Coyotes and Low Deer Numbers

Posted: January 25, 2015 by gamegetterII in deer hunting
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The whitetail harvest is down in multiple states and a big part of the reason why is coyote predation.

In areas with high ‘yote populations,fawn predation can be as high as 70%.

Think about that for a minute-say the area you hunt has an average deer population of 1,000 deer. A 70% predation rate means that 700 out of every 1,000 fawns get eaten by ‘yotes.

Combine the ‘yote predation with the EHD outbreaks a lot of midwestern and Appalachian states have seen in the past few years,and you now know what happened to all the deer.

When I started seriously deer hunting in the early 70’s as a kid,there were very few deer,then as the ‘burbs expanded,developers were forced to add “green space to new housing and industrial projects,cities increased the number of parks,and farming changed from small family farms to the big ag co-ops and corporations we see today,the combination provided plenty of food and shelter for deer.

In the late 70’s/early 80’s the Ohio deer population exploded,it peaked in the mid-to late90’s-we are now well past the peak,with deer numbers dropping due to a combination of DNR allowing overharvest of does for too many years,increasing EHD outbreaks,’yote predation,and in some states-CWD-the deer version of mad cow disease.

Many wildlife biologists have predicted a crash of the whitetail population. We are starting to see exactly that now.

There’s nothing we can do about EHD outbreaks,it’s hard to get state wildlife agencies to reduce doe harvest,due to farmers complaining about deer damaging crops,and insurance companies lobbying for even more does to be harvested-so they have to pay fewer claims from cars hitting deer.State wildlife agencies appear to be doing a decent job of slowing the spread of CWD-so that leaves the ‘yote problem.

Deer seasons are over or winding down just about everywhere now,’yotes breed in Feb. in NE Ohio,and Jan/Feb in most of the midwest and northern Appalachian states.

That means now’s the time to start huntin ‘yotes.

I keep posting about the ‘yote problem,because if we don’t lower the number of ‘yotes,we can all kiss deer hunting goodbye,it will be like it was in the 70’s when you hunted the week of gun season,and most people never saw a deer.

I know I like venison,and I know I can’t afford to buy the 150-200# of meat I get from deer hunting at the grocery store,so I want as many people as possible to shoot the ‘yotes.

It’s going to take a concerted effort from all deer hunters to lower the ‘yote numbers,so that the deer numbers go back up-if you do nothing-there will be very,very few deer within 2-3 years.

If you think you’ve been seeing fewer deer this year-wait ’till next year if no one is killing ‘yotes.

So get out there and start killing ’em.




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