Improving your shooting skills

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Some of the things I use to improve my accuracy with shotgun,rifle and handgun-

After you have become familiar with your weapons,learned how to safely operate them,fully understand the rules of safe firearms handling,and to hit targets with a reasonable degree of accuracy,here are a few ways to improve your accuracy,increasing your chances of surviving in any SHTF scenario.

One of the best ways to practice hitting a moving target with a shotgun using slugs,or a rifle is to take and old tire,duct tape a target to it-so target covers the hole in center of tire-then depending on your surroundings-you can have a friend roll it down an incline,the tire will bounce as it rolls,because whatever hill you roll it down is not going to be smooth. If you can’t safely do that- you can set up a sort of tire swing and push the tire so it swings back and forth. Just be sure that whatever is behind the target is going to stop your bullets. (preferably a dirt berm).  Shooting at a moving target is great practice for deer hunting,small game hunting,even combat shooting.

Another good way to improve your accuracy is to have a friend toss plastic 16-20 oz water or soda bottles that you have filled about 1/4-1/2 of the way with water in the air for you-(for shotguns only)-or toss them so they roll and bounce along the ground for shotgun,rifle,and handgun practice. You are not going to hit many of them with a handgun or rifle-as it is very,very difficult to hit a moving target that’s that small with a rifle or handgun. It can be done,it just takes skill,and a lot of practice.

Another thing you can do is hang several of the same plastic bottles,and 2 liter plastic bottles,about 1/4-1/2 full of water from a tree branch-or a frame that you have made-give them a good push and they will swing back and forth for a couple minutes-long enough for you-or a friend to start them moving,then get back behind the line you shoot from.

Shooting clay targets that have been thrown with a hand clay thrower,rather than shooting at a range,where the clays fly the same way every time-or at least the same way from each stand,is a great way to hone your shooting skill-shotgun only, handgun if you have enough property that there is no danger to any other person,or others property.

One more thing I use to hone my shooting skills is to take a bunch of clay targets,drill a small hole in each one,then hang them from a tree branch,or a frame that I’ve made with fishing line-you can buy 1,000 yard spools of monofilament line for a few bucks at Wally World. This is great for handgun practice,rifle practice too,if you have the room,and a safe backstop.

The times when you don’t have a friend to toss targets for you,do what I used to do when I was a teenager and wanted to keep my shooting skills sharp-take empty beer or soda cans,toss them up in the air with one hand,while holding your shotgun in the other,then shoot the can as it’s on it’s way back down. This is a great way to practice getting on target quickly. You may miss more than you hit at first-do not give up-because once you start hitting most of the cans you toss up,you will miss much,much less when hunting rabbits or pheasants or grouse,or ducks and geese. Being able to hit game helps out a lot when you are counting on eating that game for dinner,and feeding your family with game you have harvested while hunting.

My suggestion is that after you have become able to hit your target regularly,you go take as many of the tactical/combat shooting courses offered by various guys/groups as you can afford. There are a lot of guys/groups conducting classes for tactical or combat shooting for rifles,shotguns and handguns-take advantage of the courses-they will increase your chances of surviving should any of the fucked up shit that is likely to happen here takes place.

There is a reason for taking these classes,these guys know their shit,unless you are a recently returned from combat vet-the rest of us don’t know shit about combat shooting,or how to move,shoot,and communicate as a team.

My recommendations for training…

Knowledge/info about basic rifle marksmanship…

Please note-WRSA has a ton of very good info on their site-home page…



You do have a team by now-right?

If you don’t have a team,work on it,there ARE guys in your area that want to be able to survive any of the fucked up shit that is very likely to happen here-it takes time,you will find other guys.

Even if you don’t have a team,you are doing PT every day,right?

Reasons why you need to be doing PT,and putting together a team/group/tribe…

Hopefully more of you are getting wise to all the bullshit our government is doing-as in taking away our rights a little at a time,the possibilities of our economy quickly going in the toilet again,only worse than last time,and for much longer,the ever increasing militarization of our police forces-which are become more and more like jack-booted thugs,and less and less than the police that used to “protect and serve” We,as in anyone not a cop-are the enemy,an Indiana sheriff,while discussing his dept’s new MRAP, said the USA is a war zone,and citizens are the enemy.

The government’s “regulatory agencies” such as the EPA,BLM,USFS,USFWS,BATFE,DEA,etc. are all heavily armed now,and all have their own “special” units-as in their own versions of SWAT teams.Aside from that,they are overstepping their authority,enacting rules/regs based on what the enviro-nazis and animal “rights” whackos tell them to do. We no longer have any input,the enviro-nazis and animal”rights” whackos are trying to get ALL lead ammo banned,the HSUS,PETA,and the rest of the animal “rights” whackos are trying to get all hunting and trapping banned on all public lands.




Do more PT.



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