Twitter explodes with demands to murder Ferguson officer Darren Wilson, family

Posted: November 26, 2014 by gamegetterII in Ferguson
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” liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate. Liberals like those demanding Wilson’s murder, prove that assertion correct on just about any given day.”

A St. Louis grand jury decided there was not enough evidence to charge Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. But, Twitchy reported Tuesday, that didn’t matter to what it called the “Twitter lynch mob,” who took to the social media site demanding Wilson — and in some cases, his family — be murdered.

“Revenge kill him,” one person said. “Revenge kill Darren Wilson.” Others agreed and let their opinions known.

“Good morning,” another person added. “Murder Darren Wilson.” The message calling for Wilson’s murder was repeated by many others.

“Yea he’s right n***a (sic) got to kill Darren WILSON family and let him live that’s the only way he can die properly (sic),” another person added. Others said they would like to personally murder Wilson, thinking that would ensure “justice” for Michael Brown. Others called for murdering those who participated in the grand jury.

“Furious,” one person said. “Kill Darren Wilson, kill the racist jury. Fix this country with the same violence the oppressors shut us up with #FergusonDecision.” Others also advocated murdering St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch.

Making the situation even worse, the New York Times published the name of the street Wilson lives on. According to, the Times’ “malicious move” did not go unnoticed by protesters. The International Business Times said the far-left wing Slate went even further, publishing an article with a photo of Wilson’s home. The Times later issued a correction and said the photo and information should not have been published. But the damage was already done, as Twitter users sent the information out while gearing up for protests.

A search of Twitter found literally hundreds of tweets calling for Wilson’s murder in the last 24 hours. The messages come on the heels of others calling for genocide of all white people.

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