Pennsylvania police seize cop ambush suspect’s food, ammo

Posted: October 4, 2014 by gamegetterII in police state
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“Pennsylvania State Police say they have seized supplies of food belonging to the survivalist charged with ambushing a rural police barracks. They say he will likely have to start breaking into cabins or searching through trash bins to sustain himself.Lt. Col. George Bivens says police found a campsite recently used by 31-year-old Eric Frein. He says police found tuna fish, instant noodles and other food as well as 90 rounds from a rifle of the same type used in the deadly ambush.”

So,stumbling across a campsite is now “seizing food and ammo”?

Yesterday was day#21 of the search.

“Pennsylvania state police have been joined by law enforcement officials from New York and New Jersey state police, the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service and other federal agencies. The FBI alone has between 140 and nearly 200 of its staff in the field each day, Hanko said, including agents, analysts, technicians, three full SWAT teams and members of a hostage rescue team.”

Pa is the keystone state-the Pa state police,FBI,ATF Marshalls service, “and other federal agencies” sure look like keystone cops in this case.

All they have to show for 3 weeks of stumbling around the woods is some used diapers that may or may not have been used by the suspect,and some canned tuna,Ramen noodles,and a few boxes of ammo.

After 21 days,that’s it?

I’m surprised the cops haven’t been shooting each other,since they have guys walking around in the woods in camo,along with their black ninja jammies,it’s unbelievable that one of them hasn’t started shooting at another guy dressed in camo.

I would really like to know why this guy shot those 2 cops,I highly doubt the state police story that he is just anti-law enforcement,he purposely shot those 2 guys,he could have shot the dispatcher,but didn’t,he could have shot more cops as they were searching for him.

Seems to me like it was those 2 cops-not all cops that he wanted to shoot.

There’s only a couple of weeks left until most of the leaves start dropping off the trees,then it will be harder for him to hide,and the police choppers with FLIR will be somewhat more effective. They are going to get a lot of hits from deer and black bears on their infrared though.

Maybe Mr. Frein will turn himself in when the leaves are all gone,or maybe he will be  1,000’s of miles away from Pa.

One guy is tying up thousands of law enforcement from local,county,state and fed agencies.

One guy.

That’s all it takes to keep thousands of cops tied up for 3 weeks?

Maybe we will find out soon why he picked those 2 state troopers to shoot.

I’m sure the media wants the same answer-why those 2 guys? If he just hates law enforcement,why only shoot those 2,then stop?

There’s more to to his than Mr. Frein hating cops.



Do more PT !

  1. Reblogged this on The Grey Enigma and commented:

    I find this story interesting on a few level. While I am very sad for the poor trooper who was murdered by this wack-job, and I expect that he will be brought to justice (the state will kill him in a final blaze of revenge), the state of the crime and manhunt reveals much.

    1. The state takes much more umbrage to one of theirs being killed, than they would were you or I murdered by a wacko.

    2. The all powerful state – the same one that seeks to disarm us for our protection that is – could not even protect itself from a deranged murderer.

    3. Typical here, the job of the state is in reality to prevent nothing, but instead seek perpetrators of cranes after the crimes has occurred. They don’t prevent murder, they merely tag and bag victims and then hunt for the criminal. This is what you get for tax money.

    4. In this case they are impotent, standing in the PA woods with their hands on their asses asking for help from the sheep and stealing this idiot’s MREs.

    Good job guys, I’ll sleep well at night knowing the state has my back


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