In Heller’s wake, D.C. crime is now going down.

Posted: September 16, 2014 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

I started advocating for gun rights way back in the mid 70’s,when I was in high school,and when they still taught hunter’s safety courses at the schools.
Back then the “assault rifle” of the time was “Saturday Night Specials”,small,easily concealable revolvers that could be purchased for far less $$ than a S&W,Colt or Ruger.
The anti-gun nuts used the same tactics then as they do today-“if we don’t ban these terrible guns,our streets will run red with blood” etc,etc,etc.
I turned in quite a few essays on why gun control was a bad idea,and would never work.

The anti-gun nuts were wrong back then-and they are being proven wrong more often lately.

“In Heller’s wake, D.C. crime is now going down. Things in D.C. are looking better. Since the Heller decision, homicides have dropped 56%, compared to 13% for everywhere else. Aggravated assaults have dipped 12%.”

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