneeze shields

And they all have one thing in common; They all risk danger to keep the local grocery running

Even if not to themselves because they are young

But their parents, grandparents, aunts and Uncles and any others not filled with the vigor of youth

Sure, they are not heroes; They are still out making a living

But they are teenagers and most certainly could opt out (For the most part) if they chose to

So where is our congress, during one of the most perilous times our country has persevered?


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