A little ingenuity renders Colorado ‘high capacity’ magazine ban toothless

Posted: November 1, 2014 by gamegetterII in gun laws, gun rights
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“…Magazine manufacturer Magpul has left Colorado as a result (although not before equipping Coloradans with tens of thousands of the soon-to-be-banned magazines–many of them for free–just before the law went into effect), taking their tax revenue and good jobs with them. But the political fallout went much further than that. State Senator John Morse (D), who as Senate President spearheaded the law, and Senator Angela Giron (D), became the first (and so far, the only) two Colorado senators to be kicked out of office on a recall vote (actually, the first two to have even faced a serious recall effort), despite an enormous funding advantage, courtesy of gun-hating billionaire and aspiring King of the Galaxy Michael Bloomberg. Then, when faced with her own recall vote–again because of her part in passing the magazine ban–Senator Evie Hudak (D) resigned her senate seat, so that, as per Colorado law, she would be replaced by a new senator from her own party, rather than lose the recall election to a Republican, thus shifting control of the senate.

The political fallout for Governor John Hickenlooper (D) has also been severe, to the point of causing him to flip-flop and waffle chaotically with regard to the ban–prompting the superbly ironic “Hickenlooper Blues” (do not cheat yourself out of the opportunity to watch the video).”

“According to the breathless “reporting” of CBS Denver’s Brian Maass, Colorado gun shops have found a couple methods of legally providing buyers with the ability to equip themselves with 30-round magazines. One way to do it is using parts kits:

In Colorado Springs at Old Colorado City Surplus, an Army Surplus store, a CBS4 producer bought two brand-new high capacity magazine “kits.”

The kits consist of the magazine hardware and a spring that needs to be inserted to make the unit operational.

The clerk opened the package, put it together in 24 seconds and sold CBS4 the 30 round magazine for $25.

According to the clerk, the kits are “selling really, really fast.” Another method is to sell 30-round magazines that have been modified in such a way as to limit their capacity to 15, but the modification is easily reversed by the buyer:”

“Restoring the magazine back to its standard, designed capacity of 30 rounds is as easy as popping a rivet out. This, of course, is without even delving into 3-D printed magazines. A magazines is, after all, little more than a box with a spring inside–it hardly requires a sophisticated factory to produce.

The CBS crew seems unconcerned about any prosecution they might face for possessing “illegal” magazines–perhaps they have secured for themselves the hallowed “David Gregory exemption” to onerous magazine bans.”


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