Bullet Bans Ghost Guns “Smart Guns” Gun Laws on State Ballots and”Armor Piercing Ammo”

Posted: March 18, 2015 by gamegetterII in anti-gun asshattery
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The anti-gun zealots are all torqued up as usual,but they’re all over the place,no single issue focus.

They’re just throwing shit against the wall to see if anything sticks.

They have their panties in a bunch over 80% lowers,M855/SS109 ammo,”smart guns” that only work if you have a watch like device on,and it’s battery isn’t dead,or some work by fingerprint scanner as well.

The first guy to offer to sell the so-called “smart guns” withdrew the offer to sell them due to backlash from pro-gun groups,because the sale of such “smart guns” would trigger a NJ law mandating that EVERY handgun sold in NJ be a “smart gun”.

The backlash was well deserved-if so-called “smart guns” are such a great idea,make it OPTIONAL,not mandatory,and we’ll see how many are sold.

The anti-gun zealots can not comprehend this-they think anything that in theory makes it so that only the gun’s owner can fire it is a great idea,and we should all be forced to own only this type of firearms.

What they do not understand is the technology can be removed in under 10 minutes with basic hand tools.

Sort of like the other “technology” the anti-gun left wants to make mandatory-microstamping.

The technology works by having the firing pin stamp a serial number on every fired shell casing-actually it would be on the primer-but that’s to much to expect the anti-gun zealots to understand.

Anyone with a file and 90 seconds can defeat microstamping technology,or if they’re a home gunsmith-they can just swap the firing pin for a new one without the “microstamp” engraved on it.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out-yet the anti-gun zealots still insist on requiring the “microstamping” technology.

Sort of like how they do not comprehend that M855/SS109 is NOT armor piercing ammo.

The ammo does not even meet BATFEIEIO’s own definition of armor piercing.

Never mind the fact that all centerfire rifle ammo can penetrate the soft body armor worn by law enforcement.

Yet the anti-gun Democrats are still trying to get M855/SS109 banned even after BATFEIEIO backed down due to overwhelming opposition from those of us who support the second amendment and gun rights.

The ban was/is nothing more than an effort to curtail the use of A-R platform rifles-ban one of the most popular,most inexpensive rounds-then keep banning more 5.56/.223 ammo because officer safety-and by their logic,people will stop using A-R’s.

Multiple people from the leftist anti-gun movement have suggested banning ammo,or taxing it such a high rate no one could afford it-except those promoting/advocating for such asshattery.

Most of them have armed bodyguards,live in gated communities,and can get a CCW permit in NYC-something us serfs an not do.

We also have Bloomberg and his minions getting anti-gun laws placed on state ballots,like I-594 in Washington state.

We have clueless idiots braying about “ghost guns” from 80% lowers-what they refuse to acknowledge is that it’s legal to make your own firearms.

They’re so freaked out by 80% lowers that a guy who’s a gunsmith,has a few machine tools or owns a machine shop can no longer work on the lowers-or let you use his machines to finish your own lower.

3D printing can now be done using metals-so their bullshit about not being allowed to use another persons mill or lathe is a moot point-we can just print up a 100% finished lower-and it will still be a “ghost gun”-and it’s still legal to make your own firearms.

Bloomberg’s minions have a list,and they’re checking off states one by one-yours could be next.

The anti-gun zealots keep on astroturfing,claiming that they have “grass roots support” for their nonsense.

Fake videos are gaining in popularity with the leftists who want you to be disarmed,so they can enact their version of utopia-where everything is rainbows,unicorns,puppies and butterflies,there’s no burning fossil fuels,no crime,no violence,and everything is powered by unicorn farted happy gas.

You must be disarmed before the leftist anti-gun zealots can enact their utopia-only the state can have firearms-military and law enforcement-no guns for us right wing nutjobs.

They’re trying,and they’re never gonna stop.

Stand up

Speak out

Fight back

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