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Governor Terry McAuliffe has given felons in Virginia the right to vote without allowing them the right to own a gun.  His executive order will let murderers and rapists will be able to serve on juries.  Say someone has committed multiple violent crimes.  Is there an argument to be made that we have learned something about that individual’s preferences?  Presumably this is the argument for why McAuliffe doesn’t want to restore their rights to own guns.  But why then Virginians would want to let violent criminals help make public policy and serve on juries?
From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed an executive order Friday restoring the voting rights of 206,000 ex-felons, a sweeping action the governor said was aimed largely at rectifying Virginia’s “long and sad history” of suppressing African-American voting power. . . .
The action . . .has the potential to expand the state’s voter rolls, currently estimated at about 5.4 million, by as much as 3.8 percent. . . .
In his speech, McAuliffe anticipated a strong response from Republicans, who said the order’s lack of distinction between violent crimes and less serious offenses will give murderers and rapists the right to vote, serve on juries, hold public office and notarize documents. . . .

McAuliffe’s order does not restore firearm rights. The ability to purchase and own a gun still would require court action. . . .

But McAuliffe action faces a significant problem.  From Article II, Section 1 of the Virginia Constitution:


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Plea to All Friends of Mike Vanderboegh

Per Mike, the doctors have told him he is not long of this world. As we all know, his financial situation due to years of disability and devotion to the larger issue of self-sacrifice for freedom is terrible.  He is doing what he can to get his affairs in order, but the reality is, his wife will be left in really bad shape.  I would like to help with a funding appeal.

I looked at various “crowdfunding” sites, but there are hoops to jump through and/or  a cut they take. For now at least, in order to get the ball rolling and hopefully growing as it does, I’m asking all of Mike’s friends to spread the word and to send gratitude offerings directly to him:

  • Paypal to*
  • Check, money order, cash, etc. to Mike Vanderboegh, PO Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126.**
You’ll note I called it a “gratitude offering.” That’s proper, as this is being directed to those of you who have received value from Mike’s work over the years. That gratitude should also extend to Mike’s wife Rosey, who has had to make plenty of sacrifices of her own to enable Mike to do so many necessary things you and I have benefited from.
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NRA – Good or Evil

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You probably have an opinion on this already.  I ask you to read this and consider your

opinion.  This is my story and it probably doesn’t end how you may think!

A few years ago, I was a single father with a 15 year old daughter.  I was at work when I got a call from my daughter.  Someone was at the door knocking.  We live in a secure building and our front door can only be accessed through a security door.  Someone had breeched this security door and was at our front door and she was frightened and alone.

While I was on the phone with her, someone began to jiggle the door knob.  I was in a panic, three miles away.  She was focused, “what should I do dad?”  I told her to go to the safe, remove her 45 calibre hand gun, chamber a round, remove the safety, stand in the hallway about 20 feet from the front of the door.

I then instructed her to put her phone on speaker and lay it on the floor next to her.  After she put the phone down, I told her to “get into a shooting position and point the gun toward the door at a 45 degree angle to the ground.”  “If someone you don’t know comes through the door, aim toward their chest and empty the gun.”

While this was going on, I was in my car speeding home.  When I arrived home, no one was at our door.  Still on my phone, I told my daughter to put the gun on the floor and take five steps back.  I was coming through the door.  After I confirmed that she was away from the gun I entered.  Everything was fine.

When I was in Junior High School, I took a class on gun safety that was provided by the NRA at no charge.  I used these lessons and began teaching my daughter when she was thirteen.  I grew up with guns in my home and wanted her to have the same understanding and appreciation that I have had.  I took her to Bo’s lake with Starvin Larry and El Presidente and taught her gun safety.  With El Presidente’s help, we taught her marksmanship.

So, the NRA isn’t just about the money.  They used their money to help educate me about gun safety.  I learned a great deal from that class, 40 years ago.  I had been shooting guns before I had this class.  But, safety was reinforced and expanded on by having taken this course and passing an exam to be certified.

There are a lot of “what ifs” in life, what if a rapist or murderer had been at my door, what if I hadn’t taught my daughter to handle a weapon.  what if…..  I do believe that we have the right to own guns for sport and protection.  Let’s get real, criminals have guns and they aren’t going to obey any laws, they’re criminals.

So lately, since the islamic terrorist attack in California, there has been a lot of hate being cast toward the NRA.  I understand your frustration, we’ve been attacked.  But the NRA had nothing to do with this attack and if your mad at them your anger is misdirected.  California has the strictest gun laws in the nation.  But even with the tightest gun control laws, this massacre still happened and innocent people died.  Nothing the NRA did had any effect on this attack, they are not responsible.

We absolutely need gun control laws.  Criminals and potential criminals should not be allowed to buy guns.  Those laws are on the books in every state.  Unfortunately this will not stop the criminals from getting guns.  And, any law that prevents law abiding citizens from getting guns is just wrong since the criminals have them.

So, if you hate the NRA, that’s ok.  This is America and you have that right.  I support your right to hate the NRA.  But please quit blaming them for every gun death that occurs.  They may not be perfect, but they do protect your rights.  Ironically, one of the Facebook post I read was from a friend blaming the NRA for all the gun related criminal activity.  He has two handguns at home for protection.  When I challenged him on this he said, “I wouldn’t use them if someone invaded my home.  I have a baseball bat that would work just as well.”  I say, never bring a bat to a gun fight.  Some would say he was a hypocrite, I say, he’s just frustrated and looking for someone to blame for this most recent terrorist attack on America and is very misguided by the attempts of the White house and media to deflect our attention away from…Islamic Radical Terrorist.

If your interested the NRA still has gun safety classes and a website full of safety information.  Even if you don’t own a gun and are on the fence, start there before you decide and then get the appropriate training, should you decide to be a responsible gun owner.  This site also has advice for non-gun owners and how to teach your children about guns.  It’s equally important that these children understand guns in case they ever come into contact with one in someone else’s home.

God Bless America!

Follow up after to this incident.  My daughter and I discussed everything that happened and exactly what she did.  I was surprised at how much she thought about while under the strain of fear.

Here’s a few things she told me in our follow up discussion.

“Dad, I never put my finger on the trigger, I kept it on the trigger guard and waited to identify the person before I would have moved to the trigger.”  I knew that if the door was kicked in, he would have to take a couple seconds to orient himself to the room he was about to enter and that would have been my opportunity to move to the trigger and aim.”

“I thought about what was behind my target.  I knew that the apartment across the hall was empty, so I positioned myself so that any miss would go that direction.”  This tells you how focused she was and responsible she has become as a result of her training.  She referred to the perpetrator as the target.  This is a good mindset in this circumstance.  A target is easier to shoot than a person.

She also said, “I know that you told me to get the .45, but that would have been my choice.  It is the weapon I am most proficient with and I believe it would had stopped anyone from advancing toward me after an initial hit.”  You can argue if this was the best choice, I say if this is the weapon your most comfortable with, it is the right weapon for you to choose.

I asked her why she had her ear protection on when I came in the door.  She said, “I have never shot a gun without ear protection and I wanted to be comfortable and since the ear protection was on top of the safe I grabbed it.”  After this we shot a few rounds without it and I told her, “in an emergency omit the ear protection.”

We went through every detail and recreated her actions and discussed her thought processes.  The recreation was really to make me more comfortable with how she handled herself.  However, she told me later it really helped her to build confidence in case this ever happened again.

We had never practiced a scenario where something like this happens.  We’ve practiced fire safety and the best way to escape in a fire.  This is a very valuable lesson for your family.  Train them well on safety and run through a few scenarios with them.  Practice may make the difference when your faced with this kind of stress.

I have never shared this story publicly and I want to thank Starvin Larry for giving me this opportunity.  There are a lot of false stories circulating the internet right now, this actually happened.  There is no grand ending where the gun saved her life.  It may be as simple as, the person at the door heard her talking to me on the cell phone speaker and fled the building.  But, she had options should it have gone another way.

On final note…She is now in college and lives on campus.  This is a “Gun Free Zone” and is posted as such.  Isn’t this a little like an invitation to a criminal with or without a gun?

For privacy and safety, my name is being withheld.

Silent Partner

I recently was watching one of the firearms-related outdoors programs on television where one of my favorite nationally-known firearms instructors was being interviewed.

I became somewhat “shocked!” when that individual stated that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution grants us the right to possess and carry firearms. I thought I might have mis-heard what he said so I hit the replay button on my remote to see it again. He did say it! And, he was WRONG!! (I hope he was just being inarticulate in discussing the issue with the interviewer.) However, this got me thinking that many people—especially the more liberal-minded among us—might also have such a misconception about the Second Amendment and the Constitution.

The right to keep and bear arms was something the framers (i.e. the authors) of the U.S. Constitution assumed everyone already had—along with other rights like the freedom of speech, religion, etc. Since these rights already existed, they were not something that the government could give us; we already had those rights, much like the rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

What the Second Amendment (and the other amendments that make up the Bill of Rights) does is restrict the government from trying to take the rights away from U.S. citizens!!! The founders of our country had seen what happens when governments try to deny “God-given/inalienable rights” to their citizens and they wanted to ensure in perpetuity—that means “forever”—that the government could not take those rights away from its citizens.

So, the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, does not say what citizens can or cannot do. Instead it outlines how our government is to be structured and operated and places restrictions on what that government can do.

Firearm retailers estimate women made up 20 percent of their sales in 2013.

The state of Vermont, our neighbor to the left geographically and politically, does not issue or require a permit to carry a weapon openly or concealed. This has been the case for more than 100 years and is known as constitutional carry because the “permit” is said to be the Constitution.

The Legislature in Maine just passed basically the same thing, and it is expected to be signed by the governor. The Maine legislator who sponsored the bill, Sen. Eric Brakey, said, “All it does is say if you are someone who is already legally able to open carry a handgun that you can also put on a jacket without being a criminal.”

Maine will become the eighth state with this gun policy, and experiences in other states indicate that the loosening of gun permit laws has not had a significant negative impact.

Here in New Hampshire, it is a totally different picture.

Senate Bill 116, allowing concealed carry without a permit, passed the Senate along party lines, with a 14-9 vote. The House put its stamp of approval, 212 to 150. In the House, there was party crossover, with 11 Democrats voting for the bill and 14 Republicans voting against it. While slim, it is arguable that this passed with bipartisan support.

Why is it different here? Gov. Hassan has threatened a veto, and it now sits on her desk. At a time that more women are buying guns and attending training classes, it seems odd that a female governor would take a stance against women being able to carry guns in their purses, glove compartments or briefcases. Men often wear suits and use the convenience of a holster, but while many women do wear suits, most do not on a daily basis.

Having a firearm and knowing how to use it is empowering to women. Talk about equal rights: Owning a firearm with proper training and skill is the No. 1 equalizer between the biological-physical disparity of most men and women. Long gone are the days when we “wimminfolk” had men in our households to protect us. Many women today live alone either by choice or circumstance. Relying on 911 is just not reliable enough, particularly in rural areas. How many young women have we heard about recently in the press who were abducted and killed? With a firearm, they would at least have had a chance.

I remember a few years back when an elderly woman way up in the North Country had a drunk man break into her home late at night. Her community did not have a local police force at night and relied on the state police. She was told when she called 911 that the soonest they could get there was a couple of hours. What if it had not been a drunk man but a violent one? The sound of pumping a shotgun is enough to stop intruders in their tracks and often results in a quick retreat.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation did a survey on women and guns in early 2015. The findings show that half of the women intended to buy a gun in the next year. The women in the study owned both semiautomatic pistols (56 percent) and shotguns (50 percent). Of the women in the survey, 73 percent had taken training classes. Here in New Hampshire, there are a number of training courses specializing in women’s shooting both for protection and for sport – and they fill quickly. The study showed a 60 percent increase in women who are target shooting. This has grown from 3.3 million women in 2001 to 5.4 million women in 2013. I personally know a female member of the press here in New Hampshire, a liberal Democrat, who regularly goes clay shooting. A report on CBS News in August 2014 pegged the number at more than 6 million – almost a 70 percent increase in a decade. Firearm retailers estimate women made up 20 percent of their sales in 2013. Since 23 percent of women say they personally own a gun, that puts the estimate at 28.1 million women. Ladies, guns aren’t just for men anymore! And they certainly aren’t just for Republican women.

I have been a firearm owner all of my adult life, had extensive firearms training and got my first concealed carry permit in my early 20s. My life has also been touched by losing my father to a gunshot. Did I blame the gun? No, I blamed the hand pulling the trigger. Does someone blame the credit card (or the credit card issuer) when a compulsive shopper runs up a card, or the card when an alcoholic buys booze and goes out and drives and kills someone, or the U.S. Mint when someone uses cash to buy drugs? Of course not. I bet there is a sharp knife in every kitchen in America, and there are deaths by knives. Do we ban or restrict knife ownership? Of course not.

The anti-gun lobby uses all kinds of red herrings to demonize gun ownership. I agree there are too many gun deaths in America, but when one takes a strong look at the statistics, one realizes that it is the type of “hands” using those guns. Gangs, violent criminals, drug addicts and those with mental illnesses who should not have a gun.

But do you deny millions and millions of law-abiding citizens the right to protect themselves in their homes and businesses? Criminals will always be able to get guns. This is proven by the highest number of gun deaths happening in areas with the strictest and most limited ownership of firearms. And if you happen to live in those neighborhoods, not only are you unable to protect yourself, but in the current climate, police officers are getting more and more hesitant about going into these neighborhoods.

Those who demonize guns and push the premise that guns are dangerous and should be limited, banned, illegal and on and on do a real disservice by making people wary and afraid of them. Efforts should be focused on responsible ownership, and training in proper usage, safe storage and shooting skills.

I truly believe an armed America of law-abiding citizens is a safer America. Our forefathers surely thought so and enshrined that guiding principle in our Constitution, which was seconded in our own New Hampshire Constitution.

Firearm ownership: It’s not just for men anymore. Women are finding that gun ownership can be recreational, allow for confident independence in living alone, and serve as a real tool for self defense and protection.

(Fran Wendelboe is a former seven-term Republican legislator, longtime conservative grassroots activist and small-business owner. She lives in New Hampton.)

Via David Codrea

Mark Walters, host of the weekly nationally-syndicated “Armed American Radio” program, began broadcasting “Daily Defense” Monday afternoon, a newly-redesigned AAR website informed listeners and fans. The one-hour Monday through Friday program is in addition to the three-hour program that airs every Sunday.

“I’m extremely excited to be filling your prescription for freedom on a daily basis,” Walters announced. “If you’re a fan of the wildly popular Sunday evening broadcast then you’re already aware of topic specific talk radio…usually reserved for weekend programming.”

“Mark brings hard hitting talk about the right to bear arms for self defense to the nation’s airwaves,” Salem Radio Network, the distributor for “Armed American Radio” and “Daily Defense” noted. “A one of a kind program focusing on the right to carry concealed handguns, safety and training, politics and everything else related to the right to bear arms for self preservation, Mark interviews some of the biggest nationally recognized names in the field of self-defense and tells the truth about concealed carry that the mainstream media simply ignores.”

The addition of daily programming will allow for breaking news to be discussed in a timelier manner than the once-a-week schedule has previously allowed. Meanwhile, the weekly three-hour show will still allow for multiple issues, guests and in-depth explorations of topics. Together, the programs will complement each other and fill a largely untapped market niche.

“Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters” is being distributed in several markets nationwide, the AmmoLand website reported. Walters told Gun Rights Examiner in a telephone interview this afternoon that a listing of stations carrying the new program, including local variations in airing times, will be forthcoming. Until then, listeners can access the program by clicking “Listen Live” on the AAR website, weekdays at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

As groups police the police, some add guns to the mix

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As the debate over police-related violence persists across the country, some critics have taken it upon themselves to monitor law enforcement across America, increasingly turning to a controversial tactic known as cop-watching.

“Going out, filming police officers, basically in acts of self-defense. … Cop-watching is a direct action tactic,” said Antonio Beuhler, co-founder of the Peaceful Streets Project, a grassroots advocacy group based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to increasing police accountability.

Beuhler, a veteran of the Iraq war and a graduate of West Point and Stanford University, said he took up cop-watching after his first run in with the police three years ago. An officer was caught on camera assaulting him at a gas station in Austin, after Beuhler had verbally intervened in what he thought was an act of police brutality against a woman the officer had pulled over.

“I’ve been arrested now five times cop-watching, and I’ve had 10 different charges filed in the courts against me,” said Beuhler. “Its expensive, time-consuming, and every night in jail is misery.”

The practice is especially relevant given the current scrutiny police are under following the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri and the Eric Garner chokehold death in New York City, both of which generated large-scale protests after grand juries declined to indict the officers involved.

While the protests attracted nationwide attention, many in the law enforcement community have voiced grievances over how they have been portrayed, notably in New York City.

Cop-watching involves observing, filming and sometimes confronting police officers if they’re believed to be overstepping their authority. The Black Panther Party is credited with launching this kind of “policing of the police” activity back in the late 1960s. However, unlike the Black Panthers, none of the members of Beuhler’s organization carry guns when they cop-watch.

“We don’t want to give the cops a really convenient excuse to kill one of us,” said Beuhler, holding his arms up. “We don’t want them to say, well he was armed so … ”

This concern does not define all cop-watching movements. In a town just outside of Dallas, there is a group of activists who cop-watch while openly carrying firearms.

This concern does not define all cop-watching movements. In a town just outside of Dallas, there is a group of activists who cop-watch while openly carrying firearms.

Kory Watkins stands in front of Arlington City Hall before heading to a protest in front of Arlington police headquarters
CBS News/Ines Novacic

On a recent Saturday, Kory Watkins stood in front of Arlington City Hall before heading to a protest in front of Arlington police headquarters.

“On our open-carry walks we were seeing the overreach and the police brutality firsthand – on our open carriers and other people as well – so, we transformed into a cop watch group,” said Watkins, an Arlington resident and father of two who leads this group of activists.

This group of open-carry cop-watchers comprises dozens of members loosely associated with North Texas Cop Block and Open Carry Tarrant County — two groups dedicated to monitoring law enforcement while also campaigning for changes to the state’s open-carry gun laws.

“I do it for educational purposes,” said Rene Frias, an open-carry cop-watcher and friend of Watkins. “All these laws, they strip away our rights.”

He pointed to the AK-47 slung across his chest.

“It’s ridiculous that I can carry around this hunk of metal, and I can’t carry a handgun.”

A member of Watkins’ open carry cop watch movement,
CBS News/Ines Novacic

Texas is one of six states where the open carry of handguns is not permitted. Current legislation states that handguns must be concealed and each handgun requires a permit. However, the open carry of long guns such as rifles and shotguns is permitted, provided it’s not done in a manner meant to cause alarm.

New Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has supported a new bill that would allow the open carry of smaller firearms. Watkins’ group also supports this bill. Members told CBS News that they cop-watch at least once a week, and they also carry long guns on display almost every day, around Arlington streets, restaurants, cafes, and surrounding towns.

Asked about how the group feels about the police, Watkins said: “I think they’ve just lost their way and they’re being trained wrong.”

“I pay them to do their job,” he added. “So why can’t I show up to where they’re at with a gun? I’m their boss.”

According to Lt. Christopher Cook, a spokesman for Arlington Police Department, cop-watching has been going on there for about a year, and five arrests have been made since September, when open carry began to feature as part of most cop watches.

Lt. Cook says that there have been five arrests of open carry cop watchers in recent months.
CBS News/Ines Novacic

“In majority of the circumstances the openly carrying of a weapon as long as it’s not displayed in a manner calculated to cause alarm, can be lawful — not in every — but in most,” said Cook. “It’s not just one thing, it’s not just showing up on a traffic stop with a rifle; it’s coupled with the fact that they’re in close proximity, that they’re distracting the officer, yelling at the officer to the point that they have to divert and focus their attention on this individual who’s armed,” he added, saying how this was occurring with more frequency in recent weeks.

“As police officers, we can’t become desensitized to people or a group of people carrying firearms.”

According to Watkins, it’s the police who aggravate and intimidate.

“We stand plenty enough room for the officer to do their duty and the officer to do their work – it’s very simple, you just sit there film and record,” he said. “We’re peaceful when we do it.”

A standoff between police and Watkins’ group last week.
CBS News/Ines Novacic

The dynamics between police and activists didn’t seem that straightforward when officers tried to detain Frias, who was standing at a busy intersection in Arlington carrying a megaphone and his rifle.

“I was merely exercising my First and Second Amendment rights,” he said.

For about half an hour, a handful of activists and about five police officers stood on a street corner filming each other using smartphones and compact cameras, trading terse words about who was encroaching on what rights, before police drove off without making any arrests.

A few days after the incident, Watkins’ group joined hundreds of activists in Austin, Texas, at a rally in support of new open carry legislation, which could potentially add more guns into confrontations with police.

Gun rights should cross state lines

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“Refusal as a weapon. There is NO unconstitutional law that Mike Bloomberg can buy that we cannot nullify with armed civil disobedience.”

They can jail us. They can shoot us. They can even conscript us. They can use us as cannon-fodder in the Somme. But… but, we have a weapon more powerful than any in the whole arsenal of their British Empire. And that weapon is our refusal. Our refusal to bow to any order but our own, any institutions but our own. — Liam Neeson portraying Michael Collins, 1996.

“Mike Bloomberg thought he was on a roll. In the wake of Sandy Hook, his money managed to buy unconstitutional legislation in Connecticut, Colorado, Maryland and New York. In the election just past, his money staved off defeat for two governors who did his bidding, although as Wellington said about Waterloo, it was “the nearest run thing you ever saw.” Most importantly — and the latest jewel in his anti-firearm crown — his money and that of Bill Gates, Paul Allen and other like-minded elitists “bought the mob” (in the parlance of the Founders) with the success of I-594 in Washington state.

Yes, Bloomberg was on a roll. The so-called “mainstream” gun rights organizations, from the NRA to Alan Gottlieb’s Second Amendment Foundation and all the smaller spin-offs in the affected states, had no answer to Bloomberg’s millions and refused to put their own rivalries and jealousies aside to find one. This is hardly a surprise, since almost all of these groups have always been more about raising money to “fight gun control” than actually FIGHTING gun control. Each has been more obsessed with their own reputation in the collectivist-dominated press and their obsession to “win friends and influence people” in the middle. So, following their long-established patterns and refusals to think and act outside the boxes they placed themselves in, they lost. They lost in Connecticut, they lost in Maryland, they lost in New York, they lost in Colorado and now they have lost in Washington state.

In each case, Bloomberg understood his enemies, their foibles and their failures far better than they understood him. So he won and they lost.

But then something happened that Bloomberg in his arrogance never expected, something that the “mainstream gun rights organizations” for their part never expected either — in every single state where Bloomberg had “won,” it turned out that the victims of his unconstitutional laws had other ideas. And they didn’t need “leaders” like Wayne LaPierre and Alan Gottlieb to lead them.

The “I Will Not Comply” movement in the various affected states began the instant Bloomberg’s Intolerable Acts were passed. Individual firearm owners, led here and there by some courageous activists of the smaller rights groups who were not so worried about raising money and preserving their press image than their “betters,” simply announced that they would not obey such unconstitutional laws. They refused to cooperate in their own disarmament. They refused to obey. If the government wanted to make them criminals, well, then, they would be criminals and they dared the authorities to do anything about it.

And the authorities did . . . nothing. When it became apparent that Connecticut was experiencing a stunning non-compliance rate approaching 85 percent, Mike Lawlor, the governor’s appointed “gun commissar” in that state made threatening noises. But the raids did not begin. And now, almost two years later, they still haven’t begun. In New York, the non-compliance rate is even higher, with county sheriffs even threatening to arrest state policemen who seek to enforce the SAFE Act in their jurisdictions. And Governor Cuomo has done . . . nothing.

In Colorado, on the day the magazine ban went into effect in July 2013, resisters gathered on the statehouse steps and broke the law. And the authorities did. . . nothing. After I announced on 20 April 2013 on the steps of the Connecticut state capitol that I had smuggled in forbidden magazines in violation of their diktat, Lawlor had the state police open a criminal investigation of me, but did . . . nothing. Since then my friends and I have smuggled in more such magazines to that state and the authorities have done . . . nothing. I even recently attended a gun show in CT simply to give the authorities a chance to arrest me if they felt froggy enough. And they did . . . nothing. The raids have not begun. The state and its newly felonized citizens have been looking at each other with firearms in their hands for almost two years now. Yet the other jackboot has not dropped. And the authorities, as with those in other states with Bloomberg Rules, don’t know whether to defecate or go blind. Consequently they have done . . . nothing.

This refusal, this armed civil disobedience, reached its highest expression to date with the “I Will Not Comply” rally at the state capitol in Olympia on the 13th of this month. Two thousand armed people met, without a permit, defied I-594, held a successful rally without incident, and the authorities did . . . nothing. I was privileged to speak at this historic event as well. I will go back to Yakima in June for a planned gun show that will refuse to conduct the 594-required background checks and we will give the authorities a chance to enforce their new Bloomberg Rules.

And where are the “mainstream gun rights groups” in this national campaign of armed civil disobedience which has negated the results of Bloomberg’s money, his so-called “victories”? Why, they’re nowhere to be found. They have either condemned them or ignored them. In a recent interview, Alan Gottlieb, — who was apparently vacationing in Hong Kong on the proceeds of his members’ dues while the brave men and women of his state were risking arrest defying I-594 — denied that the rally was in fact “armed civil disobedience” because, he ludicrously claimed, “most people there weren’t armed.”

And if you didn’t get the underlying message, he went on to say “I don’t think it helped us with the general public. It doesn’t help us with the public or the legislators.” And, he added, “I’m not a fan of armed civil disobedience.”

Coming from a guy who has never risked more than a paper cut opening fundraising envelopes . . . coming from a guy who was willing to trade away national background checks in the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hook . . . this was hardly surprising. He will do what he has always done when confronted with Bloomberg Rules. If he cannot sue it, if he cannot lobby a “compromise” that gives up a little more of other people’s essential liberties and property, he will do . . . nothing.

Yet such “leaders” risk exposure and irrelevance in the new shifting paradigm. Legal challenges on all these Intolerable Acts are working their way through the courts. All have, up to now, failed. Elections have been fought and lost. Lobbying has been redoubled. Indeed, in the same interview Gottlieb asserted that the emergency was so grave that they had hired another lobbyist!

But the practitioners of armed civil disobedience, the resistance behind enemy lines in Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Colorado and Washington state, have ALREADY NULLIFIED BLOOMBERG RULES. And Michael Bloomberg himself doesn’t seem to know whether to defecate or go blind.

The failures of the “mainstream gun rights groups” to protect liberty and property from Bloomberg’s assaults have forced the American people — an eminently practical people — to make their own arrangements. If this risks exposing the increasing irrelevance of such groups there is nothing we can do about it. (Although there is certainly something THEY can do about it — thinking and acting outside the boxes of their own comfort zones would be a good start.) But the fact of the matter is that, as demonstrated now by almost two years of experiences THERE IS NO UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW THAT MIKE BLOOMBERG CAN BUY THAT WE CANNOT NULLIFY WITH ARMED CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

Refusal is a weapon. It is a weapon that has been used to good effect in this country since the time of the Founders. Michael Bloomberg’s Rules are negated by the Law of Unintended Consequences. And looking back on the past two years of expensive laws and craven legislators bought and sold that all of his “victories” required, Bloomberg must be wondering this Christmas why it is that someone crapped in his stocking. He should be celebrating. Instead he has been frustrated, as the Founders intended, by the refusal of the armed citizenry of the United States to bow down to him and his tyrannical kind.”

There’s a couple good points raised in the article-and in the comments.

My opinion is this-since once a person is released from prison and/or probation/parole-their “debt to society” is considered to have been paid,yet they are punished for life-often for non-violent crimes.

There’s also a huge problem with all the things the states and feds now consider a felony.

There’s a book called “Three Felonies a Day”-it’s an eye opener.

There’s the fact that .gov inc. via the police and courts-especially the prosecutors-can charge,indict,and convict anyone they choose to of a felony,at any time they choose to.

There are far,far too many “crimes” that are classed as felonies.

There are even more that are classed as “crimes of violence” yet there was zero violence involved in the crime. That’s a huge problem in and of itself.

There is nothing in the bill of rights that says the states and feds can start making up new categories of crimes,and start labeling a lot of really,really ridiculous shit as a felony.

In some states,if you raise your voice during an argument with your wife-and your neighbors call the cops-you can be charged-and convicted of “domestic violence”. (ask me how I know)

Do it a second time-and it’s a felony.

There are hundreds of “crimes” that are classed as “crimes of violence” in which there is no violence-no one was harmed,no one was assaulted-yet they are considered to be “violent felonies”.

It was only in fairly recent times that a lifelong ban on gun ownership was created if you had a felony conviction-and there was less gun crime back then-back when a guy-or lady was released from prison,and their “debt to society” was considered to have been paid.

Heck,in the old days,when a guy was released from prison-he was given a $20.00 gold piece,a horse with saddle and tack,and a revolver with holster.

With all the bullshit that is classed as a felony these days-we need to go back to doing what was done in the past-once your prison term,or probation/parole is completed-you are a free man-or woman,and you get to vote,serve on juries,and keep and bear arms…

Enough of this bullshit where a person is punished for life for what in most cases was a mistake.

People do dumb shit when they are young-they didn’t used to be charged with a felony,convicted,and sent to prison for it-the sheriff,or city cop would lock them up for a few days,or let them sleep off a drunk-then they went on their way.

The punishment for the crime is the prison/jail sentence and/or parole/probation-that’s it.

Once a person serves their sentence-that should be it-end of story.

No more of this lifetime punishment-if a person is to be punished for life-then the sentence needs to fit the crime.

Only those who commit horrific,truly heinous crimes should lose their rights for life-and that would be because they are in prison for life.

All of these idiotic laws that take young kids and label them as felons are creating a whole class of people who are unemployable at any meaningful job for life.

Hell,you have to pass a background check to flip burgers at McD’s !!!!

No one with a felony conviction can ever work at a decent paying job-because they are labeled as a “felon” for life-this must stop.

There is absolutely zero value to society in labeling a person as a felon,making them pretty much a person reduced to performing some kind of menial labor for minimum wage for the rest of their life.

It’s not just about gun rights,it’s about an unfair and unjust “justice” system.

We,as a country,as a society,lock up more people than any other country in the world.

Who does this benefit? It sure as hell does not benefit society when you have millions of people who are labeled as felons walking around pissed off because they can not earn enough $$$ to support themselves,much less a family.

Incarcerating millions of people benefits .gov inc. it benefits those who own and/or operate jails and prisons-look no farther than Jeb Bush-he is part owner of private prisons-so you have politicians-a judge in Georgia who was caught sentencing people to jail for ridiculous shit just so the jail would be close to full,and he would make $$$ by locking people up.

Society does not benefit at all,not one bit from labeling millions of people as felons for life-there is simply no benefit,other than creating jobs for politicians friends that own jails and prisons.

Justice would be sentencing those who committed an actual crime of violence-as in rape,murder,armed robbery,arson,assault- during which a person is actually seriously hurt- to a long prison term.

The only people who should lose their gun rights are those who commit the crimes listed above-those are the people that if they are prevented from owning firearms would benefit society.

All those who are now labeled as felons for life do not deserve to lose their gun rights for crimes that are not related to guns.

All those who are now labeled as felons for life should have that label removed so that they can again get a decent job,be able to support themselves-and a family-and so they don’t end up as cheese eaters and part of the free shit army for life because they can not get a decent job.

They also deserve to be able to defend themselves and their families.

If .gov inc. makes everything a “felony”-it’s easier for .gov inc. to control people.

That’s the path we are on…

.gov inc. keeps making more and more things a “felony” as they do this-more and more people lose some of their rights,fewer and fewer people will have rights.

It’s long past time to put and end to the “felon” label for life,and reserve that label for those who have committed serious,horrific,heinous crimes-instead of the guy who yelled at his wife a few times,and the second time the cops came-he was charged and convicted of ‘domestic violence” and he never lifted a finger in anger at his wife.

Don’t think that one’s possible? Guess again-happens every day to those who don’t have a few thousand dollars laying around to pay a lawyer.

Think about it-and tell me how it is a benefit to society to label people as a “felon”,and to keep them labeled as a “felon” even AFTER they have served the sentence imposed by the court?




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