NE Ohio Whitetail Rut Heating Up

Posted: November 6, 2014 by gamegetterII in deer hunting, hunting
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A walk through area woods this afternoon showed lots of new rubs and scrape lines.

Some of the scrape lines first appeared around the third week of Oct.then appeared to have no new activity,now they all show signs of recent activity.

I saw a ton of fresh rubs,lots of fresh tracks in the area,and I’ve been seeing bucks chasing does behind the house-where no one can hunt,as it’s national park land.

We are supposed to have this cold, rainy weather through at least Sat am,so deer should be up and moving long before dark,and long after first light.

Tomorrow and the weekend should see lots of activity between the rut nearing it’s peak,and the cold rainy weather-this could be one of  the best two weekends of the year,with next weekend being the best,as that should be right around peak of rut.

The peak of the rut remains fairly consistent from year to year,and usually occurs the second week of November in NE Ohio.

That means next week is the best week to be in the woods if you’re hunting for a big buck.

I’m hunting every day starting on Sat.

Going to hunt Ashland county on Sat,Geauga county on Sun. and Summit county Mon,then repeat the sequence until I get a decent buck.

The Geauga county place is public hunting land,the other two are private land.

I’ve had mineral blocks out on the private land since early spring,started putting some corn out last week too.

Made my fake scrape lines weeks ago,they appear to have been getting some activity.

Made sure my blinds were secured good today,cleared branches of the trails that were under the leaves,so I don’t step on them in the dark on my way in to the blinds. Double checked shooting lanes,cut any branches that I missed back in Aug/Sept.

Put new blades in my broadheads-NAP  Thunderheads-and shot a few goups to be sure they still flew the same,so I’m all set for a solid week of bowhunting.




Do More PT !

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