The DOJ’s jaw-dropping report about the Cleveland Police Department

Posted: December 8, 2014 by gamegetterII in Police state USSA
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U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (L) and Acting Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta (R) listen as U.S. Attorney Steve Dettlebach speaks at a press conference on December 4, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images)

The Department of Justice has released a report of its investigation into the Cleveland Police Department. My Post colleague Emily Badger beat me to the punch on this, but the findings are staggering.

Our investigation concluded that there is reasonable cause to believe that CDP engages in a pattern or practice of using unreasonable force in violation of the Fourth Amendment. That
pattern manifested in a range of ways, including:

  • The unnecessary and excessive use of deadly force, including shootings and head strikes with impact weapons;
  • The unnecessary, excessive or retaliatory use of less lethal force including tasers, chemical spray and fists;
  • Excessive force against persons who are mentally ill or in crisis, including in cases where the officers were called exclusively for a welfare check; and
  • The employment of poor and dangerous tactics that place officers in situations where avoidable force becomes inevitable and places officers and civilians at unnecessary risk.

In other words, the department fails in just about every possible measurable way. And it goes on like that:

 . . . we found incidents of CDP officers firing their guns at people who do not pose an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury to officers or others and using guns in a careless and dangerous manner, including hitting people on the head with their guns, in circumstances where deadly force is not justified. Officers also use less lethal force that is significantly out of proportion to the resistance encountered and officers too often escalate incidents with citizens instead of using effective and accepted tactics to de-escalate tension. We reviewed incidents where officers used Tasers,3 oleoresin capsicum spray (“OC Spray”), or punched people who were already subdued, including people in handcuffs. Many of these people could have been controlled with a lesser application of force. At times, this force appears to have been applied as punishment for the person’s earlier verbal or physical resistance to an officer’s command, and is not based on a current threat posed by the person. This retaliatory use of force is not legally justified. Our review also revealed that officers use excessive force against individuals who are in mental health crisis or who may be unable to understand or comply with officers’ commands, including when the individual is not suspected of having committed any crime at all.

In addition to the pattern or practice of excessive force, we found that CDP officers commit tactical errors that endanger both themselves and others in the Cleveland community and, in some instances, may result in constitutional violations. They too often fire their weapons in a manner and in circumstances that place innocent bystanders in danger; and accidentally fire them, sometimes fortuitously hitting nothing and other times shooting people and seriously injuring them. CDP officers too often use dangerous and poor tactics to try to gain control of suspects, which results in the application of additional force or places others in danger. Critically, officers do not make effective use of de-escalation techniques, too often instead escalating encounters and employing force when it may not be needed and could be avoided. While these tactical errors may not always result in constitutional violations, they place officers, suspects, and other members of the Cleveland community at risk.

The department also fails at holding cops accountable after the fact.

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I guarantee that the charges/accusations are warranted,most Cleveland cops are assholes.

Back when I was young and dumb-I had all of the unnecessary force applied to me by the CPD-multiple times. Once,a captain told the officers running the 4th district jail that they couldn’t take me and a friend to court looking the way we did-we looked the way we did because they beat the shit out of both of us-we both had had bloody noses and black eyes,along with lumps on our heads,cuts from the cuffs being ratcheted down so tight,bruises on our faces and upper arms,from being beaten then dragged into the cells by the one arm and the cuffs-which meant our faces were dragged across the floor.

These douchenozzles will drag guys out of cars and pistol whip them,hit people with their batons,pull people’s arms up behind their backs so far they have dislocated shoulders,and on and on and on.

But hey-they all go home safe at the end of their shifts right?


  1. Back in the 60’s to mid 70’s, I grew up in the Collinwood area of Cleveland as a kid (6th CPD district). We had a cop in the neighborhood who was clearly a pos and he later became a corrupt police chief in that wealthy suburb between my neighborhood and MLK boulevard. Two others you’d see drinking on duty often. They clearly had a percentage of slugs.

    On the other hand, there were a whole bunch of truly good cops I knew growing up, the guys all knew and respected.

    The difference was the good cops made SOME effort to know us and communicate. They used common sense to keep the peace, which sometimes circumvented the rules. But it worked wonders. To this day, I’m thankful to one in particular. Big Arab-American Cleveland cop.

    Something has happened to law enforcement since then. Maybe there’s to many Rambo’s with a badge or maybe we should focus on hiring more military Veterans as police. Maybe it’s the politics. I don’t have the answer, but I’m grateful we have them.


    • gamegetterII says:

      There were some Cleveland cops who were okay guys back then-many more who were asswipes.
      Back when I was young and dumb,me and the same friend who got our asses beat by the 4th district cops,had our asses beat a few times by the 6th district cops as well.
      I grew out of doing dumb shit-he didn’t last- I heard,he was doing time for heroin sales use,and returning stolen merchandise to wal-mart for cash.
      I tend to stay out of Cleveland,unless it’s for work.
      Last Cleveland cops I dealt with were okay-actually did us a favor. A guy who was staying in a house we were rehabbing died of an overdose-the Sgt. who showed up when we caled it in told us to get all our tools out before the capt. showed up,or it would be at least a week before we could get them.
      The owner of the house was letting the guy stay there to keep and eye on the place-so we didn’t have to carry all our tools in and out every day.
      I will admit that CPD has to deal with a larger than normal number of assholes,that’s still no excuse for some of the stuff they do to people-just as not every cop is a dickhead-not every person they stop is a gang-banger,or dope dealer,or cop hater.
      Two of the “good” Cleveland cops I knew from back in my younger days have advanced in their careers-one is a U.S. Marshall,the other is a precinct capt.
      The ones who were assholes back then are either retired,or still patrol cops.

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