Another Good Reason to Hunt Coyotes

Posted: January 26, 2015 by gamegetterII in hunting, trapping
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2015 Fur Price Outlook Not Bad After First Big Auction Results of the Year

2015 Fur Price Outlook Not Bad After First Big Auction Results of the Year

It was doom and gloom for trappers this time last year after the bottom fell out of the market.  Prices were rumored to be going back to basement levels of 20 years ago following the resurgence of the past couple of years.  Well, after the January 7th FHA auction, the prices were not that bad.

A lot of raccoon still went unsold, but the Eastern average was still over 10 dollars.  Muskrat averages stayed with coon prices with around a 10 dollar average as well. Red Fox did very well, with prices looking more like last years highs.

2015 Fur Price Outlook Not Bad After First Big Auction Results of the Year

The big story now is the resurgence of the coyote.  Even Eastern coyotes that were not much better than possum prices the past few years, are looking good.  Western coyotes are always in demand, but keep a close eye on their “uglier” Eastern cousins over the next few FHA ( Fur Harvesters of American ) and NAFA ( North American Fur Auctions ) auctions.

2015 Fur Price Outlook Not Bad After First Big Auction Results of the Year

So, the doom and gloom of the Chinese pullout of the fur market was much to do about nothing.  This was an off year for prices, but if things keep the way they are going and we get these unsold raccoons taken care of, then the market outlook for next year may not be half bad.

Here are the FHA Auction Results from January 7th

FHA 2015 Fur Auction Results NAFA

  1. Interesting.
    I don’t process the fur I catch here anymore..
    Two reasons.
    On the boat I’ve got limited space (a new problem) but the most pressing problem is the tree huggers and UK law have all but eliminated the market place for real fur.

    Put simply it’s difficult to trap legally in quantity and what I did do was often “questioned”.
    So apart from a few rabbit pelts, and moleskins, it’s down to the commercial farms i.e. mink as far as fur goes and even them are still regularly attacked by the animal rights lot.


    • gamegetterII says:

      Fortunately,the animals “rights” whackos can’t possibly follow every trapper around,as they’re too busy making fake films showing fake animal “abuse” at meat packing plants,or chicken processing plants. That and getting petitions signed so they can irritate farmers with absurd regulations,by getting such bullshit enacted by their bought and paid for politicians.

      We have until a little after 5pm on Feb 1st to hunt deer with bow or crossbow. We’re going to go Sat and Sun for deer,then switch to hunting coyotes for as long as it takes to see no new ‘yote tracks around the property we deer hunt. The 3 adjoining properties all are guys who deer hunt,they understand the ‘yote problem. That gives us enough guys to get lose to every ‘yote on the combined 400 or so acres.

      Fur price is up enough that it’s worth skinning,salting, and stretching the hides-if we each get a dozen,it will more than cover the cost of ammo,fuel,our food,coffee and tea. We should have enough left over to pay for next year’s hunting license and deer tags as well.

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