Man beaten, shocked with Taser by Portland police awarded $562,000 by jury

Posted: October 6, 2014 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

“Portland police contended Cox was argumentative, furrowed his brow, tensed his muscles, wasn’t following police orders and appeared to want to fight as he resisted being handcuffed. He had consumed 32 ounces of Red Bull and vodka on an empty stomach that night, and his blood alcohol content three hours after the incident was .078 percent.”

“Cox and his attorneys, however, pointed to surveillance video that — unbeknownst to police during the encounter — recorded Elias and Bruders taking Cox to the ground and punching him in the head at least a half a dozen times.

A third officer, Kerwin, shocked Cox with a Taser four times in about 30 seconds — for a cumulative total of about 20 seconds of electricity cycling through Cox’s body.

Meanwhile, the video shows Cox didn’t swing at the officers.”

So,the cops lied-well I’m shocked,shocked I tell you…

What the cops didn’t know was that they were caught on camera assaulting the man for no reason.

Since they assaulted the guy and lied under oath-they should face criminal charges,right?

So far,no charges have been filed,and the officers are still working.

Body cameras on all cops-that’s what needs to be done to put a stop to these thugs.

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