The GOP winning the Senate will change exactly nothing.

Posted: November 7, 2014 by gamegetterII in police state
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The GOP won enough seats on Tues to take control of the Senate-which will change nothing,not one thing.

The Dems and the GOP are so far removed from from the founders idea of a representative form of government,where the people get to have a say in everything that government does,that they would not recognize the clusterfuck we currently have in DC.

The Dems and the GOP both work for themselves first and foremost,and team .gov inc. secondly.

The red team/blue team bullshit being swallowed by the “average American”-who is becoming dumber with each graduating class from the .gov inc. / leftist indoctrination camps that our public schools have become-is nothing more than bread and circuses-heavy on the .gov inc EBT card provided bread and HFCS.

The “average American” is a dumb,fat,lazy, pathetically out of shape wage slave who simply does not understand-or refuses to believe what’s going on in front of their eyes.

Team .gov inc is taking the citizens freedoms a little at time.

This started as a death by a thousand cuts approach,lately-it is turning into an all-out assault on our freedoms.

The gestapo kicks in doors at 4 am,often the wrong door,at the wrong home,and faces no wrath from the dumbed down fat fucks that make up most of the citizenry-they actually swallow the team .gov inc. propaganda that these raids are to keep them safe from “terrorists” and violent criminals.

The gestapo stops random cars on our interstate highways,and searches innocent citizens,confiscating their hard earned cash without ever charging them with a crime.

The IRS just takes citizens hard earned cash directly from their bank accounts-without ever charging them with a crime.

The gestapo can force you,by using your own fingerprint-to “unlock” your smartphone-without first obtaining a warrant.

The NSA is tracking every text,e-mail,phone call,and the internet browsing history of all of us.

The new TV sets have so much technology that the NSA could easily abuse that you can be on video and audio,being watched by the NSA any time you are in the same room as your new flat screen tee vee.

I’m sure that it won’t be long before team .gov inc. is spying on all of us via drones-they probably already are.

Print and TV journalists are being spied on by team .gov inc.

The media is largely state run now-nothing more than propaganda being spewed by team .gov inc.

You can not even build a new pole barn,garage,or remodel your home without a multitude of local,county and state agencies getting some of your hard earned $$$. After all that-the EPA can just claim your property is a wetland,or an endangered toad,frog,mouse,lizard,tortoise,or unicorn lives in the area,and it’s now off limits to any and all human activity.

The BLM is working with the EPA,and a bunch of the animal “rights” whackos,and enviro-nazis to classify millions of acres of fed lands “Areas Of Environmental Concern”,and restricting or banning human activities on said lands.

The BLM is not the only team .gov inc. agency working with the EPA, animal “rights” whackos,and enviro-nazis-the USFS has banned logging on billions of acres of national forest lands,the USFWS has banned and/or restricted fishing and hunting on fed lands,as has the Army Corps of Engineers.

The leftist governors of NY CO,and Conneticut,along with both state’s elected representatives have banned certain types of firearms,and the standard capacity magazines that go with them,making all of those-and there are quite a lot of “those” who refuse to comply with the bans instant felons.

None of the leftist/socialist governors has sent his state’s gestapo,and their “SWAT” teams to begin kicking doors in the middle of the night,and hauling the gun owners lucky enough to not have been killed by the poorly trained,trigger happy team .gov inc. members of the “SWAT” teams off to the gulag.

Should these morons begin kicking in doors at 4am to attempt gun confiscation-a whole lot of people are going to die,because most people I know-if their door was kicked in at 4am-are coming out of their bedroom shooting to kill the intruders.

Should these fucktard governors decide that kicking in doors to confiscate guns is a good idea-they will ignite a civil war that will make version I look like it was re-enactment,it would last years,and many millions would die.

The three states still have the same fucktards as governors-CO and Conn. have populations of leftists that vastly outnumber those who value freedom and rightful liberty.

So does NY,but like CO’s Denver,NYC and the large cities in Conn-the leftists in the big cites now outnumber the rest of the states-where the majority of gun owners reside.

The  first, second,and fourth amendments are being largely ignored by team .gov inc.

The fat,dumbed down,pathetically out of shape sheeple were all warm and fuzzy over the GOP wins-that’s because they have lost the ability to think for themselves,and are too busy watching the bullshit on the tee-vee,watching football,or “reality” shows.

Some people are opening their eyes,and waking up to the shit being pulled by team .gov inc.

More people need to be aware of what is actually taking place in our government-it’s sure as hell not a government of the people,by the people,and for the people any longer.

Those elected to represent the citizenry represent themselves first, and team .gov inc second-they could care less about you and me. They are too busy enriching themselves,their families,and their friends,being bought and paid for by lobbyists, and lining up a job after they leave office.

Red team or blue team-there’s no difference-they are both only out for themselves and team .gov inc.

It’s not likely that we can vote our way out of the mess that is the federal government…

“…and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.” – An anonymous former US Marine.




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  1. jay352 says:

    …and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.” – An anonymous former US Marine. Hahahahha! Ain’t that the truth?


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