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“The success of the 2014 NRA Outdoors Long Range Schhool was a result of the combination of our excellent instructors; our partners Weatherby, Huskemaw, Swarovski and Hornady Ammunition, Caldwell Shooting Supplies as well as the first-class facilities at the Queen Mountain Ranch that 2014 Long Range4made this class unlike anything else in the industry and a must for any serious western big-game hunter and shooter,” said Director of NRA Hunter Services, Greg Ray. “We’re excited to bring this class back to the same location for 2015 and to give more NRA members the chance to learn from some of the best. 2015 looks to be a very exciting line up, with our first, Level II course and 3 times the number of dates for the level one class. Members should check back regularly for announcements of special guest instructors and dates for an all women’s class as well,” said Ray

Quotes from members

“The LRS was just as worthwhile the second time around,” said Jim Blackmon of Texas. “I was able to solidify lessons learned from the first experience, increase my skill level with my rifle/ammo platform, and gain greater confidence in myself as a shooter. The outstanding quality of instruction, the opportunity to apply that instruction in realistic scenarios, and the camaraderie of the entire group make this an experience you won’t want to miss. I’m really looking forward to level 2″.

Long Range Hunting 1

The SUB-MOA Institute is proud to partner with NRA Outdoors and offer Long Range Hunting One. This course provides each student the cutting edge skills in2014 Long Range3 the use of our Weatherby 6.5 Creedmoor combined with Husekmaw optics and Hornady 6.5 creedmoor ammunition. In this course students will learn many proven techniques in marksmanship based on years of, competitive marksmanship and Long Range big game hunting experience. This course will require attention to details during the training. The student will gain the knowledge and confidence to be an effective Precision Marksman in the field or in the competitive arena where only hits count.

The wide variety of terrain that is offered at our courses can not be matched at any other shooting facility. We have 1 million acres of terrain spread out over 2 states, UT, WY We have all the angles covered! Desert, high desert, mountains, cross canyon and all points in between.

2014 Long Range8The Course will cover: Ammo selection, ballistics & it’s affects at distance – Effects of Weather – Reading the Wind – Proven bullet placement on big game that results in a high percentage of kill – Evaluating the hit sit – Field Skills – MOA and other Reticle Calibration – When to engage a moving target. Firearm Maintenance – Range Safety – Range Estimation – Firearms Zeroing – Shooter, Observer Dialog – Alternate Shooting Positions, trigger control.

Exact curriculum will be provided before the school starts along with the announcement on details of a shooting competition at the end of the course!

Meet Your Lead Instructor

Justin Richins of Sub MOA has been a successful professional big game guide and licensed outfitter for many years. He guided his first successful client at the early age of 13 in his home state of Utah. Since that time his passion for big game hunting has grown almost as fast as his love for long range precision shooting. He has many long range harvests under his belt and has successfully coached many clients on one shot kills at extended ranges from 500-1000+ yards. He has become one of the top guides in the outfitting industry for his knowledgeable skill-set in dial-in and setup for long range hunting firearm systems. Justin understands the many different aspects that can affect a bullet’s flight path from the ground up. In 2007 he acquired his first machining lathe and built rifles for himself along with a 7 stall 1600 yard shooting range that has taken his skill set to the next level. We Make your Best Better!


Your stay with us will be a relaxing experience after a rewarding day of training. You will be able to interact with the instructor staff after the training day is over and learn more about techniques used by professionals, in the employment of long range hunting. The unique five star quality lodge provides a unique experience that is not offered at any other training venue.Lodge