He Said That? 2/20/15

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From Henry A. Crumpton, who led the CIA’s Afghanistan campaign from 2001-02 and retired in 2007, “America’s Eroding Antiterror Intelligence,” The Wall Street Journal, 2/20/15:

…The leaders are more experienced, more strategic and more ruthless. For example, enemy commanders are moving to fill political vacuums in the weak nation-states of Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mali, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Egypt’s Sinai. Witness how ISIS commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi usurped local power from the brutal and corrupt Syrian and Iraqi regimes.

Further inhibiting US intelligence: The global network of allies so necessary for the U.S. to penetrate, analyze and destroy terrorist networks has eroded. In Libya and Yeman, both racked by civil war, the U.S. has abandoned its embassies. While some stalwart allies remain, many have lost faith in U.S. leadership. The perception of U.S. weakness and lack of strategic direction dissuades allies from policy and intelligence cooperation.

The traitor Edward Snowden…

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