Texas Police Department To Get Training To Lower The Number Of Dog Deaths By Shooting

Posted: December 5, 2014 by gamegetterII in Police state USSA
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h/t The Grey Enigma

The cops really gotta stop with the puppycide-I’ve read articles where they shot a 5# puppy because the cop said it was “acting aggressive”.

Attack the System


Austin Police Dog Car
Police officers in Austin, Texas, will soon undergo training to help decrease the number of dogs shot by officers. The training will focus on teaching officers how to spot the difference between a dog that is attacking and a playful or curious dog. The department is hoping the training will help curb the number of dogs shot by police officers on their force.

According to KSAT, the training is the result of public outcry following a few high-profile dog shootings by police officers. One of the high-profile cases being the Cisco the Dog case which garnered national attention when police officer shot Cisco the dog point-blank after responding to a call at the wrong address. Another case involved the shooting of a pit bull when officers responded to an auto theft call. In the case, the dog was shot in the head and then shot a second time…

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