And Then They Came For The Bolt-Actions

Posted: September 19, 2014 by gamegetterII in firearms, gun laws, hunting
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The anti-gun zealots are doing exactly what many of us predicted they would do,going after bolt-action hunting rifles,calling them “sniper rifles”,and claiming owners of these rifles are insurrectionists or terrorists-or both…

“You can find them in every gun store in even the most restrictive states in the nation, and with good reason; bolt-action rifles are among the most ubiquitous rifles in the United States, and have been in deer camps and military arsenals in the United States since the Palmer carbine was used in the U.S. Civil War.

Now two separate gun control groups are attempting to restrict access to them.”

“Now both the National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) and Cease Fire PA are calling for additional restrictions for bolt-action rifles.”

Elliot Fineman, the histrionics-prone CEO of NGVAC, has dubbed the most technologically advanced bolt-action rifle in the world, the TrackingPoint PGF (Precision-Guided Firearm), a firearm suitable only for terrorists:

Just to make it an official anti-gun display of histrionic idiocy,it comes complete with a claim that’s an outright lie,proven to be a lie in under 3 minutes of research online.

“Police say a gunman used a .308-caliber rifle to shoot two state troopers, one fatally, on Friday.

Today, Cease Fire PA called for tougher background checks on weapons just like it in the capitol rotunda. The group, made up of mayors and activists from across the Commonwealth, called for expanded background checks on people buying long guns, such as rifles and shot guns.

Cease Fire says FBI figures show the number of murders committed with long guns has doubled since 1996.”

“According to the FBI, long guns accounted for 622 murders in 2012 (322 rifles, 303 shotguns), and 1,205 in 1996 (532 rifles, 673 shotguns, according to Table 20). The number of people murdered with long guns hasn’t doubled… it has roughly halved.”

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