Sarah Hoyt’s Winter at Valley Forge Post,and the Ensuing Reaction.

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Seems Ms. Hoyt ignited a firestorm with her post

Read Sarah Hoyt’s Winter at valley Forge first,then read this…

Then read Ms. Hoyt’s response…

Then read this…

Now that you’ve given yourself a headache from reading all that,probably jacked up your blood pressure to boot-take a break,go out to your garage,or  to your “rec room” or wherever you have your heavy bag hanging,and punch the snot out of the bag for a few rounds.

No love taps,or dancing around boxing-wail on the bag,beat the shit out of it as if it were Boner,or Mitch McConnell,or Obola-or even B. Todd Jones,director of the BATFEIEIO. Wail on the bag,nonstop for at least 3 full rounds.

Now that you’ve got the aggravation out of your system-think about all that was said-who’s right?

Who’s wrong?

Can we really afford Ms. Hoyt’s plan of picking off GOP members one by one until we have people in place who support the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Can we afford to just keep backing down,and letting the left continue to destroy the country?

How do we win anything when we just accept all the bullshit being foisted on us by Obama and co. with zero blowback or repercussions from our side?

And the million dollar question-how do we stop the leftist takeover that’s been going on for decades without another civil war?

What do we do? How do we win? How do we stop the left?

Ms. Hoyt has a few valid points,as do the guys at The Deth Guild,as does Emperor Misha.

One of Sarah Hoyt’s valid points is that at this time,a third party would only split the vote for those of us on the right,and lead to the leftists remaining in control.

She’s got a point about picking off the GOP one by one,and replacing them with people who support the Constitution and BOR.

The only problem with that approach is the amount of time it will take. Sure, we could pick off a few every two years-how long would it take to pick off enough to make a difference?

Sarah Hoyt suggests that we are being herded in a certain direction by false flag efforts…

“I wrote more than two thousand words so I could carefully explain my reasoning and my motives, and make people understand that this was not what I would PREFER but the only way we can deal with unpleasant reality. Also, that frankly the “let it burn” and “third party” roots have the hallmarks of a false flag operation encouraging them. Which frankly ladies and gents, I DO know about and can smell a mile off. The other side always uses them.”

She also has a suggestion…

“Take a deep breath and realize what you’re hearing from the press, not even on our side, where we’re influenced by how the mainstream press reports it, is not the full story. Then go investigate.”

That one deserves to be heeded. Think,do your own research,don’t just accept what’s being reported as the truth.

We all know that ABCNNBCBS,the NY Times,LA Times,WaPO,HuffPO,et-al are nothing more than the American version of Pravda.

I get what Sarah Hoyt is saying,but those things have been tried,are being tried,and they are slowly making a difference in the number of politicians who supposedly support the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I say supposedly because they haven’t done a damn thing,haven’t made one bit of difference.

Leftist governors- Cuomo, Hickenlooper, Malloy, Inslee-have allowed draconian “gun control” legislation to be enacted in their states.

Bloomberg and his minions are getting anti-gun  horsepucky on the ballot in multiple states-they have a list,and are picking off states one by one-no one is doing much about that either-with the exception of a few in Washington state,who have stated,and shown by their actions that they will not comply.

No one  from the GOP has done a damn thing to stop the EPA from enacting regulations to cripple the energy sector through “climate change” related regulations that will force coal powered power plants to shut down.

No one is doing anything about EPA’s attacks on landowners-threatening them with fines of thousands – PER DAY – for doing things like clearing out drainage ditches,or grading a lot so they can build their own home,on their own property-then being told that the lakefront property is a “wetland” and they must restore the land to it’s prior condition. Oh,and they can not build a home on their property either-what kind of bullshit is that?

No one from the GOP did a damn thing about B. Todd Jones being appointed to head the BATFEIEIO-why the hell would they allow an anti-gun zealot to be appointed to the agency tasked with overseeing firearms laws/regulations? We are seeing the results of that poor choice with the M855/SS109 ban.

It appears Lorretta Lynch is going to be the next attorney general-she’s every bit as bad as Holder-yet there’s no meaningful opposition.

Federal agencies are being used by the Obama admin to target political enemies-a bunch of made for the tee vee drama has taken place-but no meaningful action has been taken.

The Obama admin used the IRS to target political enemies-what has the GOP done about it? Not much,just more made for the tee-vee drama and bullshit.

Eric Holder has used the DOJ to attempt to find racism where none exists-intimidating small town police departments along the way.

Eric Holder has abused his authority by not charging people who clearly committed crimes because they were black or Hispanic-NBPP voter intimidation case-plus he wants schools to no longer call police when students commit felonies-because black and Hispanic students are being punished at schools-and arrested/charged with crimes-at a higher rate than white students.

Eric Holder’s DOJ claims Obama’s amnesty plan is legal-WTF? It is clearly NOT legal-Obama himself admitted as much over 20 times.

The Obama admin’s FCC has taken over the interwebz-where’s the GOP outrage/action?

There’s about to be well over 6 million illegals made legal,which will be predominately Democrat voters-what did the GOP do?

They caved,they didn’t do a damn thing to stop Obama’s illegal amnesty.

All the above-and a hell of a lot more are the problem with waiting ten years or more to pick off GOP seats one at a time-the leftists are well on their way to fundamentally transforming the country-they are not even slowing down their efforts-if anything-they are speeding up-going full speed ahead.


The left has been indoctrinating our children for decades-those kids are voting age plus now-and who do they vote for?

They vote for people like Obama,because they have been taught that America is a country that has done horrible things to people in countries all over the world,they are being taught that the Constitution is a “living document” that can be changed at will by executive order.

They have grown up with the police state-and accept it as “normal”.

Between the brainwashed young people old enough to vote,the soon to be old enough to vote high school graduates who can’t read and write,or do enough basic math to balance a checkbook,the millions of soon to be legal illegal immigrants,along with their currently being indoctrinated children-not only will there be millions of new Democrat/progressive voters-and the size of the free shit army will increase exponentially.


These are just some of the reasons that picking off GOP seats one by one will take far,far too long.

So,it’s back to the million dollar question-how do we stop the “progressives” fundamental transformation of our once great country?

Can the left be stopped without a civil war?

Quote of the day…

Be a pilot-operate your own controls.

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