ATF position on equipment use threatens private gun-making

Posted: January 5, 2015 by gamegetterII in anti-gun asshattery
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ATF head Jones operates under the watchful eye of AG Holder to enact more executive controls over guns.

ATF head Jones operates under the watchful eye of AG Holder to enact more executive controls over guns.

In its first ruling of 2015, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has held that businesses may not allow individuals to use their equipment to further process incomplete firearm blanks, frames and receivers , attorney Joshua Prince reported Saturday. Such businesses may not assist or provide machinery access to unlicensed individuals without being licensed firearms manufacturers.

The ruling, signed by ATF Director B. Todd Jones on Friday, also holds that the businesses must “identify (mark) any such firearm and maintain manufacturing records,” and that Gun Control Act requirements may not be avoided by allowing persons to perform processes on machinery, tools and equipment a business controls access to. Excluded from the ruling are weapons and devices regulated by the National Firearms Act.

The effect of this ruling will be to close down operations in which persons who are legally entitled to manufacture their own firearms for personal use are permitted by a business to use its equipment, either with instruction or without. Provided such firearms are not intended to be sold or distributed, marking and record-keeping requirements do not apply. By changing the rules, ATF has closed down a means by which people who lack the equipment themselves to finish off a part will be able to exercise their right to build a firearm, a practice many rely on, particularly when completing so-called “80 percent” precursor receivers.

That will not “end an era of 80% lowers,” Prince assesses, “but it will cause a substantial financial impact to the firearms and related industries … Nothing in this Ruling suggests that an individual can no longer manufacture a personal firearm without needing to mark it but the individual must be able to complete the firearm with his/her/its own tools, which causes a plethora of concerns in such process.

“Can a company offer membership, whereby any member is entitled to utilize the company equipment for free, and the member complete his/her/its firearm on the company equipment since the business would not be engage in the business?” he asks. “Do machine shops now need to inquire of the individual as to what he/she/it is going to be utilizing the machinery for?”

The answers to those and more questions are unclear and may be learned by some the hard way. For now, it would appear ATF’s motivation is to shut down as many “lawful” avenues for individuals to exercise their rights without federal oversight as it can.

Since when can the BATFE just make up new laws? Only congress can make new laws,the jackbooted thugs at BATFE can not make up shit as they go to further Holder and Jones’s anti-gun agenda.

Horsepucky like this is yet another in a long list of reasons that people need to set up their own “maker spaces” or Patriot spaces,or whatever you want to call them. We need to set up small shops where we can manufacture stuff to bring in income,there’s all kinds of work that machine shops would rather subcontract out as job lots because some processes are very labor intensive and time consuming-which does not help them pay off the half-million or more dollar turning center they just bought on payments. Most of these jobs only require a lathe,milling machine,drill press,grinders,bandsaw,maybe cutting torches and a wire-feed welder.

Get a few guys-or ladies- together,put all the tools together,then either put all the tools in one garage or pole barn,or have each guy do his-or her-part of the machining process in their garage/pole barn/shop,and you end up with an income source with the added benefit of having the equipment to manufacture anything you want or need to manufacture.

The concept of maker spaces/patriot spaces was brought up on WRSA and by Fabbersmith-now would be a good time to get your maker space together-before Mr. Jones and the BATFE decide no one can purchase a lathe or milling machine without approval from BATFE.

The BATFE leadership and their stormtroopers do not have you best interests in mind as they try to further their anti-gun,anti-freedom agenda.




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  1. I can just see the next stage to this.

    All home lathes will be confiscated,
    All sales of bar or rod steel, hydraulic pipe, and general home pipe fittings, will need to be registered.
    Buying nuts and bolts will require a permit.
    Anyone with a tool kit will have to be licensed.
    As for owning ANY sort of welding kit?
    5 years minimum in a re-education camp..


    • gamegetterII says:

      Our Federal government agencies try this crap all the time-many times,they lose in court.
      This one is clearly a case of an agency attempting to enact a new law-which it does not have the authority to do.
      The BATFE will lose this one in court-if they do not lose…
      Then we get your scenario.

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