Max is right…

Posted: April 24, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

“1) My training business is my livelihood, so if people don’t show up to train, I will have to get a real job, which will put paid  to my attempt to make myself available to train people full time. There is a need for this training, right?

*Warning – Rant Ahead*

2) Seeing a lot of comments on recent posts about the unwillingness of people to train, suffer hardship, receive instruction, or even get gently yelled at, I am very worried for the future. There is a post over at Kerodin’s place linking back to a post of mine (HERE), and looking down in comments everyone is pretty much saying they are too old and need to either die in place, or be in the auxiliary. So, basically, everyone will be in the auxiliary, or just die. Great. So, given there will be a huge auxiliary, I’ll just put in an order for bacon sandwiches now, and if I survive fighting some battle against Chinese robots on my own, I’ll come back and hang out on the porch being served hand and foot. Right? no? The fuckers will probably shoot me from the porch with their .308 ‘sniper rifle’ because they see me heading up the driveway with a rifle, and they are trying to protect their bacon sandwiches. Auxiliary? My arse: mountain houses golems more like. At least I may have the pleasure of hearing the ground shake as the .308 brass falls to earth, one last time.

3) I wonder if the free stuff I put out is just too much, and people are sitting at home jacking off to porn and flicking over to here to read about tactics, figuring that they have a handle on that, brushing the Cheetos crumbs off their massive bellies, and getting back to Debbie Does Dallas. Yes?

Because I tell you what, I don’t have that many spaces on my classes available in any given year. Classes are maxed at 12 students. Granted we are a nation of about 315 million people, which means that by my estimation there are about 314 million useless oxygen thieving assholes out there, judging by what I see day to day and on the news.  But if we ‘Patriots’ can’t fill up a few class spaces, get out and work hard and get a sweat on, you know, a bit of intestinal fortitude and all that, then we are truly fucked. And what makes it worse, is I even have a steady stream of alumni coming back to train, which means the number of new trainees is even further reduced.

We are truly fucked. And given that I refuse to fight with anyone who doesn’t have a Rifleman patch, an equivalent level of training and competence, or who is least trained to a decent standard, I’ll be fighting on my own. Which just makes me a dead man walking. Why? Because I am an elitist professional and according to Diomedes, an asshole as well. I would rather die of enemy fire than feel the frustration of trying to lead a few fat fuck ‘gun guys’ to victory, who have no idea what they are doing because they didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to ruck the fuck up and get some training and do some PT.

America, you do not deserve the freedom that better men won for you. Enjoy the tyranny. I won’t see much more of it, because I am not stepping back from the line, so when my number comes up I’m not backing down to tyranny.

In the meantime., I’m off to try and get one of those highly paid minimum wage jobs at McDonalds. No, wait. I’m an old white guy, so I won’t get through the screening.

Oh the joy.

*Rant Over*

Max Out.”

He’s spot on-so how many guys are gonna get off their asses and train?

How many guys are gonna drop that extra 20-30# ?

How many guys are gonna get serious about PT?

How many guys are gonna get out of the tacticool bullshit and go get some real training in SUT?

Or Max’s CUTT?

As soon as I was up and walking on crutches after 2 1/2 years of this…


I was humping a pack in the woods-on crutches.



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