Election can determine potentials, but positive change needs personal commitment

Posted: November 3, 2014 by gamegetterII in gun rights
What will happen tomorrow, and if gun owners "win," how much difference will it make without their continued activism?
What will happen tomorrow, and if gun owners “win,” how much difference will it make without their continued activism?

Tomorrow gun owners will see if all the hype about sweeping Democrat losses is just that, or if Republicans actually end up capitalizing on a disaffected electorate to enjoy substantial gains in state and federal races. Tomorrow we’ll see if the balance of the Senate shifts, ousting Harry Reid from its leadership, with all that means in terms of bills advanced and nominations confirmed.

Tomorrow we’ll see if gun owners are motivated to vote. That’s not a sure thing, with some declaring it makes no difference who is in power, deeming all politicians sell-outs, and others maintaining “lesser of two evils is still evil” purity and opting for a third party. That among those, at least based on comments they post on the internet, there’s no shortage of “Molon Labe!” bravado, we may see what the likely results of detachment and/or reaching for the unreachable star yield. For those committed to sit on their hands, we’ll see if not lifting a finger now will really work out better for them — and for us all — in the long run.

We’ll see if moves to punish bad governors for bad gun edicts succeed. With Connecticut now being a two-way race, we’ll see if Dannel Malloy will be given his walking papers (and we’ll see if he goes gentle into that good night, or what he’ll do if he holds on). We’ll see if Colorado gun owners can give their incumbent governor a bad case of The Hickenlooper Blues. And we’ll see if a plutocrat-funded initiative on safe blue turf is used as a template to roll Astroturf over grassroots on other ground.


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