The Point a Lot of White’s Don’t Get About Ferguson

Posted: November 29, 2014 by gamegetterII in Ferguson, Police state USSA
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Anybody remember this guy?

He was holding that sign during the first Ferguson protests back in August.

The guy has a valid point.

Ever live in a “bad neighborhood”?

I have,and the police don’t treat the white folks any better than they treat the black folks-and they treat both like shit.

I’ve been harassed,profiled because of long hair and tattoos-back before everyone had tats,and the only other people with long hair were aging hippies who were bald on top,and had a gray ponytail.

I’ve been accused by police of being a dope dealer,a Hell’s Angel,an illegal Mexican immigrant-that one was one hell of a stretch…

The black people are not just making shit up when they say the police are profiling them.

I’ve had police beat the shit out of me-then claim the video of that night was lost.

I’ve had police just make shit up and charge me with it.

I’ve had police and prosecutors write fairy tales to get an indictment.

I’ve seen the same thing done to others.

I’ve seen police and prosecutors take what should have been no more than a misdemeanor disorderly conduct,and write a police report that read like a fiction novel,seen prosecutors lead jurors to believe the person who committed what should have been a misdemeanor that the accused was a cross between Ghengis Khan,Atilla the Hun,Hitler,and Charles Manson.

I know guys who got YEARS in prison based on pure bullshit made up by police and prosecutors.

Remember-there are so many obscure laws,so many administrative regulations-that any prosecutor,in any city,can indict-and convict anyone of any crime they choose-with the possible exception of murder,rape and kidnapping.

Police and prosecutors work for .gov inc. not you,the citizen,as they are supposed to.

Police and prosecutors WILL do the same thing to white folks that they do in every officer involved shooting when it’s a white cop shooting a black guy.

Right now, .gov inc. is repeating the narrative over and over that southern,white,Christian males-those in the liberty movement,patriot movement,and militias are the “enemy”. As are those who support smaller government,the Constitution,the second amendment/gun rights,lower taxes,and those who are opposed to illegal immigration,and support securing the border.

Ferguson is being used by .gov inc. just as Watertown and the “lockdown” and house to house search was used.

It’s practice for .gov inc. they keep pushing farther and farther-and people are just accepting this bullshit.

You can bet the last dollar you have that the police,prosecutors and the rest of .gov inc. are going to start treating white people the same way.

Why do you think leftist tools like Mark Potok and the SPLC -along with the useful idiots that comprise the mainstream media-are pushing the narrative that white guys who fall into any of the categories mentioned above are “the enemy”?

AS long as the “public” meaning those who are nothing more than wage slaves who sit around and watch “reality” tee vee,know more about who’s going to win dancing with the stars or American idol than what’s going on in the world,and know who the Kardashians are,but can not identify any of the founding fathers in a photo,don’t know who their congresscritters or senators are-see whoever .gov inc. is portraying as the current “enemy” as the current “enemy” they ain’t gonna do a damn thing when .gov inc. SWAT teams start kicking in doors at 3am for the crime of speaking out against the police state.

Anyone who thinks all black people are like those who looted stores,and set shit on fire in Ferguson needs to remove their head from their ass-and start “judging” people as individuals.

As long as TPTB keep us at each others throats- .gov inc. will continue to violate rights,and we will continue to lose more and more rights as the leviathan that is .gov inc continues to grow.

The guy holding the sign is right.

SWAT teams raid the wrong homes.

SWAT teams shoot the family dog.

Police and SWAT shut down cities and towns,set up roadblocks stop people and search their cars without warrants or probable cause,they conduct house to house searches without warrants or probable cause,leftist politicians and their useful idiots continue the assault on the second amendment,states enact blatantly unconstitutional bans on semi-auto rifles because they “look scary”,and set arbitrary magazine capacity limits which ban standard capacity magazines.

If you don’t think police,prosecutors and the courts of .gov inc. are violating the rights of the citizens of Ferguson-read Radley Balko’s piece on what the police and courts are doing to the black community in Ferguson.

.gov inc. is doing the same thing to all of us-it’s just a lot easier to see in poor communities.

As protests in Ferguson continue, and you watch the military style actions of the police employed by .gov inc. inc. is setting up white people as the next “public enemy”.

Then think about the guy with the sign in the above pic-still think he doesn’t have a valid point????

  1. Sure he’s got a point yet that should be an excuse for looting, arson, smashing things up, assault, and worse? I think not.

    Riot is a stupid tool of protest. It achieves nothing only highlighting lawlessness.

    Riot always ends up edited for the maximum shock value on cable or TV.
    Totally unbiased reporting? No chance of that.
    Riot automatically cancels out any legitimate reason for protest.

    All such media coverage does is turn the polite masses against the protesters as it portrays them as something needing control and punished for their acts.

    Final stage and the end result of every riot?
    The police return for legalized payback.


    • gamegetterII says:

      Marching holing such signs is an example of the correct way to protest,and raise a point-setting buildings and cars on fire and looting stores is not protest-it is rioting,and not a valid response.
      You are right about the media-they choose to focus on looting and rioting-rather then the shady goings on of the Ferguson police and courts.

      The media coverage which I’m sure is orchestrated by .gov inc. is designed to gain public agreement with police tactics,and police using military tactics.

      The white people here in the U.S. who are cheering on police need to remember that when SWAT teams start kicking in their doors at 3am because they are speaking out against the police state.


      • Of course it’s a media game, and usually a politically sanctioned attack on what is probably right.

        YET the cause of the anger and riot is more often than not from outside agitators. You can’t have a peaceful protest if you let the professional agitator in. One incident later and your voice is lost.

        Was the legal decision wrong?
        Who cares, the agitators don’t.
        They just wound the people up then went home to watch their efforts on CNN probably proud of what they achieved.

        Riot is emotional and is often unleashed by the easily led or those looking for an angle. The professionals know this and they target the weak of mind much like people get swept into a radical religion/cult.

        Protest is good but it needs to be thought through and controlled. Without that process the voice is lost and the result is always a lost cause and usually PAIN.


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