The Reason Eastern U.S. Coyotes Kill So Many Deer

Posted: January 27, 2015 by gamegetterII in hunting
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Coyote-wolf hybrids, or coywolves, are moving a little closer to Chicago each year and may be present in the Chicago area in as little as three years.

Coywolves are offspring of coyotes interbreeding with eastern wolves. The coywolf is an increasingly dominant species with already a significant presence in the northeastern United Sates and Canada – including urban areas like Toronto, Boston and New York.

Coyote, File Photo By Shawn McCready, Via Creative Commons. Coyote, File Photo By Shawn McCready, Via Creative Commons.

The coywolf population has been expanding a little westward each year in both Canada and the United States and already have a documented presence in western Ohio with sightings having also been reported in Indiana.

Coywolves quickly become alpha predators in the geography they occupy, combining the resilience and adaptability of coyotes and the social hierarchy, cooperation, larger size and pack hunting traits of eastern wolves.  Like coyotes, coywolves prosper in suburban and urban settings because of abundant food sources which include rats, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, geese and garbage. Unlike coyotes, which typically only feed on deer carrion, coywolves are able to hunt and bring down deer because of their pack hunting capabilities.  The significant deer population throughout the United States is thought to be part of what is fueling the coywolves expansion westward. Coywolf expansion.

Coywolves were first documented in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario in 1919. As wolves were exterminated throughout the United States and large parts of Canada, Algonquin Park was one of the last refuges of eastern wolves. Eastern wolves began to adapt to low populations by interbreeding with coyotes. Over subsequent decades, coywolve distribution gradually expanded in Canada and into the northeastern United States.

Continuing Expansion Of Coywolf Habitat, Source  -

Like coyotes, coywolves tend to be quite wary of humans and generally are not expected to pose any additional threat to people in the Chicago area. Coywolves may already be present in Illinois, and if not already present in the Chicago area, are expected to establish a population in the area in the next several years. Once a coywolf breeding population is established, natural resources would expect coywolves to become more and more dominant over time.

Start hunting and/or trapping these ‘yotes now,or there will be no deer left in a few short years.

The ‘yotes around here already hunt in packs-the number of deer they kill is only going to go up unless a serious effort is made to control the population.

I’m sure the Center for Biological Diversity is already trying to get them on the endangered species list to protect them as a subspecies of the gray wolf.

If you like deer hunting,and venison,get out there and put a huge dent in the numbers of ‘yotes-or there ain’t gonna be any deer left to hunt in a few years.

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