Pennsylvania police spent $11 million on ambush suspect manhunt: report

Posted: November 15, 2014 by gamegetterII in Eric Frein, Police state USSA
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(Reuters) – Pennsylvania State Police spent roughly $11 million on the weeks-long manhunt in the Pocono Mountains to capture a survivalist charged with shooting two state troopers and murdering one, local media reported on Friday.

The funds went mostly toward paying overtime and benefits for troopers hunting Eric Matthew Frein over the 48 days of the search, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, citing a police spokeswoman.

The tally excludes expenses paid by other law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, in the weeks leading up to Frein’s capture on Oct. 30, the newspaper said.

Note that the nearly quarter million PER DAY spent by the PSP “went mostly to paying overtime and benefits for troopers”

The PSP pissed away 11 million during the course of the manhunt-that total doesn’t count all the $$$ pissed away by the FBI,U.S. Marshalls service,BATFE,and whatever other A-Z .gov inc. agencies took part in the search.

What the PSP should be spending millions on next is defending themselves from civil rights lawsuits for their unconstitutional lockdown of the area,their preventing residents from going into their own homes,traveling down the street their homes are on,searching homes without warrants,setting up roadblocks,searching cars,often searching the same cars over and over.

The PSP stopped the same guy over a dozen times because he has a slight resemblance to Frein.

Then,there’s the PSP refusing to allow Mr. Frein’s attorney to speak to him,the U.S. Marshall’s Service getting a few good shots in on Frein during the arrest-including what appeared to be a broken nose-when, by their own admission,he did not resist.

The PSP spent 48 days and 11 MILLION dollars looking for ONE GUY.

Had it been me,and an employee,or you and an employee,or you and your boss who were shot while returning to yours or my pole barn at 10pm or so-the state police wouldn’t have spent 11 HUNDRED dollars looking for the shooter,there would have been zero unconstitutional house to house searches,no roadblocks,no cars being searched.

Since it was a gestapo agent-money is no object-they’ll just seize some extra $$$ from citizens on the interstates and local 2 lane U.S. Routes, without charging them with a crime,and raise taxes on the few $$$ you and I see of each paycheck after .gov inc. gets their cut.

We will know soon enough  what the next fabrication released by .gov inc is concerning Mr. Frein…

  1. What you have to remember is todays millions is yesterday’s 1000’s.
    Look at what building somewhere costs. A few years ago, $100,000. Today a $million.
    Government go to buy a $4 hammer, the price tag is $40,000 to you the tax payer.

    Such is the value of money that the modern society cherishes so much i.e. Almost worthless.


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