What to Carry in Your Hunting Pack

Posted: September 18, 2014 by gamegetterII in hunting, survival
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This one is going to address items to carry in your day pack,not a pack for a hunt where you are hiking in and setting up a base camp.

Most of the packs advertised as “daypacks” for hunters are way too small.

I use a 3 day assault pack that my son-in law gave me about 5 years ago,once he was out of the Army.

I’ll start with a list,then discuss how to pack your gear.

  • First aid kit
  • map & compass
  • water
  • thermos of coffee or hot cocoa
  • trail mix+energy/protein bars
  • poncho/rain gear
  • chemical hand/foot warmers
  •  fire starting kit*
  • duct tape-rolled around pencil or similar
  • 5×7 tarp
  • flashlight-not the $1.99 at wally world junk-a quality flashlight
  • gallon size Ziploc bags**
  • rope-at least 8’***
  • fixed blade knife
  • small diamond sharpening stone
  • hatchet or tomahawk
  • folding saw
  • hand pruners
  • 10x binoculars
  • paracord
  • camo face paint
  • camo balaclava
  • extra layers-fleece,sweatshirt,etc
  • complete change of clothes
  • extra pair of socks
  • grunt tube (only during rut)
  • doe bleat can (only during rut)

doe in estrous urine+scent wicks (only during rut)

*  my fire staring kit is a blast match,magnesium block,waterproof matches,bic lighter,fuel tabs for esbit type stove,cotton balls w/vaseline,and a can from .177 cal pellets filled with tinder.

I know it’s overkill,but I started carrying this kit after hunting in the northern Rockies in November,where not being able to start a fire could mean you freeze to death.

**Ziploc bags are for the heart,liver, and tenderloins.

*** the amount of rope depends on a few things,such as the terrain where you hunt,how you prefer to drag your deer,and if you might need it set up a shelter w tarp.

I carry a 12′ length of rope on the outside of my pack,attached so it doesn’t get caught on branches-I carry paracord,so that can also be used to set up tarp shelter.

When you pack your hunting pack,just use common sense-if there’s rain in the forecast,pack poncho and rain gear at top of large compartment,or in one of smaller compartments of pack.

The stuff that is least likely to get used goes at the bottom start with your complete change of clothes,then pack the rest of the stuff according to how likely it is you are gonna need it.

First aid kit,map,compass,fire starting kit,grunt tube,bleat can,etc should all go in outer pockets/compartments of pack.

First aid kit should be where you can reach it easily,I carry mine in my right cargo pocket,along with an epi-pen because I’m highly allergic to bee stings.

When hunting during the rut,your grunt tube and doe bleat should also be where you can reach them easily. I carry the bleat can in my pack until I get to my blind,the grunt tube goes on a lanyard around my neck,or strapped to the sleeve of my jacket.

When hunting in cold weather,I change my socks as soon as I get to my stand or blind-helps keep my feet warm.

I leave one pair of socks near the top of my pack,so I can get to them quickly.

Where you pack your extra layers of clothing depends on weather-if it’s cold,you will be adding layers soon after you stop walking,so pack close to top.

I carry a thermos of coffee with me,in cold weather,I wrap it in my fleeces and sweatshirts,helps it stay nice and hot.

I keep my snack foods in one of the outer pockets on pack.

The hatchet gets strapped to outside of pack. I carry an Estwing hatchet because I know it’s not going to break,and it will stay sharp.

You shouldn’t need folding saw, hatchet, or pruners-unless you have to move your stand/blind because the deer have moved,or the wind is from wrong direction.

If you have to set up in a new location,and don’t have the saw and pruners-you will wish you did,so I’ll put up with the extra 1 to 2# or so.

Make sure your pack is set up so that items are not bouncing off of each other and making noise-also check to be sure nothing is going to snag on brush/branches.

Pack the stuff you use the most where it’s easy to get to,pack the stuff that’s used the least at bottom of pack-make sure nothing makes noise when you walk-that’s really all there is to it.

If for whatever reason,you end up having to spend the night in the woods-you will be glad you brought the fire starting kit,tarp,poncho,rope and paracord,plus the hatchet and folding saw.




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