patriot video game

Posted: December 28, 2014 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Anyone who knows anything about how to help make such a game-please contribute…


So, it was brought up on that post on WSRA about kids not knowing skills, and how distracted they are with games and stuff. Games could be a fun way to get people interested, and show how these things can matter. A good shooter isn’t all shooting though, there are usually puzzles, and these too can be used to introduce them to practical physical skills. It also exposes, I’m not just a fabbersmith, I’m a wordsmith as well.

In five minutes I had thought up part of a decent plot. Gamer dude lives across the street from preppers, who get raided. Stray bullets make it across the street, and his mom who he’s living with dies. Trouble ensues, cops try to intimidate him into not testifying, and he ends up with a militia group.

Not sure about the exact trigger on the raid, but it’d be something that triggers more…

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