Restoring Rightful Liberty-With an Example of What Not to Do!

Posted: October 30, 2014 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

I’m fairly certain that everyone in the III%/Patriot community can agree that we need to restore Rightful Liberty.

I’m also pretty sure that everyone can agree that this will not be an easy task.

The problems that I see are that no one wants to work together. Too many of the small groups simply do not trust any “outsiders”,the same is true of a hell of a lot of individuals.

There has to be trust among the groups,we all must work together. We all need to do what we can in our city/town/township/village,we have to start local.

We will never get anywhere if there’s nothing but distrust,if no one is willing to work with others.

There are a lot of guys who provide training,and do so for a very reasonable cost.

Some of these guys are promoting train the trainer type courses-which is a hell of a good idea.

There is a huge,huge,ginormous problem with PT-or lack of PT.

It’s not just among the III/Patriot/Liberty movement-it’s all of America.

Discovery channel just aired a show about Militias-the show clearly demonstrates that there is a huge,enormous,ginormous problem with PT-these guys make the militia groups that are trained up to reasonable standards look bad. Besides the lack of PT,there’s huge lack of proper training that’s evident if you watch the show.

The video…

It’s obvious that these assclowns need some much,much better training. This bullshit being broadcast is only going to portray the militia groups that are squared away in a bad light-in a negative way-make the public perception be that all militia groups are a bunch of fat,clueless rednecks.

Here’s a good post on what’s wrong with the watchmen’s “militia” portrayed in the video…

More on what’s wrong with many of the militia groups out there…


“The “prepper/survivalist/patriot/III%” community has absolutely zero social or political import, because the public face of the community is a bunch of fat, lazy, self-important redneck fucks who are failures in modern society. Despite the guns and macho-blustering bravado, the community poses absolutely zero real threat to the mainstream status quo, and the mainstream status quo recognizes that. All “they” have to do is point at the idiots—the “crazy gun nuts” and the “whacky survivalists,” and the sheep giggle and join in the finger-pointing and mockery. That’s not going to change, until you begin to be able to convince people that you are not just a string hanging on the fringe.

Until that changes, nothing changes.

Until that changes, the entire “liberty” aspect of the prepper community is utterly pointless.”

Max velocity has created a forum to discuss restoring Rightful Liberty,hopefully people will start using the forum to-

1) Advance the discussion.

2) Post plans/ideas that will help restore Rightful Liberty.

3) gain enough people regularly posting that we can build a national online “community” dedicated to restoring Rightful Liberty.

Please check out the forum-(yes,you have to sign up-so what-it takes maybe 3 minutes).

Start here-

Then go through the Rightful Liberty series.




Do More Pt !

Lots more PT !

Lots and Lots More Pt !

Don’t be like the guys in the video above-ever.

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