Documents Show Fast and Furious Was Initiated to Show Justification for New Gun Control Regulations

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Justification for New Gun Control Regulations

  • ATF’s internal Public Affairs Talking Points show the agency was using Fast and Furious to help justify new gun control regulations–without telling the public that ATF was actually facilitating the delivery of weapons to Mexican drug cartels.
  • The talking points (p. 15) state:

“These cases demonstrate the ongoing trafficking of firearms by Mexican DTO’s and other associated groups operating in Arizona and the need for reporting of multiple sales for certain types of rifles in order to ferret out those intent on providing firearms to these criminal groups.”

 Gunwalking Tactics

  • While the Department of Justice was still insisting the gunwalking was a renegade operation conducted by rogue agents in Phoenix, the documents make clear ATF headquarters in Washington D.C. knew that weapons were being allowed to flow to Mexican drug cartels.
  • For example, Fast and Furious began in October 2009. Washington D.C. talking points recount (p. 17) that:

“From October 2009 through October 2010, this organization, through the use of numerous straw buyers, purchased approximately 1.25 million dollars in firearms from FFLs [Federal Firearms License’s] in the Phoenix area and trafficked the firearms into Mexico and other locations within the United States.”

  • Another example is an October 12, 2010 funding request to ATF headquarters in Washington D.C. (p. 40) from Phoenix Special Agent in Charge Bill Newell. It stated, in present tense (making clear that ATF was aware, in real time, that the weapons were being transported by ATF suspects to cartels on a continuing basis):

“The firearms are then being trafficked into Mexico using non-factory compartments in various vehicles through various Ports of Entry (POE’s) in Arizona and Texas. Since the ATF case was initiated, agents have identified approximately twenty-seven straw purchasers who have purchased a large amount of AK-47 style rifles and pistols from various FFLs in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and Prescott, Arizona, since September 2009.”

Millions of Dollars: Mission Not Accomplished?

  • The documents hint at the cost of the umbrella program that was responsible for Fast and Furious: Project Gunrunner.

(p. 6) The FY 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act provided ATF with an “additional $5 million for Project Gunrunner.”
(p. 7) The Stimulus plan provided ATF with $10 million more for Project Gunrunner.
(p. 29) ATF received $37.5 million for Project Gunrunner in the 2010 emergency supplemental appropriation for border security.

  • The documents discuss that ATF developed Project Gunrunner in 2006 to stem the flow of firearms into Mexico and thereby deprive the narcotics cartels of weapons. (Instead, ATF agents helped deliver thousands of assault rifles and other weapons into cartel hands.)
  • As ATF became better funded by tax dollars and better staffed, gun trafficking and drug cartel-related violence escalated.

Justice Dept. Withholding Statistics

The Justice Department has repeatedly refused Congressional and media requests for reports on the violent crimes in which “walked” guns have been used. The newly-released documents confirm ATF has meticulously collected and reported such data in the past (p.39). In a case called “Operation Zebra,” ATF stated that 338 illegally purchased firearms were associated with 63 deaths: “18 law enforcement officer sand civilians, and 45 cartel gunmen.”


A number of mysterious redactions remain in the 60-page document grouping. These include:

  • (p. 15)
  • (p. 30)
  • (p. 39)
  • (p. 40)
  • (p. 43)
  • (p. 52) Internal document dated Jan. 10, 2011 mentions Fast and Furious connection to Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death, though the Justice Department had decided not to release that information to the public. The document contains redactions.

  1. Charlie says:

    I travel for work (oil business) and this reminds me of the two big differences I see in countries.

    There are some countries (not very many, I admit) whose government tries to look out for the people there. In return, the people keep that government in power willingly.

    In other countries, usually but not always run by dictators or strongmen, the government tells the people what to do. These governments need massive armies, big police forces, bodyguards for their “leader”, etc. These countries know the people would boot them out in a heartbeat if given the chance.

    America’s government used to be like the first set, but seems to be heading toward the second as fast as it can.


  2. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


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