NRA – Good or Evil

Posted: December 12, 2015 by silentpartner60 in gun rights

You probably have an opinion on this already.  I ask you to read this and consider your

opinion.  This is my story and it probably doesn’t end how you may think!

A few years ago, I was a single father with a 15 year old daughter.  I was at work when I got a call from my daughter.  Someone was at the door knocking.  We live in a secure building and our front door can only be accessed through a security door.  Someone had breeched this security door and was at our front door and she was frightened and alone.

While I was on the phone with her, someone began to jiggle the door knob.  I was in a panic, three miles away.  She was focused, “what should I do dad?”  I told her to go to the safe, remove her 45 calibre hand gun, chamber a round, remove the safety, stand in the hallway about 20 feet from the front of the door.

I then instructed her to put her phone on speaker and lay it on the floor next to her.  After she put the phone down, I told her to “get into a shooting position and point the gun toward the door at a 45 degree angle to the ground.”  “If someone you don’t know comes through the door, aim toward their chest and empty the gun.”

While this was going on, I was in my car speeding home.  When I arrived home, no one was at our door.  Still on my phone, I told my daughter to put the gun on the floor and take five steps back.  I was coming through the door.  After I confirmed that she was away from the gun I entered.  Everything was fine.

When I was in Junior High School, I took a class on gun safety that was provided by the NRA at no charge.  I used these lessons and began teaching my daughter when she was thirteen.  I grew up with guns in my home and wanted her to have the same understanding and appreciation that I have had.  I took her to Bo’s lake with Starvin Larry and El Presidente and taught her gun safety.  With El Presidente’s help, we taught her marksmanship.

So, the NRA isn’t just about the money.  They used their money to help educate me about gun safety.  I learned a great deal from that class, 40 years ago.  I had been shooting guns before I had this class.  But, safety was reinforced and expanded on by having taken this course and passing an exam to be certified.

There are a lot of “what ifs” in life, what if a rapist or murderer had been at my door, what if I hadn’t taught my daughter to handle a weapon.  what if…..  I do believe that we have the right to own guns for sport and protection.  Let’s get real, criminals have guns and they aren’t going to obey any laws, they’re criminals.

So lately, since the islamic terrorist attack in California, there has been a lot of hate being cast toward the NRA.  I understand your frustration, we’ve been attacked.  But the NRA had nothing to do with this attack and if your mad at them your anger is misdirected.  California has the strictest gun laws in the nation.  But even with the tightest gun control laws, this massacre still happened and innocent people died.  Nothing the NRA did had any effect on this attack, they are not responsible.

We absolutely need gun control laws.  Criminals and potential criminals should not be allowed to buy guns.  Those laws are on the books in every state.  Unfortunately this will not stop the criminals from getting guns.  And, any law that prevents law abiding citizens from getting guns is just wrong since the criminals have them.

So, if you hate the NRA, that’s ok.  This is America and you have that right.  I support your right to hate the NRA.  But please quit blaming them for every gun death that occurs.  They may not be perfect, but they do protect your rights.  Ironically, one of the Facebook post I read was from a friend blaming the NRA for all the gun related criminal activity.  He has two handguns at home for protection.  When I challenged him on this he said, “I wouldn’t use them if someone invaded my home.  I have a baseball bat that would work just as well.”  I say, never bring a bat to a gun fight.  Some would say he was a hypocrite, I say, he’s just frustrated and looking for someone to blame for this most recent terrorist attack on America and is very misguided by the attempts of the White house and media to deflect our attention away from…Islamic Radical Terrorist.

If your interested the NRA still has gun safety classes and a website full of safety information.  Even if you don’t own a gun and are on the fence, start there before you decide and then get the appropriate training, should you decide to be a responsible gun owner.  This site also has advice for non-gun owners and how to teach your children about guns.  It’s equally important that these children understand guns in case they ever come into contact with one in someone else’s home.

God Bless America!

Follow up after to this incident.  My daughter and I discussed everything that happened and exactly what she did.  I was surprised at how much she thought about while under the strain of fear.

Here’s a few things she told me in our follow up discussion.

“Dad, I never put my finger on the trigger, I kept it on the trigger guard and waited to identify the person before I would have moved to the trigger.”  I knew that if the door was kicked in, he would have to take a couple seconds to orient himself to the room he was about to enter and that would have been my opportunity to move to the trigger and aim.”

“I thought about what was behind my target.  I knew that the apartment across the hall was empty, so I positioned myself so that any miss would go that direction.”  This tells you how focused she was and responsible she has become as a result of her training.  She referred to the perpetrator as the target.  This is a good mindset in this circumstance.  A target is easier to shoot than a person.

She also said, “I know that you told me to get the .45, but that would have been my choice.  It is the weapon I am most proficient with and I believe it would had stopped anyone from advancing toward me after an initial hit.”  You can argue if this was the best choice, I say if this is the weapon your most comfortable with, it is the right weapon for you to choose.

I asked her why she had her ear protection on when I came in the door.  She said, “I have never shot a gun without ear protection and I wanted to be comfortable and since the ear protection was on top of the safe I grabbed it.”  After this we shot a few rounds without it and I told her, “in an emergency omit the ear protection.”

We went through every detail and recreated her actions and discussed her thought processes.  The recreation was really to make me more comfortable with how she handled herself.  However, she told me later it really helped her to build confidence in case this ever happened again.

We had never practiced a scenario where something like this happens.  We’ve practiced fire safety and the best way to escape in a fire.  This is a very valuable lesson for your family.  Train them well on safety and run through a few scenarios with them.  Practice may make the difference when your faced with this kind of stress.

I have never shared this story publicly and I want to thank Starvin Larry for giving me this opportunity.  There are a lot of false stories circulating the internet right now, this actually happened.  There is no grand ending where the gun saved her life.  It may be as simple as, the person at the door heard her talking to me on the cell phone speaker and fled the building.  But, she had options should it have gone another way.

On final note…She is now in college and lives on campus.  This is a “Gun Free Zone” and is posted as such.  Isn’t this a little like an invitation to a criminal with or without a gun?

For privacy and safety, my name is being withheld.

Silent Partner

  1. Thank you for sharing this story.
    From the age of 8 my army dad taught me to shoot.
    His often repeated words were “It’s a bad world out there son and you need to know how to protect your mum”.

    I should add my mum was totally against what my father thought was prudent for me to learn.

    Thank Gawd for enlightened fathers.

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    • silentpartner60 says:

      Hello Thoughtfully Prepping, Thanks for your feedback. My father was in the Army during WWI and spent time in New Guinea, Guam, and the Philippines. He said he had it easy, he was a cryptographer for the corps of engineers. When he got home he had 6 kids and taught us all to hunt and shoot. My daughter doesn’t hunt, but she loves to shoot targets. We’re lucky to have had our fathers, and enlightened enough to realize that we should share these lessons with our children. My daughters situation could have gone another way, thankfully it didn’t.

      Good luck to you sir and I thank your Father for his courage and service.

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  2. Stonewall jackson says:

    I grew up hunting and my dad was an NRA member. When I got of age and was on my own I joined the NRA. I admit I was hit and miss with keeping my membership up to date. After our current president was elected the first time, I joined again and kept it current until 2013. Our church was having a rally on the courthouse steps focusing on 1st and 2nd amendment rights. We had some local politicians, a renactor of the founding fathers, patriotic music, etc… I contacted our state NRA rep and invited him to come and set up a membership drive and distribute literature. His reply and the lack of response to the same invitation the following year caused me to no longer support the NRA. The rep responded that he would indeed be in the same city that weekend, but he was meeting with big donors. I realized then and there it’s all about the money. Like every other organization, it starts with good intentions and good people, but eventually they loose focus and have to turn their attention to fund raising to provide salaries to all the presidents, chairmans, vice presidents, vice chairman, etc…
    After that I spend my money on extra ammo, because the time is coming when even the NRA can’t help you. Be ready

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    • silentpartner60 says:

      Stonewall Jackson, Thanks for your feedback. You’re right, things have changed. I got my NRA safety training 42 years ago in Junior High School, at the school. It was an elective activity class. I don’t think you’ll find a public school today that would let the NRA inside. Continue to spend your money on ammo. Good luck to you and be ready!


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