FBI Investigating After Denver Police Beat Unarmed Man, Trip His Pregnant Girlfriend, Attempt To Delete Footage Filmed By Bystander

Posted: November 30, 2014 by gamegetterII in Police state USSA
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating an alleged incident of police brutality after video surfaced that appears to show Denver police repeatedly punching an unarmed man, then tripping his pregnant girlfriend, then attempting to delete the video of the incident that was recorded by a passerby, KDVR is reporting.

The incident in question took place on August 14 at a parking lot in Denver, according to WDAF. As a passerby records the incident on his electronic device — police unaware at first — several Denver police officers swarm suspected drug dealer David Flores. Flores had allegedly stuffed a sock containing heroin into his mouth, and police repeatedly shout at him to spit the drugs out, while one officer punches him in the head at least six times. Seconds later, Flores’ seven-months-pregnant girlfriend, Myra Lazos-Guerrero, 25, approaches the officers, then one of them appears to kick her, causing her to fall face-first on the ground.

Unbeknownst to Denver police at the time, passerby Levi Frasier was recording the incident on his mobile device.

Video of the incident is posted below, but be warned, it’s graphic and disturbing.
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1642392/fbi-investigating-after-denver-police-beat-unarmed-man-trip-his-pregnant-girlfriend-attempt-to-delete-footage-filmed-by-bystander/#hS6vj6ZTdlADceHr.99

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