Should all convicted felons be banned from having guns? Missouri Supreme Court hears case

Posted: December 12, 2014 by gamegetterII in gun rights
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There’s a couple good points raised in the article-and in the comments.

My opinion is this-since once a person is released from prison and/or probation/parole-their “debt to society” is considered to have been paid,yet they are punished for life-often for non-violent crimes.

There’s also a huge problem with all the things the states and feds now consider a felony.

There’s a book called “Three Felonies a Day”-it’s an eye opener.

There’s the fact that .gov inc. via the police and courts-especially the prosecutors-can charge,indict,and convict anyone they choose to of a felony,at any time they choose to.

There are far,far too many “crimes” that are classed as felonies.

There are even more that are classed as “crimes of violence” yet there was zero violence involved in the crime. That’s a huge problem in and of itself.

There is nothing in the bill of rights that says the states and feds can start making up new categories of crimes,and start labeling a lot of really,really ridiculous shit as a felony.

In some states,if you raise your voice during an argument with your wife-and your neighbors call the cops-you can be charged-and convicted of “domestic violence”. (ask me how I know)

Do it a second time-and it’s a felony.

There are hundreds of “crimes” that are classed as “crimes of violence” in which there is no violence-no one was harmed,no one was assaulted-yet they are considered to be “violent felonies”.

It was only in fairly recent times that a lifelong ban on gun ownership was created if you had a felony conviction-and there was less gun crime back then-back when a guy-or lady was released from prison,and their “debt to society” was considered to have been paid.

Heck,in the old days,when a guy was released from prison-he was given a $20.00 gold piece,a horse with saddle and tack,and a revolver with holster.

With all the bullshit that is classed as a felony these days-we need to go back to doing what was done in the past-once your prison term,or probation/parole is completed-you are a free man-or woman,and you get to vote,serve on juries,and keep and bear arms…

Enough of this bullshit where a person is punished for life for what in most cases was a mistake.

People do dumb shit when they are young-they didn’t used to be charged with a felony,convicted,and sent to prison for it-the sheriff,or city cop would lock them up for a few days,or let them sleep off a drunk-then they went on their way.

The punishment for the crime is the prison/jail sentence and/or parole/probation-that’s it.

Once a person serves their sentence-that should be it-end of story.

No more of this lifetime punishment-if a person is to be punished for life-then the sentence needs to fit the crime.

Only those who commit horrific,truly heinous crimes should lose their rights for life-and that would be because they are in prison for life.

All of these idiotic laws that take young kids and label them as felons are creating a whole class of people who are unemployable at any meaningful job for life.

Hell,you have to pass a background check to flip burgers at McD’s !!!!

No one with a felony conviction can ever work at a decent paying job-because they are labeled as a “felon” for life-this must stop.

There is absolutely zero value to society in labeling a person as a felon,making them pretty much a person reduced to performing some kind of menial labor for minimum wage for the rest of their life.

It’s not just about gun rights,it’s about an unfair and unjust “justice” system.

We,as a country,as a society,lock up more people than any other country in the world.

Who does this benefit? It sure as hell does not benefit society when you have millions of people who are labeled as felons walking around pissed off because they can not earn enough $$$ to support themselves,much less a family.

Incarcerating millions of people benefits .gov inc. it benefits those who own and/or operate jails and prisons-look no farther than Jeb Bush-he is part owner of private prisons-so you have politicians-a judge in Georgia who was caught sentencing people to jail for ridiculous shit just so the jail would be close to full,and he would make $$$ by locking people up.

Society does not benefit at all,not one bit from labeling millions of people as felons for life-there is simply no benefit,other than creating jobs for politicians friends that own jails and prisons.

Justice would be sentencing those who committed an actual crime of violence-as in rape,murder,armed robbery,arson,assault- during which a person is actually seriously hurt- to a long prison term.

The only people who should lose their gun rights are those who commit the crimes listed above-those are the people that if they are prevented from owning firearms would benefit society.

All those who are now labeled as felons for life do not deserve to lose their gun rights for crimes that are not related to guns.

All those who are now labeled as felons for life should have that label removed so that they can again get a decent job,be able to support themselves-and a family-and so they don’t end up as cheese eaters and part of the free shit army for life because they can not get a decent job.

They also deserve to be able to defend themselves and their families.

If .gov inc. makes everything a “felony”-it’s easier for .gov inc. to control people.

That’s the path we are on…

.gov inc. keeps making more and more things a “felony” as they do this-more and more people lose some of their rights,fewer and fewer people will have rights.

It’s long past time to put and end to the “felon” label for life,and reserve that label for those who have committed serious,horrific,heinous crimes-instead of the guy who yelled at his wife a few times,and the second time the cops came-he was charged and convicted of ‘domestic violence” and he never lifted a finger in anger at his wife.

Don’t think that one’s possible? Guess again-happens every day to those who don’t have a few thousand dollars laying around to pay a lawyer.

Think about it-and tell me how it is a benefit to society to label people as a “felon”,and to keep them labeled as a “felon” even AFTER they have served the sentence imposed by the court?




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