France bans use of cash for more than €1000 ($1060)

Posted: April 4, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Coming soon to the USSA,because-terrorists ,terrorism,and “national security” gotta protect the “homeland”.
Seriously-I wouldn’t doubt it if the U.S. tries the same thing-it’s already a huge pain in the ass to withdraw large amounts of your own damn money from your own bank in cash-then when you do get your own cash,you have to worry about officer safety and co. seizing it as you’re traveling down the highway-in the name of “the war on drugs”-because anyone who carries cash just has to be a dope dealer,so they seize your cash,don’t bother charging you with a crime-then it costs you $12,000.00 in lawyer fees to get your $15,000.00 back from .gov inc.
What are the gestapo going to do for funding if no one can carry cash?

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

The attacks did not cost the perpetrators much and were partly financed by cash, consumer loans and trafficking counterfeit goods, officials say.

“It’s a terrorism that is low cost to carry out but has major impact,” Sapin told a news conference. “This low-cost terrorism feeds on fraud, money laundering and petty trafficking.”

From September onwards, people who live in France will not be allowed to make payments of more than 1,000 euros ($1,060) in cash, down from 3,000 now. The cap for foreign visitors, left higher for reasons that include facilitating tourism, will be cut to 10,000 euros from 15,000.

Any cash deposit or withdrawal of more than 10,000 euros over a single month will be automatically signaled to the Tracfin anti-fraud and money laundering agency.

via France bans use of cash for more than €1000 ($1060).

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