Sniper shot Pennsylvania troopers to ‘wake people up’: police

Posted: November 14, 2014 by gamegetterII in Eric Frein

EAST STROUDSBURG Pa. (Reuters) – A survivalist charged with shooting two Pennsylvania state troopers, one of them fatally, who then eluded a 48-day manhunt by hiding in the woods told police after his capture that he ambushed the men because he “wanted to make a change” in government and “wake people up.”

The court papers also contain references to a letter that prosecutors say was written by Frein, 31, to his parents that lays out his views on the United States.

“Our nation is far from what it was and what it should be,” the letter states, according to the court papers. “There is so much wrong and on so many levels only passing through the crucible of another revolution can get us back the liberties we once had.”

  1. Dan says:

    Unfortunately Eric Frein is correct….. This country and specifically the government has departed SO FAR from the intentions of the founders that it is unrecognizable. And just as King George and his British Sturmgewehr had no intention of leaving peacefully and had to be dealt with by force and bloodshed so to the people who have seized power intend to keep it and it will require the shedding of blood to remove them if freedom is to be regained. Eric Frein’s only mistake was being careless….he left clues that let them identify him. Once the machine has a name it will grind relentlessly away till it finds you. If the police in Pennsylvania had to murder 100 innocent citizens to capture Eric Frein they would have done so without hesitation…..they certainly had no qualms about abusing the citizens and violating their civil rights on a daily basis.

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