And the Nominee for Anti-Gun Asshat of the year is…

Posted: October 5, 2014 by gamegetterII in anti-gun asshattery, anti-gun idiocy, gun laws
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Mark Kelly,not only is he using his injured wife-former congress woman Gabby Giffords- as a stage prop,he is lying on national TV…

“Mark Kelly lied on national television about how many such transactions occur without a background check.  Asked by CNN, Kelly said (at 3:30 in the video), “right now 60 percent of all gun sales go–occur–with a background check.  Why do we allow the 40 percent, the other 40 percent, to happen?” ”

Shannon watts from moms demand action,Obama,and Bloomberg all repeat this same lie.

Even the left-leaning Washington Post gives that claim 3 pinocchios.

Kelly,Bloomberg,and Bill gates are trying to buy a gun control law in Washington state…

“However, what Kelly, Giffords, Bloomberg, Watts and Obama are trying to do is not a joking matter.  They are trying to deceive the public into supporting something that they know couldn’t possibly prevent criminals from getting guns, but that could pave the way for worse gun control restrictions in the future.”

  1. Charlie says:

    Yeah, that guy really is bizarre.
    Hiding behind his wife’s injury…
    Buying a rifle and then using that weird lame excuse about donating it…

    Fuckin’ Puke.


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