Night at the improv…

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Nice job-I wonder how many other things can be improvised in a grid down situation?
I’m betting a lot.

Hogwarts School of Grid-Down Medicine and Wizardry

difficult airway 1 Some airways are more difficult than others.

So anyone who deals with airway, knows what a video laryngoscope (hereafter VL) is.  The major player in this field is the Glidescope, which has been around for quite some time.

glidescope 1

In this photo, you see the screen, a black probe-like device, and a clear plastic curved blade.  The black probe has a video camera at the end of it, and it is inserted into the clear plastic blade.  You then fire up the video screen, insert the probe/blade combo in the mouth, and instead if a fairly small, difficult to see set of vocal cords, you get the following:

Problem is, despite the overall fantastic-ness of these airway tools (it doubles the rate of first pass, successful intubation in emergency situations, from about 30%-ish to over 70%, and in controlled situations, first pass success approaches 95%) the stupid things are very…

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